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  1. The ones Corteo sprited look like cousins of Tetras, but I may be wrong We'll see when we get the adults, still, I reallh like their stunning colors
  2. I feel like I saw the grey one somewhere... could be just something similar in the Completed Requests, tough
  3. Don't know if you know yet but the grey ones are sorted between Saphire and Seasonal
  4. Sorry, I donated onlg 1 egg this time because of the new release
  5. I am hosting a raffle. We have a lot of nice lineaged dragons and prizes and some rare CB dragons Check it here!
  6. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Black and Vine alt fails
  7. Yes, mine is upside down on mobile Check here
  8. Keep: Ice Abandon: Thunder Kill: Magma Undine, Black, Vine
  9. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Gone! - Enjoy obelisk_light, an yes, freezing is fine
  10. Silvi's Lair and DragHatch are working for me but are very laggy Hatching Club doesn't work for me tough
  11. Thank you, Sock! I tought it was by donating like in other forums
  12. How do people get customized member titles on forums?
  13. Pluviophillia --> Telnaga: Xenowyrm (Accepted)
  14. Aria Aria or Purple Ridgewing?
  15. Thank you!! May I freeze? If not, I'll let it grow
  16. For now, what I can say is we never know what TJ prepares for DC's birthday
  17. No problem! Also the Storm Rider I donated seems to not get into the raffle so I abandoned it as well. If it got but was confused, tell me and I'll breed another one
  18. Pluviophillia --> GayBirb: Xenowyrm (Accepted)
  19. Aria! Aria or Dark Myst Pygmy?
  20. Oh, I noticed also the 3G Greater Spotted Drake x Howler Drake and the 4G Pygmy x Crimson Flare Pygmy hatchling *Thuwed* have nothing wrote in front of them
  21. Aria Aria or Carmine Wyvern?
  22. Huh I'm pretty sure there were no Vampires when I entered? Anyway, I'm glad almost all of my donations received warm homes! I will abandon the Purple Dorsal and 3rd gen Pygmy, so please do not ask for them Congratulations to everyone, thanks donators and The Dragoness for hosting another great raffle!
  23. Anagallis Anagallis or Aria?
  24. Good luck everyone! Crossed my fingers for everyone