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  1. Eep, so sorry for not collecting sooner I hadn't been online! Thank you so much! And grats to Ruby too And good luck to next month's entries.
  2. 1. OneWingedWolf 2. Hmm that's a hard one.. I guess Turkish Delight? Does that even count as a candy? x)
  3. 1. My Forum Name is OneWingedWolf, same as my scroll 2. My favourite Type of weather would have to be thunder storms and heavy rain, it's kinda scary but oddly soothing? Thank you for doing this giveaway and good luck to all who enter c:
  4. Congrats on such an impressive milestone! I'd love to enter the raffle for 101 c: and good luck to everyone who enters
  5. Took these, thank you! Such gorgeous lineages! Also took your CB ice egg, thank you White_dragon_2k9 Edit: Adding this one back since I didn't mean to grab it. EG Grey with SAs in base Was originally from InugamiZERO.
  6. 5th Gen Bronze Tinsel from Autumns Glad you like it Aleoleo thanks for letting me know~ I don't usually breed a lot, but I do have some CB rares, CB older holidays (no holly sorry) and some nice lineages. If you're looking for anything in particular and I could possibly breed it feel free to message as I'd love to help out somehow.
  7. thank you very much! My first CB And Sirithiliel: Indeed it is I'll have to see if i can find it a mate.
  8. Certainly love the Soulpeace/holiday line (and think I got my current one straight lineaged one from you too) This little one will be right at home with me c: Thank you! Edit: Claim my egg! Gen 5 Thuwed from Soulpeace/Winter Magi c: Gone
  9. Was given the shimmer mother by someone on this thread and she finally produced an egg so I figured I'd leave it here for someone to enjoy! Gen4 with Thunder gone, enjoy
  10. I'm in! Just barely had enough to enter *phew* Also I couldn't find a link to the google sheet? Was it removed? Nevermind, sad to see people resort to vandalism :c
  11. Took this one thanks Also took your silver tinsel Pippy! Thank you
  12. I took the pretty soulpeace with alts, thank you
  13. Don't think I have any from this spriter's alt yet, thanks
  14. What a unique lineage, thank you! DC needs more pillow love c: