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  1. Got everything l wanted. Now waiting for release!
  2. That is what I am talking about.
  3. I cured, then spread, then spread and now cured and I got the Cure one
  4. My badge changed from the cure form to the ill one help
  5. All I can't get are 2 Pumpkin Eggs 2nd generation PB. >.< Rest is fine
  6. The Leaf Litter Egg is sorted between Misfit Pygmy and Moonstone Dragon with the new breed sort. The Diamond Egg is sorted between Desipis Dragon and Dorsal Dragon with the new breed sort.
  7. Cool! Thanks TJ and spriters!! Also where does the Diamond Eggs appear?
  8. This Silver Shimmerscale This Guardian Avatar of Change This Gold Tinsel, because Penk
  9. 1. Pluviophillia 2. 4 3. No, I'm a newbie ;w;
  10. I'd like to be added to a List! Forum ID: Pluviophillia Scroll Link: Here PM Link: Here List Request: Yellow Dino, Purple Dino, Red Dorsal, Gemshard Other: I prefer the Gemshard Green Female and Red Dorsal Female
  11. Hello I am Pluvs and I need a mentor for both forums and dragon raising. I play sne July 2016 and got the main idea of the game but still have some problems with some abreviations used on Forums and some troubles with the game itself. I want a mentor who can understand my English (not speaking English very well, still learning)
  12. I wonder if there is a new BSA and when will they be added to the Dragon Encyclopedia
  13. Finally got that time egg!!!
  14. I think Lumina and this dragon are like Sunrise and Sunset dragons but with different eggs
  15. I need someone to incubate this egg! Forum Name: Pluviophillia Scroll Name and Link: Pluviophillia PM Link: Here Incubate Subject's Link: This Soulpeace Have you read all the rules?: Yes. Who is incubating for you?: Frano Edit: Incubate Report! Frano incubated Pluviophillia's Soulpeace!
  16. One of my eggs died (Neglected Experiment) so I need to wait.