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  1. Gaia from Gaia x Silver lineage
  2. I received a gift via TGT Gift report: Wolfarick -> Asphyxia: Nebula egg Am I on that list? No Do I need/wish to be removed? No How was the gift offered? In the thread on page 42
  3. Took rest of them, will get named ^^ Thanks!
  4. You can get their CB variant, you just have to use Bite on any CB dragon.
  5. New badge looks awesome! Can't wait to see new dragon as well!
  6. I guess that's a bug or something. Maybe it'll be fixed sometime.
  7. But then it makes no sense. How can wingless dragon like Black Zyu turn into Zombie with wings? I guess Zyus would turn into those Zombie types: - - - - - - ...it's only a theory though. Just don't kill Zyus.
  8. I can't find where I saw post saying that it is against the rules, but let me explain. If I have 1200+ dragons and I'll say "offer anything I don't have", will you check my whole scroll to see what I need? No, you won't. You should say what you want like this: looking for a 3G Silver x (m) Chrono checker / looking for 2-4 any CB hatchlings / offer a dummy / bloodswap and so on. You can't say anything like "offer anything I don't have" or "[nick] offer again". Also, you can't put any off-site (Edit: thanks @HeatherMarie for correcting!) links in the box or say "pm me on forum". Fun fact: you can't even say "offer 2G from val '09 alt" or anything similiar to it, because only two people on whole DC have this alt. I think Trading Hub should get guidelines or something. For now, you can get banned for a lot of things. I'll search for this post, but it'll take me a while to scroll through 1000+ replies on Trading Hub thread.
  9. Are you sure? Didn't you write something like "[nick] offer again" or "offer anything I don't have"? Also, you said about your last trade, what about the other ones?
  10. "Undeads can now be created any time of the year again, with a scaling chance of success based on the time or date (lowest to highest success: day time, night time, 31st of a month, and Halloween." Maybe they are stacking. However, even if they don't, you still have a really nice chance to create Zombies, so don't worry about that.
  11. Good luck then! Who knows, maybe you''ll win
  12. I received a gift via TGT Gift report: Kaiserf11 -> Asphyxia: Male Bloodscale Hatchling Am I on that list? No Do I need/wish to be removed? No How was the gift offered? In the thread on page 35 Thanks, haven't got much CB Bloodscales. ~
  13. Will it ever be available in English, though?
  14. God of Noobs. He has the power to summon Datamonster and Lagmonster, the old players' doom... Why can't I catch any CB Gold?
  15. Gemshard. Gemshard or Copper?
  16. 7 years for now, since 2011.. I haven't collected anything in the first years, though. So many good Holiday releases missed... My friend recommended me this game, but I got bored really fast. ≥.≤
  17. Pyralspite. Pyralspite or Fire Gem?
  18. My Black-Capped Teimarr says "hi". It has "hi1yu" code, which sounds almost like "Hi, you!" Guess it just wanted to be a kind dragon.
  19. Same. Geez, BnHA is an amazing anime.
  20. Pokemon Fire Red. I "passed" this game like 5 times already, and I still love returning to this one.
  21. Favorite types: Dragon, Ice and Dark. Favorite Pokemon: Alolan Ninetales! Also, Creation Trio is amazing. Favorite Shiny: "Regular" Ninetales, Ampharos and Milotic.
  22. Nebulas! I just love them sooo much.
  23. Missed like 2 Yellow Zyus and a Dino. And then I saw another Zyumorph, clicked it, and... "You're egglocked, sorry not sorry".