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  1. Red, Green, Blue and Black Striped Dragons are alts to White Striped by breeding. What if it's just the same thing as it's with Stripeds but you get a random red or green egg after breeding?
  2. Whislist 1 x CB Pink Zyumorph Egg 3 x CB Yellow Zyumorph Eggs 2 x CB Gold Eggs 1 x CB Silver Egg
  3. Just missed 5 Carina eggs in the AP. :/ Getting the last egg sure became very hard >.<
  4. Ahhh!!! I got 4 Khusa hatchlings and 3 Carinae but AP seems to have sucked all Carinae eggs. I can't find the last Purple Ridgewing x Blue Nebula I need >.<
  5. Khusa Dragons are my new favorite breed! Where does their name come from though?
  6. I'm in love with these new dragons!!! I think they'll look very good with Witchlights
  7. I didn't knew the lose message was delivered later. Thanks for clearing out.
  8. I won't get my hopes too high to be honest. I thinm it's an error that no one got the win/lose notice.
  9. Ok so I just checked and I am pretty sure I entered. It just shows me the sign-in for the September Raffle with no message of win or lose.
  10. After 9 months of breeding, my 2 CB Silvers finally bred an egg together! I hope I'll be able to get 2 more CB Silvers somehow to breed a mate for this cutie Stubborn egg
  11. Keep: Ultraviolet Abandon: Geode Kill: Hellhorse Dino, Chicken, Letlee Tree
  12. Alright, thank you! After the revamp of the Vampire sprites I was afraid that expansions will only be made by in-cave artists and that the others are working just in vain
  13. Is there a point in making threads to expand a dragon breed? There is a vampire expansion thread and I am curious if TJ will use their work or will just ask in-cave artists to do the sprites? I am asking because I've considered sometimes to create Neglected Expansion thread.
  14. Congratulations everyone!! Uf, missed the Zyumorph
  15. Is there a way to see someone's list of public groups?
  16. Keep: Anagallis Abandon: Brute Kill: Whiptail Magma, Yellow Zyumorph, Tetra
  17. Entered! Welcome back, Clya!
  18. It was so unexpected to find that the new PM was from ARK. My day just got brighter. Thank you very much!
  19. ~Please take gifting/trading to PM~
  20. ~Please take asking for gifts to the correct thread~
  21. Traditional Drakes (Black Zyumorph, Aegis) not DC Drakes
  22. I've thought they would be different dragons species under the same name when the eggs were cracked and it seems I was right! I really hope they have a BSA and maybe they summon a Rainbow Wyrm?
  23. Maybe they summon the Lagmonster then beat him up