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Will happily breed any combinations of my dragons for free upon request - Will happily offer IOUs of hatchling bundles/holiday dragons for Negelecteds


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    Hello and welcome to my profile, I'm OneWingedWolf but you may know me from other sites as Azelas.

    I'm not a very social person and thus don't tend to post a lot in the forums unless it's for trading purposes but I am by no means unapproachable and will respond to any and all messages as quickly as I can, whether it be a general question or regarding a trade or something else entirely. So please feel free to message if needed.

    I am happy to breed any of my dragons for free upon request, this includes my CB Metals and Holiday dragons!

    Seeking others interested in IOU hatchling bundles(possibly holiday dragons?) for CB Neglecteds

    Wishlist (sort of?)
    More Alt Blacks, Alt Vines, Alt Undines
    Dinos, Cheese, Chickens, Papers
    CB Golds & Silvers
    A Hellfire/Magma from This Thuwed Pair Lineage https://dragcave.net/progeny/Mlts (would prefer low gen 3-5)

    Things I love:
    Pretty checker Lineages
    Spriter Alts
    Eastern Lineages.