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  1. I wholly support this. It would alleviate more than half of my own trading obstacles, and doubtless would improve the Trade Hub as a system.


    On a related note: Has anyone here played those pre-installed Windows games, specifically online 1v1 Checkers? Recall the drop-down menu of responses? There was no direct communication, and no need for the messages to be scanned or monitored for abuse.

    Personally, I would be ecstatic to see something of this sort implemented. Trading should not be a silent struggle or a guessing game.


    Some loose examples

    "Unable to accept your offer - Reason: Egglock."

    "Accepted (code) and (code) - Thank you!"

    "Declined (one part of the offer) - Reason: Unwanted" or "Not enough space."

    "Declined (entire offer) - Reason: Not what I requested."


    Yesterday, I offered on a trade that requested "Any CB BSA hatchling," with a CB White hatchie. Right after I offered, I realized I was egglocked and quickly dumped the unwanted egg - but in that timeframe, the trader declined my offer. I figured the reason for declining was because of my initial egglock, so I re-offered - and was declined again.

    Now, in these situations you are left guessing - Did they not notice I opened a slot, and declined out of annoyance at the repetitive offer? Or did they not actually mean "Any"? Did they forget to pluralize it and actually wanted multiple?

    It's not as if the loss of one trade is an insurmountable tragedy or anything. It's just the process itself. It's counter-intuitive for both parties. The point is for each person to get what they want, and yet the Hub makes me feel like I'm stuck in the Tower of Babel.


    I think it'd go hand-in-hand with the ability to accept part of a trade. i.e, Why was the other part declined? It may not matter to some, but I question how players are meant to become better at trading if they never know what mistakes they've made (if any).

  2. I'm posting about this name, presented without context:


    " hang me - bang me "


    Now, presented with context:


    It's a lyric from Beautiful World by lasah, which is in no way a "dirty" song (the lyrics allude to violence, i.e., "shoot me," "slash me.") However, of course, it should be judged as others would see it on-scroll: with no context. Which is why it concerns me 😅 I know DC is English-centric and may see slang before real definitions.




    ^^ I assume, since the slang definition does not appear in search, it should be okay?

    Thanks for your time!

  3. 4 minutes ago, wbmorgan said:

    There it is. I was waiting for someone to make ME the BAD GUY. Thank you!! 


    I don't DO groups, I don't need CBs, I have planned every lineage I need to plan.  WHY is that anyone who speaks out against something is in the wrong? I can have an opinion just like you! This days of crappy dragons blocking the AP PISSES ME OFF and I am ALLOWED to feel that way!! 


    YES, it'S "JUST A GAME", but I play when I can for fun and if for days on end, I CAN'T play because somebody's gotta clog up the AP, it's no longer fun! 


    So just bugger off! 


    My goodness. You sure are cranky without your eggs.


    It was never my intention to incriminate you, or imply that you cannot speak your opinion. I merely wanted to suggest alternate ways to deal with your inner turmoil.




    To suit this thread best, I have included screenshots =D



  4. 9 minutes ago, wbmorgan said:

    Thanks so much NOT, for making it so many many others can't play!

    > Implying that the only way to play DC is to sift through the AP.


    There's cave hunting, group organizing, lineage planning, trading, naming, etc - if all else fails, you could develop a secondary hobby. I recommend meditation and slow breathing.

  5. After a lot of fussing, I think I've finished! (Never mind that, um, dancer club in the corner.)


    This was very fun =D I thoroughly enjoyed setting up little scenarios, much like the Helicopter beheading and the trickster crow ("Why, your head's right in front of you!")



  6. Hello!


    1. Is the name "Light Poledancing" considered inappropriate?

    I get the feeling it is precarious territory, but I figured I would ask for direct input, since it (poledancing) has apparently been okay'd before.


    2. While I'm here... What about the name "Really Hot Bush"?


    I've had this name for a while (on a Vine Dragon lol).

    But I realized that without context, it might sound like uh... well, Google "bush slang".

    That said, I have some confidence that slang language isn't applicable to dragon names. Doing so would implicate a lot of innocent names, since people invent vulgar slang definitions for nearly everything.


    Thanks for your time 💙

  7. It's been, what, one hour? Give it some time and I'm sure everyone will either become accustomed to the new sprites... or go sit in their hole of self-induced despair.


    On a positive note: Thank you for these incredible updates (sprite-wise and site-wise)! I was put off by the currency at first, but it is well-balanced and fair.


    Also... some people should remember this is a free game and they are entitled to nothing :D

  8. Hello! I have a few names to run by you.


    Is "Tir Ho" okay? Because of the "Ho" part I was worried. But it's referencing a Suikoden character, Tai Ho.


    Is "Sleeping Off Inebriation" okay? Implied drunkenness is iffy. I actually had this name for a few weeks before I realized it could be bad.


    I have a dragon with the code fTM5w (FTM=female to male) which I named "Transgemder", as a pun since it's a shiny Heartstealing. Is this okay?


    Oh, and asking for future reference: How are the words Autism / Autistic? I picked up aU2SM recently, but haven't thought of a good pun or anything yet. I'm autistic myself so I'm not gonna use it in a derogatory way, but I know many people do. I hope it hasn't landed on the blacklist just because of ill-mannered misuse.



  9. HAVE:




    What could equal the worth of a God? (haha jk)

    Caveborn offers. I'm still after CB Mutamores and Soulstones with decent codes, but I'll take a non-Valentine all the same.

    Pleass PM. I'll check in tomorrow evening.