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  1. I've got the upside down egg.I was really confused, and then I realised that is 1st of April...
  2. the dragons are big gourmands :3
  3. I hate Minesweeper, But I always play it and idk why I can't wait to see the new holiday dragon
  4. The eggs are so cute!Can't wait to find them!
  5. The unicorns are so kawaii!! :3
  6. I love the new forum !Thanks,TJ!!
  7. Not my eggs are sick.Tj09's eggs are sick. .-.
  8. I love the new eggs! ^-^ But all of the eggs are sick
  9. I'd like to request a banner! Dragon:Storm-Rider Text (if any):My Scroll Background color:Blue Glow color:Yellow Your banners are so beautiful *-*
  10. Oops!Thanks for update!I am ready to revive some dead hatchies
  11. Yay,thanks for the eggs!Let's play with some electricity !!!