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  1. Keep: Black Capped Teimarr Abandon: Costal Waverunner Kill: Blacktip Black Tea, Terrae, Flamingo Wyvern
  2. Keep: Yellow Crowned Abandon: Fell Kill: Storm Brimstone, Blue Banded, Sunstone
  3. Keep: Celestial Abandon: Aeon Kill: Bolt Bright Breasted Wyvern, Greater Spotted Drake, Costal Waverunner
  4. Daydream Daydream or Rosebud?
  5. Keep: Pygmy Abandon: Misfit Pygmy Kill: Seawyrm Pygmy Brute, Seasonal, Yellow Crowned
  6. 2nd gen PB Rainbow Copper 2nd gen PB Mint from upside-down mom
  7. Please remove me from the Avatar of Creation list.
  8. I have entered! Good luck everybody, there are some nice prizes!
  9. It's a secret biome where only people with the secret diamon trophy can go How to get a Soulpeace?
  10. Because the male's feet smelled. How to get an upside-down Mint?
  11. Soulstone. Soulstone or Celestial?
  12. Put it in the fridge to cool down. How to breed Celestials?
  13. Witchlight Witchlight or Soulstone?
  14. Keep: Crimson Flare Pygmy Abandon: Brimstone Kill: Ember I had enough Embers confused with Magmas. Stop Brute, Gilded Bloodscale, Soulpeace
  15. I donated some eggs and hatchlings too Good luck!
  16. Keep: Ochredrake Abandon: Moonstone Kill: Bronze Lunar Herald Canopy, Hooktalon, Skywing
  17. Witchlight. Witchlight or Desipis?
  18. Congratulations everyone ^^ The Lunar Herald is still up for grabs
  19. I want to be a breeder! Forum Name: Pluviophillia Scroll Link: Pluviophillia Have you requested gifts from breeding gifting at least 5 times?: Yes Have you read ALL the rules and feel like you understand them?: Yes Do you have a Silver Trophy on your scroll?: Yes Why would you like to become a breeder?: To help people and need and newbies Notes: I cannot breed 2nd gen Avatars and I am not willing to breed my Holiday Dragons.
  20. Soulpeace. Soulpeace or Nebula?
  21. Soulpeace. Soulpeace or Gemshard?