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  1. Some more ideas Carnival mini-event (there is a Carnival happening in Rio every year) with colorful dragons - 🎠 An icon for the moon related dragons🌙 Earth Day event with dragons that have earth as their affinity🌳 Dragons that live only in water 🐙 Dragons with time as their affinity ⏳
  2. Bingo! Regular R12. A flamingo with at least one number in its code. Bingo! Tricky (Corrected) You can’t seem to find the scroll you’re looking for... Ponderous Puzzle P1d. (1 point) A dragon released in 2015. Bingo?
  3. Thaanksgiving with feathered dragons and some hidden chickens? 🐔
  4. You can ask whatever you want, other Xenowyrms and rare considered breeds like Coppers and Blusangs, maybe a couple of commone hatchlings.
  5. They weren't true rares. Peoplr were hunting them very often so that's why they were so hard to get. Recently, I got a lot of Spessartines and Almandines which are considered "rare", but they're not as hunted as they were in the past
  6. Hey are there upside down balloons? If so can someone show me? I'm curious
  7. Raffle I'm hosting a raffle with some nice prizes and everyone is welcomed. It's lasting until 3 PM Cave Time. Please follow the rules and the indications gave in the 5th page. Good luck!
  8. I have this little White that sadly got viewbombed with over 40 clicks but it survived somehow so I would like to give it away. It's a little messy but maybe there are people who collect dragons with high number of clicks Please let me know where it goes Take me home! Enjoy CharonDusk!
  9. I would like to try trading mine for a Neglected to get my first but it's impossible so I'll just keep it I think they'll be normal adults anyway. The best thing could happen would be an update in which TJ gives them dimporphism lol
  10. Ooh I support! I would like an event like this for a common breed that I really like, those being Albinos. Maybe an Albino Fest?
  11. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 2nd gen PB Dark Green hatchling Please post if claimed
  12. Keep Ochredrake Abandon Pygmy Kill Two-headed Nebula, Fire Gem, Aria
  13. I can't stand this anymore - when I don't put something into a hatchery all my eggs and hatchlings get in a lot of them, while when I put them in DragHatch they get removed from all the hatcheries. What is this
  14. Tetras and Fire Gems are now some of my favorite breeds! Thanks to the spriters and TJ for these awesome dragons! I hope the next release will have some new Drakes, Pygmies, Two-heads, even Unbreedables it's been a while
  15. Oh, well, a little bit off topic but Lately my Tetra and Fire Gem hatchlings get removed from the hatchery I use and this is kind of annoying :/ Anyone has the same problem?
  16. Blue Fire Gem males have a very dynamic pose and I love the detail on their tail. It's good to have a dragon that has the tail in front of it so we get a better view of it
  17. Oh Here goes the Red Fire Gem Male
  18. Offer a dummy on this cheesey egg Would like it to go to someone with no Cheese Dragons or a small number of them. Will accept an offer in 5 minutes
  19. Thanks Corteo for the Tetras. I am looking forward to get more of them And also waiting for the info about them