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  1. Adults!!! Based on the description, maybe they have a BSA?
  2. My pinks hatched without getting sick, but the Yellow and the Black ones got sick though I used the same hatchery for all of them
  3. Flash Bingo 5 A dragon with a letter repeated in its code (case doesn’t matter) Bingo! Example: https://dragcave.net/view/jRNJ2 As for the Co-op, I said when I posted last time I have 3rd gen Aeons and Seasonal Springs
  4. I finally took one from Forest
  5. I was right! Different species in each egg! Pink is Wyvern Blue is White is Yellow is Black is Red is
  6. It would be cool if each would hatch in a different type of dragon.. like Eastern, Amphiptere, Wyrm, Western, Wyvern and Serpent
  7. The eggs remind me of a request from DR
  8. Finally turned for the first time an egg in a Vampire! 1 fail and 1 success
  9. Round 2 Regular R.4 Any prize dragon - Bingo! R.5 A 2nd gen red dorsal and a 2nd gen purple dorsal - nope R.6 A Thuwed (verifiable, please) - nope R.7 Any Holiday (3rd gen or more) - Bingo! Cascade Ca.2.a Two different hybrids (note: according to wiki a geode is not a hybrid. I have no idea why, but don’t post a secret geode geode !) Hybrids allowed are: Two-Finned Bluna, Shallow Water, Ultraviolet, Soulpeace, Storm-rider and Hellhorse Dragons. Ca.2.b Three different hybrids Ca.2.c Five different hybrids - Two-Finned Bluna - Storm Rider - Soulpeace - Shallow Water - Ultraviolet - Bingo! Challenge Bingo (First to claim gets the points) Ch.1 A 5th gen non-inbred even gen blue dragon Claimed by Saikachan Ponderous Puzzle: P1a. (4pts) Elemental affinity is water - Bingo? Co-op All about purebreds 2 or more (up to four) players with 3rd or higher gen EG purebreds of the same breed and number of generations. (Variant colours are OK – you can have multicoloured nebulas, for instance.) Example - four players, each with a 3rd gen even gen PB white dragon. A player may ONLY take part in ONE group. - I have 3rd gen PB Aeons and Spring Seasonals if someone wants to team Riddle Solitary, I am. Very. Terrifyingly violent I am. Even as a hatchling. Often mistaken for someone else in the cave, I am. It makes people VERY cross. Not monogamous, not at all, I’m not Eat no veggies, no I don’t. I live in the desert. Not in the forest. Ever. - Bingo?
  10. The eggs will still get sick. They are protected from death from sickness, not from sickness
  11. I would like some additions to groups, though like sorting them by alphabetical order
  12. Alpine - Black Coast - Pink Desert - Blue Forest - White Jungle - Lime Volcano - Red Thanks Aleoleo!
  13. Yay! Thank you! I was looking for the Pink ones
  14. So I caught a black one in Alpine and saw a blue one in a hatchery with the Desert biome Alpine - Black Coast - ??? Desert - Blue Forest - ??? Jungle - ??? Volcano - ???
  15. How do these eggs drop? All colours in all biomes?
  16. Are the new eggs colors based on biomes? I mean black in alpine, blue in coast etc?
  17. Thank you TJ for the awesome update!!!
  18. I would like if TJ would include each time 1 dragon for CL in each new release so there won't be again a big amount. (There are and will be some very cool dragons made by in-cave spriter )
  19. I experienced this with hatchlings from AP. Took a gendered hatchling then it turned back to s1 and stayed so until I clicked it.
  20. I don't know if possible but I must say it. Eggs bred from Black Sweetlings would have higher chances of hatching black on alt owner scrolls and eggs from Pink Sweetlings would have a higher chance of hatching pink. OR the Sweetling could get a BSA (not sure if this can be added only for Black Sweetlings) which will automatically make an egg hatch in a black hatchling. If a Pink owner would use it it would have no effect though. This would have no cooldown so Alt owners' eggs would all hatch Pink if they won't use BSA.
  21. I support making the Pink variant available to everyone. The Black variant was a gift, what is so hard to understand? If you got a gift and someone would come and ask if they can have it, would you give it? If you wished for them you shoul've played when they dropped On a more serious note, stop complaining. Kila could've gave one of the unused alts but she gave her chosen one instead. Alt owners should be allowed to have the Pink variant. The non-alt owners should not because they were not part of their release and the glitch. If you're going to respond with "not fair only Alt owners get Pink variants", then please keep this oppinion to yourself