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  1. Dagny was just about to respond to Asher's last remark, when suddenly BOOM!!!!! Dagny was schocked. He first day in town and it was getting weirder by the minute. "I- is that normal?" She asked Asher, with a worried look on her face. ~~~~~~ The explosion had startled Fotein. Let this not be what I think. Don't let this happen again. Not so soon. Not... not here. She wanted to ask the shopkeeper if there was a place where she could be alone for the time being. Alas, it seems she was the only one left in this room right now. That worked for her. The flowers were comforting, that's for sure. ~~~~~~ People were gathering behind the car. Good. Less good was that they were already getting close. Time to start things up. Teri activated the speakers and the voice morpher. He picked the voice that sounded most like Poppy's - still not really close to Poppy's actual voice, but that was beside the point. He started the engine and began to talk. "Halt! There is someone heading out on the other side of town, who has been here and will spread word about you all. If you chase him now, you may be able to stop him. If you succeed to take him out, I will let this nymph live. And no funny tricks, or she's done with no matter what happens with the aforementioned person. I hope you make a wise decision." He then hit the gas and drove away, quickly disappearing into the woods.
  2. "I really don't want to burden you. I'm already thankful for you letting me stay here." Fotein said to the man, as he offered to bring her a seat. It seemed her protests were futile, though, as a dog came and brought her a stool. "Wow, your dog must be very clever", she said, kneeling down to pat the dog a bit. "And so stunning." And now that there was a stool ready to be sat on, it would be rude to not use it, so she took place on the seat. "Thanks, you're very kind. May the Lord bless you." She decided to politely wait until the man was finished helping the customer, patting the dog a little more while enjoying the flowers all around her. What a lovely welcome to a new town. ~~~~~~ Just what he had feared. The crew took to action immediately. Bryan had to call for backup. Taking out his own phone, he noticed the darn brick had no signal here. He flew far out of town, as far as he had to to get a message out. ~~~~~~ Seeing what meal he had actually ordered, he was quite disappointed. He ate it, hesitantly, but if this was the most expensive thing on the menu, he'd never be eating here again. Better get this done quickly. He walked out of the diner and went back to his car. He had to plan accordingly. This was more than he had bargained for. An entire town full of supernaturals. This was a problem for his main goal. Luckily he could count on Poppy to cause a scene and draw some attention soon. He got a text. Someone who had been seen travelling with the amateurs was now leaving the town. He had to improvise; this person could not spread word of this town. There already were too many people here. The creature was flying and had a head start, so he couldn't go chase them. By himself. He went back to town, entered an alley, drugged the first person he found (some sort of weak nymph, it seemed, all dressed in green), dragged her to the car and tied her up. He then pushed a button. Time to draw some attention himself. BOOM!!!!! A loud bang erupted from the speakers of his car. People would certainly come, and his newly devised plan could unfold. Before they had arrived, though, he quickly tied some explosives to the nymph and stepped in the car.
  3. "Oh, uhm. My apologies," Fotein said, "Your flowers our lovely, but I'm afraid I haven't any money on me. I'm new here and wanted to get to know the town, but it's raining and this place seemed nice, so I hope I can shelter from the rain here. Would you be so kind to let me?" She really hoped she could stay here until the rain was over. It was a really sweet place and the flowers were beautiful. The lady that had just walked in smelled of smoke, which was a bit disappointing, but if she just moved to the other end of the room, the aroma of the flowers would be stronger than the smell of smoke. She stayed there and enjoyed the view and scent. ~~~~~~ Thor? What is even going on?! Oh. It's a cat. One of the cats started affectionately rubbing her leg. She kneeled down and pat her. "She looks beautiful..." she said, half to herself, when Asher told her more about the cats. Odin?! ... another cat. Of course. "Hmm, Odin One-Eye. I see what you did there. But I think it'd be better if I'd stay in the church, then." That she'd ever willingly decide to enter a church. Could this day get any weirder? "But I'd prefer it to not look like a church, if that's an option." She could use runes to cover it up with a glamour... if she knew how to. ~~~~~~ ((Edits for Bryan and Teri soon))
  4. Scandinavian in itself isn't a language. Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish are. The ancient variant (earliest recorded use in the 2nd century) is called Old Nordic which was followed up by Old Norse in the 8th century. And in my post for Fotein I assumed that Joseph and Raven went to a different room for the tea, as I wouldn't expect a mini kitchen in the middle of a flower store. If they're still in the store then I can edit that in.
  5. "More jobs, yes. But in those six months they wouldn't have gotten half my weekly earnings. Pheh. And I'm not a man of the streets anymore. I'm rich and I'm not afraid to show it." Teri was amused with Poppy's futile attempts to mock him. He had built up resistant to such sneers even before he got his current employment; back when he used to be a proffesional MMA fighter. On boring nights when he truly had nothing to do, he would laugh at the conspiracy theories about his sudden disappearing. "I was sent to find out the root of the mentions of weird activity around this broad area. The 'bigfoot sighting' really put me on the right track, and when some amateurs had a bit of luck in finding the origin of that story and went out on their own investigation, we've been able to track their movement and determine their destination. The base notified me of it and told me to go here. So, thinking about it, you still only have your one target here. The rest...", Teri said, turning away from Poppy and walking to town, "are for me now. And just so you know, those amateurs will probably be here by now." He casually waved backwards as he looked for a diner. He found one. He went inside, walked to the bar and pulled out one of his credit cards. "Give me the most expensive meal you have." In the meanwhile, he looked around to observe the kinds of creatures that were here. None that he recognized so far, but he was convinced that at least one would come. Otherwise, Poppy wouldn't have been here. ~~~~~~ Dagny looked across the hall, struck with awe. This collection of ancient weaponry and other artifacts was beyond impressive. Swords, shields, maces, hammers, spears, pikes, javelins, axes, armor, helmets... and though she didn't recognize most of it, she did notice all the items of Nordic origin were placed in their own section. Asheron then mentioned that he... couldn't enter the house of someone under the protection of a deity. And that she shouldn't be practicing magic indoors. "Uhm... how exactly does that work? Say, theoretically speaking, if I'd communicate with a deity, who is dead but not quite, on a regular basis. But I don't exactly worship them. Would that be a problem?" She'd rather live in that church than have to move outdoors to communicate with Odin. And she feared Odin wouldn't care about this part undead part demon part whatever and just speak to her anyway, even if she was indoors. And this man had just given her the opportunity of her lifetime, so she didn't really want to be a nuisance to him. ~~~~~~ Fotein was just done cleaning the pews. Walking over to the pastor, he signaled her that she was done for today. She took the opportunity to explore the rest of the town a bit. It was raining a bit, though, which was a bummer. She quickly managed to find a flower store that seemed nice to her. She didn't have any money on her right now, but it provided shelter and she'd be surrounded by pretty flowers, and perhaps some nice people. As she walked in, she noticed that the store was empty. "Helloo? Is anyone there?"
  6. The drive had been a rough one. Looking at the route he noticed a shortcut through the woods. He had brought a car that was good for driving offroad, rather than one of his twelve fancy cars, and it would work perfectly. He sat down behind the steering wheel, started his car first try, turned on the navigation device and started driving. By going straight towards his target instead of taking the normal road, he saved more than three quarters of the driving time. This car was designed for drives like this. Through the forest, 'accidentally' driving over some animals on the way. He was glad the car was sealed shut. He couldn't have bore any dirt spats on the white suit he was wearing. It was more expensive than half of his cars. Combined. He then noticed something... peculiar. A weird run of smoke crawled over the ground. "Heh. Didn't expect to be finding you here.", he murmured to himself. He had reached the edge of town. He parked his car by the largest tree he could see and got out, taking his suitcase with him. He positioned himself at the edge of the woods. He was curious how that chick was doing lately. Patiently he waited, leaning his hand to the tree. When he saw the cloud of smoke approaching in the distance, he calmly took a steady stance, moved his right hand to under his white suit, took out a gun and shot at the smoke, then walked towards it.. "Well, well." He said, walking towards her. "If that isn't Poppy. Recognize me? The good old Teri? Funny how we ended up in the same spot. Guess I'm on the right track, then. Heh. Bet that your target must be around too, then? Still the same job? How cute. I've completed ten jobs in the past six months. And that without any special powers." ~~~~~~ This was bad. Bryan's attempts to sabotage those amateurs and let them tumble off the road had failed. He could not allow any word of the town being made public. He had to act quickly now. He followed the crew as stealthily as he could. into town, into the motel, into their room. He saw someone using their mobile phone. A threat. He waited until he had put the phone away - the man put it back in his pocket, minor complication - and got into conversation with the rest of the crew. Bryan took the phone without notice. And the car keys, now he had the chance. Staying longer might be too risky, so he left again, for now, to his own room in the motel. He had caused a delay on their schemes. Taking the risk to do even more today would be unnecessary. He would wait for the next opportunity. ~~~~~~ When Dagny stepped in the car, she was already curious to see what this man's house looked like. She had various ideas of what it could be, but none even got close to... this. What... what was this? Was the mansion behind it? It had to be, right? Huh- no? This was it? A- alright. "How can someone live here..." she mumbled to herself, before she heard that Asher was mumbling to himself, too. He then spoke to her, telling her his species and explaining that his house was... not as scary as it looked. She started to worry a little, but if he would try anything, she'd have the element of surprise. After all, Asheron couldn't know what she could do, right? Then again, she had made several bad guesses today, so it didn't put her at ease much. She still agreed to follow the... quite weird hybrid into the mansion. "I really do hope it looks better on the inside than on the outside", she said. Otherwise I can always sleep in the forest. ((Will edit Fotein in later))
  7. Dagny looked at the black card confused. She had never seen anything like it. Given that Asher had taken it out after stating that he forgot to take cash with him, she assumed it was something he could use to pay. Was this what people called a "credit card"? It sure looked like something fancy people would use, like the man in the fancy white suit with a black suitcase she had seen on her way to Goodneighbor, in one of the towns nearby it. That was more the type of man she'd associate with those "credit cards". Black tie, white hat, shiny sunglasses. Quite a lame sight, compared to a father slaying a bear with nothing but a fur coat and a makeshift spear, but it had something peculiar to it. Thinking back on it, that man was even the first person she'd heard mention the word. "Can i also pay with my credit card?", he had asked. At a newspaper store. Dagny had been surprised that the answer had been yes. "Uhm... This might be a stupid question, but... What is that card?", Dagny asked Asher. She had almost finished her milk and was halfway through her sandwich. "Can you... pay with it?" ~~~~~~ Sometimes he just got that urge. At times when everything seemed to go against him. When nothing he tried work out and he felt like he might as well punch a hole through the wall out of frustration. Cocaine. He got the urge to fall back on cocaine. But he couldn't. He had to stay sharp. He couldn't ruin the Mission. Not now he had the feeling that he was getting real close. He grabbed back to the newspaper he had bought last week. That was also the day the last Event had occured. He took off his white fedora and hung it up on the coat rack, combed his hair back into model with his hand and read: Bigfoot. Is he among us? He had read this article so many times he almost knew it by heart. That article was the very reason he had bought the newspaper, in fact. He sat down on his chair, turned off the room lamp, instead turned on a small lamp by the side of his desk and started thinking. Why hasn't there been any continuation of this yet? Why is it so vague? Why can't I find more information? The picture is real, that's obvious. Not knowing what to do, he put his hat back on, went to the local store and bought a newspaper. No useful information, aside from the fact that yet another day would pass without many progress. He then got a phone call. "Yes? Mhmm. Interesting. And where are they headed? Never heard of that. It's that close? I'll take my leave now." It seems he would be heading for Goodneighbor, just two hours driving from here.
  8. While Asheron was talking, the waitress had given her the sandwich and milk. She took a bite of the sandwich while listeninig to the partially undead man explaining what her new residence would look like. She finished her bite before she responded. "I don't think I'm going to need anything out of the ordinary.", she replied. "Although a pen and a notebook could come in handy." She had always wanted something to write stuff down. Not all the runes Odin had taught her to use were from the Elder Futhark - which she could already read prior to Odin's lessons - and she had a hard time remembering some of them, like Iar, Yr, or Ea. If she could sketch them, it would help a lot. "I'd like to take some notes if I notice something interesting, you see." She said, not entirely untruthfully.
  9. A Draugr. That sounded more familiar. She remembered Odin telling her the Draugr were some sort of undead. She didn't notice the obnoxious smell that was supposed to come from them, though. Then again he had said he was only part Draugr, so perhaps he had the luck of not bearing the smell. He then went off to explain his job and remarked there probably wasn't any goat milk. "Cow milk is fine", she replied. "And thanks for the offer! I would love to help you with that! It's perfect!" It really was perfect. If she was ever unsure of something, she could ask Odin for help, and that would be the perfect opportunity for him to teach her all about the runes. "Truly perfect. And it wouldn't be too bad to have a place to stay, either. I can assure you that, though I may not look the part, I am highly capable of deciphering runes and determining the purpose of artifacts. Trust me, you'll see."
  10. That's perfectly fine! Although, really, all you need to know about Dagny's magical rune usage can be found in the doc I linked in her sheet.
  11. "ancient Greek, Latin, Nordic and Hebrew" are four languages, not five. You could add something like Egyptian if you wanted five? EDIT: I forgot to explicitly mention that the runes from Runemarks/Runelight, though largely based on Nordic runes, it doesn't match 100%. It's a mix of Elder and Younger Futhark without much logic. EDIT 2: I guess Odin will just teach her both Elder and Younger Futhark and tell her which of the runes are linked to her powers and what they represent in that context.
  12. 45 minutes to an hour walking or driving? Makes a big difference
  13. Just so I can get things straight, in the Norse myths, Fenrir killed Thor and Odin during Ragnarok (not to be confused with the Marvel movie Thor: Ragnarok), and Odin never really adopted Loki. However, in Runemarks/Runelight, the books I based Dagny's powers on (rune usage, runemark, Odin being an oracle, power of a name), Odin was killed by Mirmir during the start of Ragnarok, but it was ended prematurely and nothing else really happened. Mirmir killed him by persuading some boy to read Odin's divine names aloud. Odin did survive as an oracle. A little while later, Ragnarok did really happen, and all of the main Norse gods - except Loki - were killed by Surt the Destroyer and their powers and roles were then passed on to other people - Thor was resurrected in a farmhand boy. Fenrir had relatively little to do with any of it. So my point is, if we want consistency within Dagny's origin, we should use Runemarks/Runelight lore (which is mainly a straight copy of Norse mythology up until the leadup towards Ragnarok where everything is different and references towards Christianity also come in and the two are fused. A part of the plotline is based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, except it's Three Horsemen and the horses are Sleipnir, Jormungand and Epona, two of which are children of Loki, but the third one isn't even from Norse mythology, not to mention she's actually humanoid and not a giant cloud horse as is suggested in Runelight (though Epona is often depicted with horses by her side). Jormungand can shapeshift, so that's not much of a porblem.) The division of gods into categories is also not exactly accurate in Runemarks/Runelight. BUT, it would be fun to follow Norse mythology and say that it was Fenrir who killed Thor and Odin so we can get some quite interesting interactions going on
  14. Fotein looked up when she heard someone talking in the door opening. The girl wanted to ask some questions. She wouldn't be able to answer any of them, nor was she in a position to. The pastor would be the one to help this visitor. Before the girl walked any further, though, she mentioned an important visitor. She sounded quite urgent. Shooting another glance, Fotein saw a beautiful woman enter the church. She couldn't quite see why this woman was so special, though. The fair lady then spoke to the pastor, using his name. Did they know each other? It sure seemed like that, but it wasn't any of her business. The lady sat down to rest on one of the pews Fotein had already cleaned. The pastor seemed to allow it, so she let her be and continued cleaning the benches. ~~~~~~ A job... then what should she do? She had no idea. This Asheron person then mentioned the rune on her throat. She mildly panicked. Seeing through the glamour was one thing, but how could he ever know that- oh. He thought it was a tattoo or something. But... what were Japanese characters? And what was Transylvania? It sounded vaguely familiar. Perhaps it had once crossed in one of Odin's storied, but she couldn't recall any of it. "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I have no clue what you're talking about... but yes. This is a Nordic rune. Thúris. It stands for victory, furthermore. I wear it with pride, as it represents my Nordic heritage. Where I come from, people still hold on to the old Nordic traditions. I got to know the culture of this area on my way here, for the most part, I think, but I still cherish the things that tie me to my Nordic roots, like this rune, or my surname. According to Nordic tradition, your surname is derived from your father's first name. My father was called Brinjar, so my last name is Brinjardottir." Telling him her full name was dangerous, she knew. Odin had taught her numerous times that there was power in a name. However, this was only one of her names. She already had quite some others, like Weirdo, Loner, or Outcast, to name some of the milder ones. So she was safe. And as if this person even knew how to use the power behind names. "Ah, right. A drink. Uhm, I'd like some milk. Goat milk, if you have any." ((For clarification, Fotein genetically is 100% human, so I assumed the glamours would affect her.))
  15. As Dagny entered the building, the first thing she noticed was a woman looking at her, seemingly displeased, murmuring something and leaving. Dagny couldn't read lips, so she didn't know what the woman had whispered to the man in front of her, but it did get her curious. She was then first approached by the waitress and after that quickly called to by a man at the counter, making a remark about the coins. But... how? How did he know? "Why, thank you!" She said to the man, while walking over to the man and sliding her hand into her pocket, dropping the coins there to fade into thin air in a few hours. "I'd like a sandwich with ham and cheese, if that isn't a problem." Part of her wanted to use bjarkán to see what this man actually was, that he could so easily see that her coins were counterfeit, but she didn't want to make herself suspicious by using runes in such a busy café. Even though it didn't really look special in any way - all she had to do was bend her fingers in a certain way and look through them, there wasn't even any light coming off or anything - she would look incredibly stupid to anyone who didn't have any clue about what she was doing. So she decided to let it slide. "I didn't know about the coins. I've just arrived here, so I didn't know. I used them a lot on my way here, so I thought it wouldn't be a problem. Thanks for letting me know." She said to the man who offered to pay for her. He had used a roundabout way of letting her know he noticed the glamour, so she played a fool and prenteded to not get the hint. "I'm Dagny, by the way. What's your name?" ((On a side note, Odin and Thor were both killed by Fenrir during Ragnarok, according to Norse mythology. Also, Fenrir is the son of Loki, and Thor and Loki consider themselves blood brothers, so that counts for something. Thor and Loki are actually not related by blood. Thor is Odin's son, while Loki was found as a baby by Odin - after Odin had killed Loki's giant father. Odin never really adopted Loki.))
  16. Fotein had just arrived in Goodneighbor. Her hopes for this place were high. For the first time since her teens, she thought to have found a place where she'd be able to stay for the rest of her life. The first thing she looked for was a church, and she was glad to find one. Most pastors were good people. It seemed like a good idea to go there first. After all, she knew nothing of this place. At least churches were familiar to her. Approaching the door, she noticed it was open. As she entered the building, one man was in there, lighting a candle. "Hello, my sweet lady. What brings you here at this time of day?" The man kindly asked. "Oh, uhm..." Fotein mumbled, surprised, though comforted, by the spontaneous greetings. "I have just arrived in this town, wishing to live my life in peace here. I hope you do not mind my presence." "But of course not!" the man responded. "The house of God is open to any who seek refuge. You can stay here as long as need be." "Thank you sincerely", Fotein said to the man. "Your gesture of kindness is deeply appreciated." "I merely fulfill my Christian duty. That is no cause to thank me for." The man then noticed a faint glow coming from the lady... confirming his suspicion that she had come here because she truly had no other place on earth to go to. Not for who she was, but for what she was. Further details he knew not, nor did he care. It was the lady's right to tell if and when she wanted to. "Would you mind to tell me your name?", the man asked the lady. "No, of course not. The name's Fotein. Fotein Psychi." "Ah, Fotein Psychi. Bright soul. Such a lovely name, and fitting, too. Warmest of welcomes to your new residence for the time being. I am the pastor of this place. I vow to help you find a place to call your own in this town. Until then, you can spend the night here." The pastor then showed Fotein to the room she would stay in. It was charming in a minimalistic way. No luxuries, but Fotein didn't care for those anyway. Everything she needed was there: a bed, a table with a wooden chair, a sideboard with a furnace and a crane, a shower, a closet for her clothes and a toilet. "Thank you very much for letting me stay here." Fotein said. "In return, I will serve as an acolyte as long as I stay here." "Well, there is no need for- "I insist." "... very well. As soon as you're ready, you can start cleaning the pews. I couldn't find time for that since Sunday two weeks ago. In respect of God, I would prefer them to be cleaned before it gets bad. I would appreciate it if you would fulfill that task, so that I can continue my regular business." "I will." Fotein said, compliant. She followed the pastor to the broom closet. There she took the dustpan and tin and started cleaning the pews. So far the town had not disappointed her in the slightest. ~~~~~~ Dagny was wandering through the forest, feeling lost. With a bit of luck, and a lot of advice from Odin, she was able to effectively use logr as a sort of compass, allowing her to navigate properly. But she hadn't been sure if she could recreate it, so she kept it active for days on end, until she was completely worn out from not sleeping. She dispelled the rune that was levitating above her hand, but not before drawing a copy of it in the ground, pointing the same direction, so she'd at least know where to start walking to when she woke up. The next morning (or was it afternoon?), Dagny woke up, starting to walk in the direction the rune she had drawn on the ground was pointing. She had tried to use logr as a compass several times again, but she had failed miserably. She just kept walking straight ahead. She was getting hungry. It didn't take long before she heard some rustling in the bushes. She tried to get a view of the source of the sound. It was a man. Or at least, looked like a man. Given where she was headed, and how long she had been on her way, she couldn't help but have her suspicions. She formed bjarkán with her fingers. The rune of truesight, the first rune odin had taught her to use. And the only one she had really gotten the hang of so far - in this specific way of using it, that is. She looked through her fingers forming the rune towards the man. This was no human. It was some sort of demon. "He's an incubus." Dagny heard a voice in her head say. Odin, she knew. "A creature that feeds on affection of others. For regular humans, infatuation can be lethal, but as a descendant from the gods, you shouldn't have to worry much. Now, can you also see his name through the rune?" Name... she hadn't even tried looking for that yet. "I think... Friday? Sidewalk? Slideway?" "Hmm. Impressive, you're improving. That's very close." "So what is it." "Ohohoh. It wouldn't be fun if I told you that, now would it? You gotta find out for yourself." "Ugh, fine." She knew that Odin couldn't be reasoned with if he acted like that. Sometimes she wondered if he actually cared about helping her, or if he was just amusing himself. Either way, his tips did help her. A lot. So she just let him have his fun. And he probably knew that. Dagny saw no reason to approach the man. He might not be the most dangerous type of demon, but he was still a demon. And in all the stories Odin had told her so far, no demon had ever done a good thing to anyone, and many had done bad things. So she waited until the incubus, whom she started to mentally call Friday, since it was the least ridiculous of the names she had considered, had gone out of sight. Walking just a bit further, she reached the edge of town. So there it was. Goodneighbor. She used fé to create some gold coins in her hand and entered a restaurant. Finally time for some food. The coins were just a glamour, but the waitress couldn't possibly know, right?
  17. I second the issue with the image. And hey padfoot! It's good to have you back!
  18. Though his parents had shown a somewhat surprising amount of understanding, August hadn't spoken with any other family members or any of his friends since his suspension. It hadn't crossed his mind before, but he now started to worry for how they'd react. All the more reason to get back in school as soon as possible, so he could explain his friends exactly what happened. What Avery continued to say made sense to August. He was aware that the world could be cruel if you're different. Even something as simple as actually liking school was enough for some people to bully him, so he had no trouble believing that there were people out there who would react to Gifted as extremely as Avery had mentioned. But still... "That sounds difficult. I've had my fair share of beatings in the past, believe me, but I don't really see the difference still. So I guess I'm going to need your help."
  19. Alright, that's perfect for Fotein! And Dagny will sooner or later have to get used to the fact that religious people can be kind... heh.
  20. Question. Is there a church in Goodneigbor? That would be the first place Fotein would go. And the last place Dagny would go.
  21. August was confused. Was this really happening? What was even happening? He then heard Avery explaining the situation to Raine. Rather convenient, in fact. "Uhm... no. No I don't. But... I usually don't react like this. I've been doing just fine for years, but now... I don't know what's wrong, really. I came here thinking you would just notice that it just was a one time incident and that I could go back to school tomorrow... But I guess that's not going to happen now, is it? Please just tell me what I should do to prevent this from happening more often. For everyone's safety." August had become painfully aware of the situation he was in. He had become a hazard for everyone in his vicinity. He really had to get this under control. But what was so different between now and past years? He couldn't think of anything.
  22. There was no response from the object. Which was odd, since it clearly had the means to communicate. "Don't try to hide. I know you're there, and that you can respond to me. I will give you one warning: respond to me if you don't want to be disintegrated." ~~~~~~ At first, when Illidan suddenly pulled her towards himself, she was frightened to death that her trust in him had been misplaced. She quickly realised, however, that he was trying to protect her from harm. A sudden wave of relief befell her, and she now felt safe being guarded by him. "How close are they?" ~~~~~~ "A 'blaster', you say? What the hell is that? And... how can even you shoot with that thing? It don't see any string to fire arrows with. Is it some kind of magical object?" Saber was getting more and more confused by every sentence this "Han Solo" spoke to him. How could you ever shoot something without a bow? It just didn't make any sense.
  23. Starting out porting a few of my characters from the original, with minor edits (tweaked powers and more fleshed-out history) Username: Felixr2 Name: Fotein Psychi Gender: Female Age: 36 Appearance: A 1,86 meters tall, pale woman with natural golden highlights in her long, brown, waving hair. She has capturing hazel eyes set in a beautiful, round face. Her long, delicate white dress has detailed patterns of various flowers on the chest area and sleeves. On her neck is a golden necklace with a set of smooth, shiny white stones ordened to depict a lotus. Species/Powers/Ect.: She can brighten souls, making a person less eager to act in selfish ways. The stronger the willpower of the brightened person, the shorter and less notable the effect is. She can also use more extreme measurements and burn one's soul away, most likely killing them, but she will only go that far when she loses control over herself. Doing this will also make her lose most of her energy and she'll turn back to her normal self. When struck with great kindness, her own soul brightens, releasing a faint glow and a bit of extra warmth from her body. Personality: She is very loving and will never seek to do harm to anyone. Her ideology is a world where everybody can live together in peace and she believes that that's something that can be achieved. Her strong faith in this belief is what she considers her most important possession. If someone manages to make her lose this faith - momentarily - she will get infuriated and lose control over herself, most likely getting rid of the burst of energy by burning the unfortunate soul that pushed her over the line of sanity. She is fully aware that this can happen to her and frightened by it, although she will only think about it when someone is actively disagreeing with her beliefs. She will then immediately continue to warn people. History: She was born in a quite normal family in a religious town. In her teens she went to serve in the town's church, where she found out about the corrupt business going on there. This was the first time she lost control. Some of her classmates saw her loudly screaming with a furious glare in her eyes while the pastor, screaming in agony, crumbled down towards the floor. The story spread and in less than a day time she went from loved to feared and she had to run away from home. The town where she settled had a church that was a lot nicer than the one in her hometown. The pastor there gave her the dress and necklace she's still wearing today. For many years it all seemed nice and well, but when she was 30, the town got assaulted. When a bandit killed the pastor in front of her eyes, she lost control again. Once again, she ran. Time and time again, she ran to another town, stayed for a while, lost control, and ran again. When she started to notice the pattern in this herself, she tried to counteract it. That went better than she had expected. In time, she noticed how she could affect other people's behavior, though she still doesn't quite understand how it works. In all this time, she never lost faith in her belief that it could all become right, that it could all become peaceful, that there would be a time that she'd never have to make any victims again... Username: Felixr2 Name: Dagny Brinjardottir Gender: Female Age: 17 Appearance: Standing at 163 cm, she's quite short for her age. The brown rags she wears clash with her long, ashblonde hair and her marine blue eyes. Despite her small size, her sturdy build still gives the impression she can handle her own, although that may not always be true. On the skin of her throat there's a depiction of Thuris, better known as Thor's rune. Species/Powers/Ect.: Her father, Brinjar Bjornson, is a descendant of Thor and Sif, while her mother, Hella Alvadottir, is a descendant of Od and Freyja. They're both from long lost and forgotten bloodlines that seemed to have lost their magic, but their daughter, Dagny, was born with a runemark on her throat. Besides the usual rune usage of the Norse gods - be it that her power is a bit less and she certainly doesn't have a lot of experience - she can also mentally communicate with Odin, Thor's father, who has immortallized himself as an oracle way back in the past. Personality: She can be quite mischeivous, lazy, snarky, annoying, etc., but she'll be serious when she has to. History: Poke her to find out for yourself. Other: Reference for the runes she'll be able to use and what they represent: here. She's mainly based on Runemarks/Runelight lore, so I'm going with that system. In the doc I put screenshots of two pages of the e-book version of Runelight that anyone can watch for free in the preview on Google Books.
  24. Reliving the Past Jude was now heading to his suite, after having just listened to the mandatory introduction speech delivered by this mysterious "Professor", whose secrecy reminded a little bit of Ray Dark. Just a little, not enough to get suspicious. Yet. His belongings would be awaiting him in his room, including his football. He couldn't help but worry a bit if it had survived the transport. So he hurried, knowing he would only calm down when he could touch it himself. As he entered the suite, he didn't see anyone in the main room, so he headed straight for his room. As he approached the door, he noticed the it was open just a crack. Listening more closely, he heard the rustling of paper from inside the room. It seemed his roommate was already there. He knocked the door and, when he didn't get an immediate response, entered the room. It seemed his roommate was a girl. There was something that looked like a poster lying on her bed, while the girl was busy with the letter from the faculty. "Hey there," Jude said to the girl while scanning the room for the box with his stuff, "I'm Jude. Nice to meet you." He took the box out from under his bed, opened it and picked up hit football. "So it's still in top shape. Perfect." His eyes then fell on the Inazuma Japan group picture taken after they had won the FFI. Mark, Nathan, Jack, Hurley, Scotty, Archer, Caleb, Shawn, Axel, Austin, Thor, David, Kevin, Xavier, Darren... and of course himself. All together at that glorious moment of victory, after having beaten Little Gigantes, the national team of Cotarl, in the finales. Truly one of the best moments of his life. He was certainly going to hang that up on the wall. But first, the letter.