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  1. I disagree with the idea of a Holiday Pygmy/Drake to be honest
  2. Keep: Neotropical Abandon: Bright-Breasted Wyvern Kill: Gold-Horned Tangar Sunstone, Terrae, Tsunami Wyvern
  3. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Brimstone and Almerald hatchlings at 2 days at 16 hours until death
  4. Hybrids would count as Misfits too? I mean it's not all about breeding, right? Could be misfits from the way they are obtained Anyway I sent my donations in
  5. I took the Dark Green hatchling I will regift it back here if it genders male Thank you!
  6. I'm so happy someone enjoys the purebreds I sent to AP
  7. I was going to sign up for the Easter one but I totally forgot and bred my dragons a bit late. It's fine though because right now the last egg I bred is at 4 days 12 hours so they will still keep the low time to AP. I really like this event because I got to breed dragons I never bred and found refusals so I know what to replace. Please sign me for all the events from now on (if there is a list like that)
  8. Oh, then I think I missed something, oops What about a mass-breed with Drakes, Pygmies and Two-Headed Dragons only
  9. Am I allowed to suggest a Mass Breeding onlybwith BSA eggs? This would help everyone to get more BSA dragons. These would be found in AP: Aeons, Pinks, Reds, Magis, Purples, Shallow Waters, Bolts, Soulpeaces, Vampires, Celestials, Greens Ices, Magmas and Thunders are rare so I don't think it would be good to mass-breed them.
  10. All gone - I hope they found good home! Thanks Pippyspot, YellowJedi and irrelevantindigo for posting
  11. All gone - I hope they found good homes! Thanks Kingninja and Aggronites for posting
  12. All gone - I hope they found good homes! . Thank you BrotherRamen for posting
  13. All gone - I hope they found good homes! Thank you Kingninja for posting!
  14. All gone - I hope they found warm homes! Thanks irrelevantindigo for posting
  15. All gone - hope they found good homes! Thank you Daiyachiri and irrelevantindigo for posting
  16. All gone! I hope they found good and warm homes!
  17. Keep: Chrono Abandon: Solstice Kill: Brute Carmine Wyvern, Speckle-Throated, Pink
  18. Keep: Blue Banded Abandon: Nhiostrife Kill: Spitfire Ultraviolet, Paper, Gold Tinsel
  19. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 3rd gen PB Black hatchie from AP
  20. Thank you!!! please allow me to gift it back here if it doesn't gender male
  21. Keep: Gemshard Abandon: Nebula Kill: Fire Gem Grave, Caligene, Witchlight
  22. Waterhorse Waterhorse or Magi?
  23. Waterhorse Waterhorse or Tsunami Wyvern?