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  1. Oh well, it was a nice event! Couldn't find all my mandatory pairs because of limits (still needed a 2nd gen Sweetling from White and one from Silver) but I suppose next year!
  2. Post here your Sakuhana breeding plans. For easier work, use this lineage builder.
  3. WOW! I didn't expect to win anything! Thanks for this beautiful project! Will definitely join next year too!
  4. I am very sorry if I sound disrespectful but these comparisons are making me laugh. I have one as well. You claim that you don't want an anatomically-wrong sprite get an update. BUT if you would, say, break a bone, would you leave as it is? Of course not. If you're having a bad hair day, would you not attempt to fix your hair before going out?
  5. I would like to see some of the cartoony looking breeds get an update.... as much as you defend them I feel like they should be closer to the other breeds in terms of shading. Look at Khusas. They're the perfect example of a derpy dragon which also matches the art standards of current DC. Seasonals update was a big improvement. The spriter went out of their way to keep the poses for you. All they did was shade them accordingly. The Red update wasn't handled unproperly either. You're all too attached to the old and don't want to admit the new one is better. IMO just accept that you need changes sometimes in order to progress. Most actively updated games get updates that improve them. Why should DC not? Anyways, sprites I'd like to see UPDATED and not REPLACED are Balloons, Coastal Waverunners, Dorsals (these 3 look cartoony to me and could use some more prominent shading like the Seasonals), Papers (need shading), Albinos (need shading & bit of neck fix), Stones and Greens (need a bit of sprite clarification & updated shading), Daydream (has hangbutt), Magis (an update like the Reds would be good..)
  6. Ah, a bit sad the rainbow fort pieces didn't return, but thank you!
  7. I'd suggest this: change every holiday dragon to their "unofficial" names. We would have: Holiday Holiday 2007 changed to Noel Dragon (no, Holly should not be used if the spriter had another name in mind for them) Holiday 2008 changed to Yulebuck Dragon Holiday 2009 changed to Snow Angel Dragon Holiday 2010 changed to Ribbon Dancer Holiday 2011 changed to Winter Magi Dragon Holiday 2012 changed to Wrapping-Wing Dragon Holiday 2013 changed to Solstice Dragon Holiday 2014 changed to Mistletoe Dragon Holiday 2015 changed to Aegis Dragon Holiday 2016 changed to Snow Dragon Holiday 2017 changed to Garland Dragon Holiday 2018 changed to Starsinger Dragon Valentine Valentine 2009 changed to Valentine Dragon Why the latest? Why not? The rest don't sort by name anymore. There is no other dragon whose breed name is Valentine, so it makes no sense to keep it as Valentine 2009. Either have it be Valentine Dragon or whatever name we don't know of, like in Hollies/Noels case. And then, for people who wish to keep ALL (Christmas, Valentine, Halloween) dragons in all place, a new sorting option should be added, and that should be somthing like the "sorting by encyclopedia names" but should actually keep thw Holidays in one place. Just like the new "sort by Breed name" can coexist with the old one, same goes with that.
  8. The adult is truly amazing! Congratulations to @Malcorium and @hazeh and thank you for the amazing work on the Starsinger Dragon! Also, thanks to TJ for the fun event and to the spriters for the decorations! Loved this Christmas event!
  9. Discuss and show off here the pairs you have planned for the brand new Starsinger Dragon!
  10. I want to request a gift! Forum Name: Shuuichi Scroll Name: Pluviophillia Scroll Link: here Message Link: here Today's Date: 25th December 2018 Will you accept an inbred dragon?: No Will you accept a messy lineage?: No Dragon Breed List to be placed on: Aegis (Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?: 2nd gen from Pacified Aegis x Solstice
  11. Do dead hatchlings that have not been frozen show in dragon progeny?
  12. I know this is probably a hard request given the season, but would anyone be able to keep 4 of my eggs and possibly incubate them? They'll hatch in 19 hours if incubated. I REALLY need help because there's 4 more Holiday pairs I have to breed but tomorrow the breeding period ends
  13. Nooooooo! So sad because I won't be able to breed all my dragons! I still have to breed my 2 Garlands and Winter Magis but the next 4 eggs hatch only AFTER the breedjng period is over, incubated or not. T_T
  14. I suggest that we either receive official names for the Christmas Dragons or the Halloween and Valentine ones get reverted back to how they used to be. I'm not in support for a format such as "Holiday (20xx) Name". Most of the breeds already have confirmed names, or no? Even the 2007 ones have an official name: "Noel". What is the reason for not sorting them by their real name?
  15. Hoping to get pinged when the hatchie walls end. I give it 4-5 more hours, if not less
  16. That was actually me who dropped it to accept a trade, oops! I was going to hatch it and toss it back into the AP but oh well
  17. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Shuuichi Scroll Name: Pluviophillia Group Name: Shuuichi's Secret Santa 2018 Wishlist: 1. Neglected, any dragon with "Shuu", "Ouma" "Oma", "Kiibo" or "K1B0" in their code 2. 2nd gen purebred Alt Black 3. CB Aeon 4. 2nd gen Setsong from female Sunset 5. 2nd gen Risensong from female Sunrise 6. CB Black Capped Teimarr 7. CB Gemshard Breeding abilities: purebreds, holiday offspring, checkers Catching abilities: can catch most things except Golds, Silvers and Dinos Trading abilities: can trade for Dinos Teleport abilities: no I want to be a Replacement Santa! Forum Name: Shuuichi Scroll Name: Pluviophillia Breeding abilities: purebreds, holiday offspring, checkers Catching abilities: can catch most things except Golds, Silvers and Dinos Trading abilities: can trade for Dinos  I want to be a Helper! Forum Name: Shuuichi Scroll Name: Pluviophillia Breeding abilities: purebreds, holiday offspring, checkers Catching abilities: can catch most things except Golds, Silvers and Dinos
  18. Ah, yes, my unreasonable wishes of being able to own 4 CB Aegises to have 2 Pacified ones and 2 Enraged ones, 4 Sweetlings and available CB Black Alts... and 4 CB Solstices with CB Yellow Winged ones...
  19. I think my favorite is Christmas because it has not 1, not 2, but 5 favorite breeds of mine! Mistletoes, Solstices, Snows, Garlands and Yulebucks!
  20. I understand, thanks for getting back to me.
  21. I thought the rule that you could add something from a lower slot applied there as well... would it be a problem leaving that field empty?