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  1. Hello! My eggs and hatchlings got stuck on a trade as an offer!! I cannot cancel and the eggs havd -17667d0h and have no lineage but when I go in the actiona page they are still offered!! I tried everything and cannot cancel and my Spinel hatchling is sick now an I cannot hide it
  2. Hufflepuffs are so cute, definetly my favorites! The rest are amazing too, I love Slytherins' amazing green shade and the pose of the Gryffindors! The Ravenclaws are pretty, they remind me of something. Thanks Infinis, Shajana, NiramiTheRaven196 and PieMaster!!
  3. Oh my I caught a Mint in the AP with Pig in its code
  4. Thanks TJ and sprites! I actually didn't recognize the Nhiostrives at first
  5. Anyone can tell me some moderators of the Suggestions section?
  6. Freckled Dragons are my new addiction
  7. I'm so happy some of my favorites like Teimarrs, Blusangs and Sapphires got into the event! But I'd be lying if I'd say I wouldn't have wanted to see Soulpeaces, Mistletoes, Albinos and Neglecteds, hehe
  8. They don't have anything else to give you, that's why
  9. The poor Almerald needs love <3
  10. I will say my opinion on this: TJ wants to keep the CBs rare, right? Some ''new Hollies''. Keep CBs rare. No more CB Alt Sweetlings to anyone. Let them breed Black Sweetlings too. Like Solstices. But 2nd gens will be rarer. Original owners can dump a CB Black Sweetling and take a Pink one. No turning back. Black breeds black, Pink breeds pink. Black Sweetlings owners can get Pink by trading. Same do the no-alt owners. In the end, the hatchling doesn't change its colors depending on scroll. And everyone is happy. Though I don't mind any other solution, I'm okay with removal, them staying only to the original alt owerns etc.
  11. So, are you getting the same flower if, let's say, you visit the Sapphire Dragon twice?
  12. Hmm.. the Blusang is sad and doesn't chirp to me anymore. Why
  13. Sent ^ My scroll name's Pluviophillia (the username in sig)
  14. Oooh! I tought it was a Gemshard. My bad, my bad. I actually didn't notice the Chrono until the third time and I tought the dragons were changing. I would've loved to see a Soulpeace or a Carmine Wyvern, hehe.
  15. Do the dragons available change? Or are we stuck on the same? Asking because someone got a Holly somehow?
  16. Okay, I don't quite understand what happened, but I will ask this: Can now everyone get bred alt Sweetlings? Or? What's the change?