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  1. i forgot i drew this before the ones in the last post omg an fr dragon called balloons and there's this i just finished a gijinka of an fr dragon
  2. felt like drawing more stuff a keiki bc it looks like she has a dragon behind her ngl (touhou) eye practice (except it's sakuya) fanart of both pokemon cafe mix and pixpet
  3. forcing page break, too many heavy-res images
  4. more things: Fr dragon in a creepy style I tried Bird i felt like drawing another fr dragon
  5. more paintings done during the lockdown- one of my flight rising dragons a tree branch? who knows mountain practice because atmospheric perspective with snowy mountains is really hard more atmospheric perspective stuff A dragon for flight rising's remade draw the dragon above you thread- i tried to emulate the style of pop-art with this one
  6. did more stuff kind of an experiment for the marker tool an fr gijinka another fr gijinka holding a bantam fangar of whatever it is a bogsneak (mostly) shaded with sai's marker tool
  7. got back into painting recently some fr dragon humanizations: the dance of the moonlight jellies (stardew valley) some mushrooms
  8. back here to post stuff i can't bother to upload anywhere else anyway- some stuff i drew in gimp at some computer place Fanart for a (now dead) splatoon 2 discord server- Octoling design contest entry inktober prompt of the server's mascot more recent (kinda) stuff An edgy mokou Most of this was done earlier last year but I never ended up posting it until now Satori komeiji & Koishi komeiji: I casually worked on this over a period of a few months starting late-ish last year Yukari yakumo- i felt like drawing animu at some point so uhh Also today I decided to redraw an attempt at reisen i did back in 2018