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  1. You mean preview a lineage? You can use this site and build your own: Heart of Blue
  2. Which type of "alts" are decreasing the chances of a DR getting released? Biome alts? Breeding-only alts? Or both?
  3. Keep: CB with unique code Abandon: messy Silver Kill: 10th gen PB Black Pyrovar, Khusa, Blue-Banded
  4. I think that clearing will leave, at most, 3 pages of concepts, which will slowly, but surely go in CR over time, perhaps starting with Mewtie's cuties 🐋. I remember the Blue Mockers were a rare variant of another dragon, what happened to that? Anyway, I have seen Mewtie has given sketches on Blue Mockers, so I think you're safe I never saw lovely Mewtie stop working on anything, in spite of the crits she's gone through with every concept. I am very concerned about the possible DR reopening... Perhaps limiting to 1 concept per person when that happens? Don't get me wrong, I am against this idea too, but there are few artists and a reopening would mean many, many new DRs. I, for example, have had a lot of ideas, but recently saw only one is worth of really be considered a dragon (Not speaking about the ones already in DR). My biggest pleasure with DRs is either seeing an AAT sprite getting in the spotlight, which I have tried, and seems pretty effective, either seeing a concept "being brought to life". This happened with some CRs but I will avoid mentioning names.
  5. Keep: Alt Black Abandon: Alt Undine Kill: Alt Spinel Spinel Wyvern, Carmine Wyvern, Razorcrest Wyvern
  6. Keep: Candelabra Abandom: Messy Neglected Kill: 3G non-PB from flipped Mint Melismor, Lacula, Ravenclaw
  7. One issue has been settled - the hidding of the CR. I know it might be too earlh to suggest something like this, but I'll go ahead. How about archiving the inactive/locked threads? As in the ones with no activity since a very long time, or the ones that didn't get an update since the CR clean? Maybe the CR could be replaced to the public with AR (Archived Requests)? Or simply hiding until OP wants to start working on it again?
  8. Thanks TJ! Glad to hear DR is staying and CR is getting hidden!
  9. Go fish! An Avatar with GoN and a breed released in 2018 parents?
  10. Thanks everyone for speaking your minds, you all made me realize a lot of things. I would be really sad to see DR go. I am always happy to see what everyone can come with. I too have 2 concepts in there, and it made me really happy when some beautiful people, as I consider them - Sparky, Mewtie, Sky, Sextonator and Grey (RWS) - decided to give a chance and "bring to life" those mere dreams of mine. I personally like the Pyrovars, and their uniqueness, though the pose make it's limbs look somehow awkward. I will not go in details because I'm not really the one who should talk, but overall they seem good to me. Truffles, on the other side, look like something that would've fit older releases. Mysfytt even confirmed that it was an old concept, so it's understandable. I don't mind, though, because there are dragons already in cave that have more errors, such as Stones and Albinos. I do agree that sometimes it's rough for artists in DR, but I will never understand, unfortunately. Me and art don't get along, I tried practicing a lot, but I guess I'm in another domain, hehe. All in all, hiding CL would be okay, but hiding DR would really sadden me, I'd rather see the inactive threads archived, even though there are a lot of beautiful ones such as Extrasensory and Aine. This was all I had to say, I hope everything will play out in the end. I believe Mysfytt and JOTB felt a little bit of sadness seeing some harsh comments with no constructive crits whatsoever, but I see they did agree with the ones that had a point, brought up actual crits. Anyway, I think the new dragons will probably receive an update in the future, both sprite and description (on Trufflss, the later). We'll see Meanwhile I will wait for the Gusty
  11. The description may be a little outdated though, so maybe it, alongside the sprite, will be updated soon.
  12. Lovely concept, Mysfytt! I am glad these have been released, the cave needed a new rare dragon! Has any info been posted on Pyrovars that I might've missed?
  13. Keep: Purple Abandon: Red Kill: Pink Black Truffle, Black Tea and Black Capped Teimarr
  14. "Black Truffle dragons are one of the rarest breeds..." *awkward laugh* should we panic?
  15. Coppers are uncommons too. The only true rares are Gold and Silver, as far as I am concerned, followed by high uncommons like Unbreedables, Zyumorphs and Xenowyrms. I'd never say Coppers are high uncommons, they're as uncommon as Aeon Wyverns are. The fact that they are picked very fast is another story, but I see quite a lot (not when new releases). Well, every dragon is high in demand when it's released, right now I'd say Muskies are very wanted, but everything will settle down after 2-3 weeks.
  16. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I've stalked CL since it's cleaning and I've only seen 15 concepts moved there. Freckleds, first to get moved and also got released, and 14 others, from which 3 got removed recently (some may know but avoid to say the name). I didn't count some concepts that were moved back in DR, like Sylvans, by the way. Plus, everything that's taken out of CL is meant for release, I'm pretty sure. If not, I think they would be left in CL until their time comes. Take the 2nd moved DR, the Blue-Nosed Pygmies. Moved in October 2017. They could've been hidden after 60 days, but they were not, hence why I think that the way CL works now is different.
  17. Someone mentioned that the color scheme Hotties reminded them of a DR. Well, they remind me of a DR too! Of Celestial Imitators, to be specific (still in DR so it's not spoiler). I hope the Hotties end up having a Q name. Quartz, as someone mentioned?
  18. Maybe "rare" like Coppers? High in demand?
  19. Is there any place where players announce when it's good to start prepairing zombie fodder for July 31st?
  20. But changing gusties egg sprite and description, wouldn't that help? I mean, hatchlings and adults weren't leaked.
  21. Hey uh, late to the party, but the gusty eggs remind me of an egg from the CL.
  22. Oh my! Cute hatchlings! Thanks @TJ09, @JOTB and @Mysfytt!
  23. I have this problem too, but with 7 eggs stuck. I tried to offer a second time in hope the previous would get cancelled, but now the hatchling is stuck too. If it wasn't bad enough, now it's worse! The hatchling is sick and I cannot hide it.