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    🍃🍂🍁🍂🍃 Gliding In The Breeze
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    Unofficial scrollname of Crowsfold, actual scroll name 1400105. Why you may ask? Ten years ago I joined as a youngin' with my school ID (creative, I know) and my request to have it changed have gone denied. So feel free to refer to me as Crow, Crows, or Crowsfold.

    __Current Dragon Projects__

    ~Everything Bagel: Every dragon species bred to white dragon females in chronological order of introduction to the site. Excluding ones unable to be bred to whites, of course. Undead/zombie successfully introduced to lineage after 37 attempts.

    Breed in undead to Everything Bagel ✔️
    Current: Breed in Bright Pink/Aria ...

    ~Scopic Airs Lineage
    As messy as messy can be, currently including some popular/famous dragons and most spriters alts. At 80+ generations.