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  1. Six eggs. I collected six eggs. I didn't have nearly enough time to collect them all. Frustrated that I couldn't see all the amazing little artworks, but I can't fathom being able to collect 62 eggs in the time I dedicate to DC every day ✖〰✖ 
  2. 8 is the seventh number in the Fibonacci sequence and is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture. 8, huit, 八, osam, and uhhh I've run out of languages and facts
  3. Finally bred a nice 2g prize. Forgot I was egglocked.
  4. didn't get in. eh, guess i'll just put my trash in my signature or something. well done to those who did make it! looking forward to seeing all the awesome submissions. -w-
  5. 60 (Yes the golden ratio is denoted by the the greek letter phi Φ) edit:whoops
  6. 51 is a number that... can be found in phi somewhere
  7. XVII @Pilauli Oh thank you; gotta over-complicate things haha
  8. 34, the 10th number in the Fibonacci sequence :3
  9. Got my 2nd one! Yess! maybe i should stop being selfish and just shut up for once and let someone else have their upside down mint ok i feel bad now
  10. I'm a Red Dorsal Fin egg. Kinda boring in here... thinking about cherries
  11. Woah. Nice surprise! Thanks everyone!
  12. Woah, all the forts look so awesome ;^; This is my mess: