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  1. I just want to say how much fun this year's halloween-event is. Not only because of the Halloween-biome, but also because of the Trick-o' Treat collectibles, and the sweet sweet hatchling-dressup. I can't wait to see what different costumes we can buy with our candies. It would be nice, though, if sometimes we would get a little "read on" in the story, too... if our dragon likes his/her costume or if she/he wants to get re-dressed at time... but that is just an idea, maybe for next year or so.
  2. I have to say - I am glad that so many people are better with text adventures than I am, because I could look at their solutions. BUUUT: I L O V E D the Adventure nonetheless. It was a very fun story, with a nice bit of humour, and in the end I ended up with a spider-mate . If I can make a wish, though, I'd wish a "hint" section within the game for the next time. Like when you typed in different commands for something maybe 10x or so... a text pops up, saying: "Maybe you should try [...]". That's just an idea. It's a crutch for text-dummes like me All in all I'd wish for more fun little stories.
  3. Grabbed 2 of each. Now I hope they will not look differently due to the biome, because I caught most in the forest. Looking forward to how they will turn out.
  4. Thanks for new cuties I am so happy I managed to grab a pair of each, and to have all my pinkies on influence. I am excited how they will turn out. *carefully puts the eggs into a warm space*
  5. I finally got all 5 I am curious how they will turn out. But I have to say that 5 at once are quite a lot - it's less about the catching, it's about being egg-locked so quickly.