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  1. Keep: Nebula Abandon: Solstice Kill: Sunsong Amphiptere Harvest, Costal Waverunner, Frostbite
  2. Keep: Flamingo Wyvern Abandon: Storm Kill: Olive Aeon, Kingcrowne, Kyanite
  3. Keep: Albino Abandon: Neotropical Kill: Ember Neotropical, Canopy, Summer Seasonal
  4. Keep: Bolt Abandon: Magi Kill: Spitfire Tetra, Light Lumina, Two-Finned Bluna
  5. Cassare Cassare or Storm-rider?
  6. Does it matter if the Blunas are eggs/hatchlings? I have 3 adults and I am willing to breed 2 eggs. They will stay on my scroll for my tiny hybrid project
  7. Royal Blue. Royal Blue or Cassare?
  8. Keep: Rosebud Abandon: Seasonal Spring Kill: Balloon Pink, Red, Magi
  9. Keep: Frill Abandon: Thunder Kill: Falconiform Wyvern Aria, Frilled, Purple Ridgewing
  10. Keep: Black Capped Teimarr Abandon: Costal Waverunner Kill: Blacktip Black Tea, Terrae, Flamingo Wyvern
  11. Keep: Yellow Crowned Abandon: Fell Kill: Storm Brimstone, Blue Banded, Sunstone
  12. Keep: Celestial Abandon: Aeon Kill: Bolt Bright Breasted Wyvern, Greater Spotted Drake, Costal Waverunner
  13. Daydream Daydream or Rosebud?
  14. Keep: Pygmy Abandon: Misfit Pygmy Kill: Seawyrm Pygmy Brute, Seasonal, Yellow Crowned
  15. 2nd gen PB Rainbow Copper 2nd gen PB Mint from upside-down mom
  16. I have entered! Good luck everybody, there are some nice prizes!
  17. It's a secret biome where only people with the secret diamon trophy can go How to get a Soulpeace?
  18. Because the male's feet smelled. How to get an upside-down Mint?
  19. Soulstone. Soulstone or Celestial?
  20. Put it in the fridge to cool down. How to breed Celestials?
  21. Witchlight Witchlight or Soulstone?