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  1. Keep: Crimson Flare Pygmy Abandon: Brimstone Kill: Ember I had enough Embers confused with Magmas. Stop Brute, Gilded Bloodscale, Soulpeace
  2. I donated some eggs and hatchlings too Good luck!
  3. Keep: Ochredrake Abandon: Moonstone Kill: Bronze Lunar Herald Canopy, Hooktalon, Skywing
  4. Witchlight. Witchlight or Desipis?
  5. Congratulations everyone ^^ The Lunar Herald is still up for grabs
  6. Soulpeace. Soulpeace or Nebula?
  7. Soulpeace. Soulpeace or Gemshard?
  8. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 2 Black hatchlings from AP Please let me know if you pick them
  9. The raffle I am hosting will no longer accept entries in a few hours. Hurry and join! Good luck! Join!
  10. I am hosting a raffle which has some pretty prizes in. Check it out! Splash!
  11. Regular R17. A fifth gen checker. - no R18. A sixth gen stair. - no R19. A caveborn dragon with no children. - Bingo! R20. A dragon with at least five named. - Bingo! R21. A dragon with at least five unnamed children. - Bingo! R22. A balloon dragon caught in 2016. - Bingo! R23. A leetle tree. - Bingo! R24. A blue-colored dragon grabbed in November of any year. - Bingo! R25. A red-colored dragon grabbed on the 23rd of any month and any year. - Bingo! Cascade A3a. An unbreedable (dino, chicken, paper, cheese) caught in 2017. A3b. Three unbreedables (dino, chicken, paper, cheese) caught in 2017. A3c. Five unbreedables (dino, chicken, paper, cheese) caught in 2017. - Chicken Dino Dino Paper Paper Bingo! A4a. A gold dragon with at least one gold child. -Bingo! A4b. A gold dragon with at least five gold children. A4c. A gold dragon with at least ten gold children.
  12. Mistletoe. Mistletoe or Solstice?
  13. Mistletoe. Mistletoe or Sweetling?
  14. Oh, I wanted that female Moonstone Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. How to create a lineage like this https://dragcave.net/lineage/KNnXs
  16. Mistletoe! Mistletoe or Greater Spotted Drake?
  17. Spirit Ward Spirit Ward or Witchlight?
  18. Is there any PB only or PB even gen Breeding project going on? I can't seem to find one but I hope there is