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  1. Ready for tomorrow! 40 hatchlings and 10 adults
  2. Gasp! First hatchling! And it has the color of one of the spots! Looks good
  3. It is because people most likely got their Pygmies? I think most players lock themselves with a pair of each new breed, in this case 2/2/2/2. The spotted eggs go in a flash from Forest whenever they appear too, so I don't think so.
  4. I wonder if there will be any new spriters getting in-cave with this release..
  5. I don't know the exact reason but it happens every release. The biomes where new eggs don't drop are empty.
  6. I hope the spotted ones will end up colored the colors the spots are (I guess green for Forest, blue for Coast and Purple for Alpine)
  7. Accidentally bred a Blacktip with an Aeon. The Aeon female is (or was) supposed to be forever promised to my Aeon male (they were the first pair of Aeons and I usually breed the first male and female of the same breed together for PBs). If anyone hunting the AP will find this egg, please PM me, I'd hate to have you an egg slot taken. https://dragcave.net/lineage/AMOsA <.<
  8. And locked myself with 2 pairs of Pygmies, 1 pair of Spotted ones from Forest and 1 egg from both Alpine and Coast I was thinking this Pygmy could be the mysterious Encyclopedia entry from last year, but too bad, that one was sorted between Pinks and Plated Colossus.
  9. Oh, new release! I was not expecting this. Got 4 Pygmies and waiting for my Seasonal Summer eggs to hatch to get 4 Spotted eggs. won't lie I was expecting the "glitched gusty egg" from previous release to be in the next release
  10. Black Truffle [img=http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/3e/Black_Truffle_egg.png] - S1 [img=http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/36/Black_Truffle_hatchi.gif] - S2 [img=http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/03/Black_Truffle_mature_hatchi.gif] Pyrovar [img=http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/d2/Pyrovar_egg.gif] - S1 [img=http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/91/Pyrovar_hatchi.gif] - S2 [img=http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/0b/Pyrovar_mature_hatchi.gif]
  11. Are Gilded Bloodscale Dragons Two-Headed Westerns or Easterns?
  12. DR isn't fully ready yet. There's concepts that just had sprites reposted ans asked for crits. The multiple concepts in one have to be split. I think your closed request will disappear soon, mods are human beings that need a bit of time. Perhaps they didn't think it'd be this time-consumming. Even so, you have to wait until DR hits 36 topics left to see a new one in, which might taks a really lot. There are 70+ concepts and some will be soon splitted. Your request will sit in queue until then.
  13. Oh, I'm so glad! I have 2 concepts saved on my computer but it doesn't connect to internet at all. It needs to get everything cleaned including those concepts, so I'll be able thankfully to submit them from my phone and then send it to reparations
  14. If someone with a topic already in DR submits another one, will it get rejected even if it meets the requirememts, or will it be accepted and put in queue, but only posted when they finish the one in DR?
  15. I don't think it would take 5 months for them to fall off the first page
  16. But why would you bump something already on first page?
  17. Just so I understand, on 17th July DR gets cleaned of all requests that haven't had an art update since April 17th?
  18. Red Dorsal I got when I purchased a normal Dorsal. Should this even be possible? EDIT: Hid the egg now.
  19. Keep: Gemshard Abandon: Aeon Kill: Celestial Turpentine, Melismor, Imperial Fleshcrown
  20. Yeah, I have noticed the disappearence of some concepts, which weren't anywhere near completion, such as Cotton Dragons and Apple Mint Dragons. I would be up for "Inactive Section" or perhaps everyone should be provided by PM with a copy of the OP, and then have thr whole DR deleted. If anyone is interested in continuing on their pre-clean posted concepts, they'd repost. If there are artists that took over an inactive concept, they could PM a mod and inform them.
  21. I was redirected here, so I guess I'll go ahead and ask here. What type of "alts" lowers the chance of release to a DR? The breeding-only alts? Biome alts? Or both?
  22. So, uh, anyone could answer? Bump for new page!
  23. CR is gone! Thanks TJ for hiding! :)