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  1. Regular R.1 A dragon caught/bred on Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) of any year - Bingo! R.2 A dragon with at least 3 children of its own breed - Bingo! R.3 A frozen Terrae hatchling - nope.. Cascade - nope... Ca.1.a A 3rd gen checker – 1 point Ca.1.b A 5th gen checker – 2 points Ca.1.c A 7th gen checker – 3 points Ca.1.d A checker with more than 8 gens – 4 points Competitive Com.1 A dragon with a purebred lineage, with no inbreeding, with the largest number of individual dragons in it. (Messy is fine, just no inbreeding.) - Bingo! Example for clarity: https://dragcave.net/lineage/OSyA9 has 9 Riddle Rid.1 My first is in teapot and also in toast. My second in every, but isn’t in most. My third’s found in biscuit, but never in milk. My fourth is in dorsal with ruff of fine silk. My fifth in antarean – and aria too. That’s all you are getting – I’m still rather new. - Bingo! Tricky T.1 On my scroll, find my Pumpkin dragons. (They are on page 7, in my settings – 500 to a page.). Find the first one with a code starting with a number (Dragon 1.) Add together all the individual digits in that code to get a single number. Count up that number from dragon 1. (Dragon 2.) Going down my scroll, find the next dragon whose name begins with the same letter as dragon 2’s name does. (Dragon 3) Your bingo will be a dragon of the same breed as Dragon 3’s mother. - will send later Flash Bingo F.1 Three different unbreedables (not more than 2 to be dinos.) - 1 2 3 Bingo!
  2. Added more hybrids to my collection! Thanks everyone! ^^
  3. Thank you for telling me
  4. Thank you Terces for the lovely Ultraviolet, Shallow Water and Geode! Stone x Green lines aren't that popular Thank you Terrafreaky for breeding Soulpeaces to the AP. They are my favorite hybrid and I was lucky to catch one! I will name them all. Thanks!!!
  5. Where can I ask for egg influences besides the "Influence for me" thread?
  6. Done! I bred all my dragons. And also I want to suggest something - can we make a massbreed of Seasonals on the last day of each season so people would still have a little time to pick Springs up once Summers are here?
  7. I bred 2 Ultraviolets and got a Spitfire. Is this even possible? Spitfire
  8. Keep: Neglected Abandon: Vampire Kill: Gold Carmine Wyvern, Nhiostrife Wyvern. Tsunami Wyvern
  9. Congratulations everyone! I couldn't donate this time, sorry
  10. I would also like the ability to hide the time left until death
  11. Bless you, Corteo! Please, more fish-inspired dragons
  12. Sinii Krai and Scimitar-wing... ok these are the weirest names on DC and that's good
  13. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! CB misgendered Aria
  14. The ones Corteo sprited look like cousins of Tetras, but I may be wrong We'll see when we get the adults, still, I reallh like their stunning colors
  15. I feel like I saw the grey one somewhere... could be just something similar in the Completed Requests, tough
  16. Don't know if you know yet but the grey ones are sorted between Saphire and Seasonal
  17. Sorry, I donated onlg 1 egg this time because of the new release
  18. I am hosting a raffle. We have a lot of nice lineaged dragons and prizes and some rare CB dragons Check it here!
  19. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Black and Vine alt fails
  20. Yes, mine is upside down on mobile Check here
  21. Keep: Ice Abandon: Thunder Kill: Magma Undine, Black, Vine