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  1. Now Mentoring KaleChip, I was PM'd by them. It's been a while wow
  2. I chose a desipis for my trick or treating https://dragcave.net/halloween17/SaphireKat I think this is the link for my little one?
  3. Hey guys, it's been a long time. I must really apologize for not being able to keep up with these raffles. Between my health and all of my work, I've found that a barely have any time for Dragon Cave. I apologize deeply, but I have decided I cannot run regular raffles from now until June 2018. Life has to come first, and I can't let my schoolwork go in favor for this. My health hasn't been very cooperative since school started back up either, I just recovered from a mystery illness that hit me Monday and that wasn't a happy time. Even though I'm closing down the regular raffles, I plan to hold raffles before or after the Halloween release, around Thanksgiving, before or after Christmas and valentines day, and one on the second week of April. Then regular raffles should start back up again in June after I get the schedule together. I'm sorry about not giving you guys any information earlier, and I'm sorry I have to stop the raffles for the time being. Thank you everyone who has stood beside me and participated in the raffles. I hope to talk to you soon! ~~Saph
  4. Hi guys! I'm sorry for not opening the raffle this week. There was a lot going on this weekend and I got a little sick, but I'm better now! Due to the restraints and responsibilities that come with the school year, I changed the raffle to be once every two weeks, starting on Sunday night at 8pm cave time as usual. I noted these changes on the scheduled and many of the themes from the skipped weeks will put on next year's schedule. Starting May, the raffles may be going back to one a week. Also, there might not be a raffle next week due to personal/family reasons. Just giving you the heads up, and thanks for your continued participation in my raffles. It wouldn't be possible without you guys!
  5. // [url=https://dragcave.net/teleport/71afa49454d310e09305447058cf5355] [/url] // // // //
  6. Messages sent out please tell me if I did anything wrong or missed anything!
  7. RAFFLE RESULTS CAVEBORNS Hooktalon - Bleeding Moon Purple - lovecats99 Royal Crimson - MaeTM LINEAGED 2G Sinii Krai from Male Anagallis - NO ENTRY 2g Green Striped from f White Striped and m Bright-Breasted - NO ENTRY 2G Sunset/rise from male Red - NO ENTRY 2G PB Red - NO ENTRY 3g z-coded Magma x Aeon - MaeTM 3G Pyrope Pyralsite x Aeon Checker - Ruby Eyes 3G EG PB Red - NO ENTRY 3rd gen Royal Crimson from Yulebuck checker - lovecats99 3G Silver x Storm checker - NO ENTRY 3g Thalassa from f Silvers - lovecats99 3G Red Zyumorph x Gold spiral - NO ENTRY 4G anagallis/heartstealing checker - marienine 4th gen red Dorsal from checker with male Marrows - Terces 4G heartseeker/red nebula checker (donor will be happy to replace in event of miscolor) - Bleeding Moon 5G Royal Crimson Thuwed - NO ENTRY PRIZE 3rd gen bronze shimmer/sunsong - lovecats99 3rd gen bronze shimmer from thunder - Bleeding Moon 3rd gen bronze shimmer from gaia - lovecats99 3rd gen silver tinsel/tsunami - Bleeding Moon THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO PARTICIPATE!!!! Also, raffles may be moved to every other week instead of every week due to school :/
  8. You have until 4PM tomorrow to get your donations in! (School starts wednesday, so I have to make sure the raffle is decided some time after I get home from school)
  9. Okay, I'll give it another handful of hours. Editing the post now
  10. DONATIONS are now OPEN!! For some reason this didn't post last night?? But the donations have been opened all day. If you guys need some more time to donate please let me know!
  11. RAFFLE RESULTS CAVEBORNS Summer - No Entry LINEAGED 2g Almandine Pyraspite from thunder -Sachqua 2g Black from White - No Entry 2g Firegem from Undine - No Entry 3rd gen Kingcrowne/Grave checker - Ruby Eyes 3rd gen Mageia from checker with male Desipises - Sachqua 3rd gen Mageia from checker with female Desipises - marienine 4th gen bronze Shimmerscale (Water) stair with Embers (Fire) - No Entry 5th gen silver Shimmerscale (Water) stair with Hellfires (Fire) - Sachqua Falconiform/Celestial checker with a surprise SA - marienine Spirit Ward EG SA lineage - No Entry Sorry for being so late guys! I'm getting more and more busy as the school year is getting closer! I promise I'll put a reminder in my phone to host the raffle on time next time!! (Sadly, there were only four entrants this week, but I didn't expect much due to how late this week's raffle was)
  12. Just a notice: The raffle will be open until 7pm because of the late opening last night
  13. The Raffle is now open! Sorry guys! I've had to work on multiple things today and I got distracted! Please use the back up entry form!
  14. Donations have been OPENED Sorry about the delay! I figured seeing as how I missed last week, there should be a raffle this week even if it was late. Sorry again!
  15. Hey guys, sorry about not being on yesterday. There was a lot of excitement this weekend! The raffle will be held again next weekend, and the theme has been moved. Sorry about that!
  16. Okay, I just sent out the last PM. Sorry for no special message this week.... If there are any problems, please let me know!
  17. RAFFLE RESULTS CAVEBORNS Red Dorsal - Bleeding Moon Sunstone - Dirtytabs LINEAGED 2g Copper from Soulstone - marienine 3g Aegis x White - Bleeding Moon 3G Pacified Aegis x Flamingo checker (SA line) - Dalek Raptor 3G Almandine x Golden Wyvern Checker - CrazyChess 3G Falconiform from both Mutamore SA - Ruby Eyes 3rd gen Silver Lunar X Mistletoe checker - marienine 3rd gen Lunar Herald SA lineage - Dirtytabs 3rd gen Terrae X tri-colored Snow Angel checker - ewi White/Shadow Walker arrow SA lineage - banban007 5th gen White checkered with all types of Snow Angels (4 Spriter's Alts) - Bleeding Moon PRIZE 3G silver shimmer x green copper checker - Terces 3G Silver tins x silver (spiral) - ewi 5G Silver Tinsel x Purple Nebula Stair Hatchie (Influenced Female) - Dalek Raptor 7G Tinsel - NO ENTRY Congratulations winners and thank you everyone for participating!
  18. I didn't get one this time, but I'm still fawning over the Tinsel I got from last month. I entered again, good luck everyone.
  19. DONATIONS are now OPEN!! Sorry for being late, I was out of the house for most of the afternoon!