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  1. Keep: Morphodrake Abandon: Night Glory Drake Kill: Tarantula Hawk Drake Sunset, Sunrise, Celestial
  2. Keep: Balloon Abandon: Aeon Kill: Costal Waverunner Pygmy, Day Glory Drake, Sunset
  3. Is 56 the final number of eggs?
  4. Yet ------------------ Sanity
  5. False The person below me likes to stay up at night
  6. Breeder Sign-Up Username: Pluviophillia Scroll Link: Pluviophillia Swapping: Yes Gifting: Yes Mixed Fool Sign-Up Username: Pluviophillia Upside Down Mints: fOYVs Right Side Up Mints: vcht3 Right Side Up Balloons: nope
  7. I, Pluviophillia, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  8. Keep: Blue Gemshard Abandon: Indigo Lunar Herald Kill: Blue Nebula Purple Dino, Silver, Green Copper
  9. Thanks for the Festival and Happy Easter!
  10. Keep: Deep Sea Abandon: Royal Blue Kill: Duotone Gilded Bloodscale, Cassare, Royal Crimson
  11. Keep: Stone Abandon: Ember Kill: Hellfire Two-Finned Bluna, Brimstone, Shallow Water
  12. Win a prize in my raffle! This time we have some pretty and colorful prizes!