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  1. Is "asexual" an okay word to use?


    I mean... Objectively, the meaning is not inappropriate in the slightest. I'm just worried somebody would ignore the "a" prefix, or report it because "Oh my lord, 'sex'!?" And since I'm planning a lineage full of asexual puns, if all of them were reported at once, I don't even want to think of what'd happen to my scroll or naming rights...


    Thanks for your time ✌️

  2. Same here, unsure if this thread is active, but I figured I'd try!


    (Around 500+ word/name-coded dragons are not named, and will never be. The rules do say that unique codes count, though.)


    I, FullmetalTriforce, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.

  3. 3 hours ago, Uther_Pendragon said:

    (Personally, I wouldn't have thought twice of the P-named dragon up there because it's a big fuzzy dragon, like a big fuzzy kitty, but whatevs.)

    "Personally"? You just complained about mods judging things on a personal level, yet you are doing it yourself, so I'm a tad confused?


    Over the last few years, I've noticed the B-word, A-word and others have crept into actual broadcast tv on PG-13 shows, doesn't that then mean they should be allowed here if we're to roll with the times?

    Just gonna leave a little quote here:
    "However, compared to the PG movies that came out when I was young and impressionable, PG movies now are church services. I watched “The Goonies” with my son (having not seen it in a couple of decades, at least). WHOA…I’d clearly forgotten how…fluid…the standards were in the early days of PG-13. When it was over, I asked him what he thought of it. “I liked it, daddy! What does ‘sh*t’ mean?”

    Going by the standards of what was acceptable in PG-13 films in, say, the 80's... then the F-word and countless other vulgarities would be deemed "acceptable" by those standards. This is why I have stressed modern usage, modern times.

    Yet, even when viewing this with a modern lens, common sense must be applied. "Profanity may be present in PG rated films, and use of one of the harsher "sexually-derived words" as an expletive will initially incur at least a PG-13 rating."

    So there you have it, the MPAA allows F word. So, then I suppose this conversation is over, because arbitrary standards will give way to chaos. If you allow F-bomb, you must also allow other profanities that appeared in PG-13 media (of which there are countless).

    I have a IRL Great-Uncle Dick and and Uncle Dick and I promise it doesn't mean the other thing. (And it IS still used to refer to detectives, I read a lot of female detective books and they often refer to themselves as that.)

    😂 Of course the given name has no relation to the male member. What parent would hate their child that much?? 🤣 Moving on - please direct your eyes here, as I'd rather not make this post too long. Tons more explanations on Google, as well.
    Also important: Great-Uncle and Uncle. Not son, grandson, colleague...


    I've just re-read the TOS and other areas and I'm blind 'cause I didn't see a single thing about naming restrictions.

    My apologies for not clarifying, as I did not mean literal DC ToS. I don't know the best way to put it, so forgive my clumsy phrasing - If you did not agree with a site's ToS, yet you continued to use it, that is a violation of the ToS. i.e., "If you do not agree to the Modified Terms you must stop using the Service." Do you see what I'm pointing out? Clinging to past methods or standards does not excuse current violations, especially if prior input was biased and flawed.

    My personal view is if I'm AP hunting and I grab an egg where I don't like the parent names, I toss it back because I realize someone else WILL  like it. I don't need to turn it in to a mod or kill it. 

    This isn't about personal taste.
    I'm concerned at the implication that you would ignore a terribly vulgar name under the assumption that "someone" will like it.


    I also don't agree with ppl scouring scrolls just to find names to turn in to mods. There's so much more to do on this game and I don't believe you get points for that, so why?? (Yep, My Midol dragon WHO HAS NEVER BEEN BRED ended up in this thread.

    Agreed, I do not condone "scouring" scrolls just for the sake of scouring and reporting, that is ludicrous behavior. Witchhunts are never advisable.
    Also, Midol is a medication for menstrual pains. Menstrual cycles are not sexual or offensive, they're a bodily function... Sorry to hear that somebody thinks that way (Was it a mod? I am assuming not?)

    I wholeheartedly agree with consistency - heck, that's why I posted here in the first place.

    Moving on...
    Seeing as how I am not a mod, I feel it's only best to receive mod word on these points (sorry, guys
    ;_; I didn't foresee this reaction and now I'm contributing oooohnoooo)


  4. 17 hours ago, Keileon said:

    I remember years ago there was a non-native English speaker who got their scroll burned because they named a chicken "I like ****s", with the censored word being another for rooster. They were unaware of its other connotation in English. While not the same exact thing as naming something "kill yourself" or "Nazi" or "KKK", it's the same general principle: context.

    DC puts an emphasis on American English. While it is unfortunate for that person, it was justified. Naming is a deliberate action, and that appeared to be deliberate rule-breaking.


    17 hours ago, Keileon said:

    I've seen dragons with "sex" in the name and when asking a mod, was told it was okay.

    I find that questionable, as it is inherently not a PG-13 subject. Can we get mod input on this, please?

    I've used "murder" in my dragon names, and was told it was okay.

    Murder... oh, that thing players do to unwanted eggs and zombie fodder. Of course "murder" is okay. "Murder White/Black/Jew People", however, obviously not.

    I remember the rule generally being "if it's not censor evasion or a personal attack, it's okay" years ago and veteran players operating under that rule suddenly getting punished for something that was okay back in 2012 seems rather unfair.

    Veteran players should be operating under the current rules. ToS receive updates for a reason.


  5. 16 hours ago, Nine said:


    How is ***** bad? I still hear people refer to cats as ***** cats. "Here ***** ***** *****..."

    Modern usage of that word is indeed sexual in nature. Much like how b***h, at one time, merely meant a female dog, wolf, fox or otter. Should we allow b***h because of its years-old meaning? Or do we focus on the here-and-now, the language that is present in today's time?


    I've had the name Dick for eight years-- it's a real name and also slang for a detective. Should I get in trouble because it can also be used as slang for genitalia? Apparently in eight years I haven't offended anybody with that name, though I do remember having to stalk and ask certain mods because they might personally find it offensive. Which they didn't. It doesn't look like "*****" has offended anybody in seven years, but does it now suddenly become offensive because our own minds construe that it must have been intended that way?

    Sorry, what? Mods should not be judging anything from a personal stance. It is a far more objective matter than that.

    Moving on - go and Google d*** right now. You have to dig to find results matching "slang for detective" or "nickname for Richard", or even "given name".
    The modern usage is, and has been for a while, inappropriate - whether in an insulting manner ("That d***!") or a sexual one. D*** was slang for detective in the early 20th century. Nowadays, nobody's mind goes to "Richard". Unfortunate, but true.


    On the other hand, does this mean every possible name linked to a terrorist organization, hate group, or certain political parties are now off limits?

    "Off-limits"? We're not talking off-limits, we're talking inappropriate. You're jumping straight to the idea of consequence & punishment.

    Also, the answer is no. "Every possible name", in any context, is impossible. There are many names that just about manage to limbo underneath the bar, whether intentional or not.

    Taliban, IRA, Khmer Rouge, TNI, IMU, DPRK, Stalinism... is the mere mentioning of certain words classified as supporting discrimination or hatred, or is it the context that it is used? What makes Nazi more offensive than Taliban, what makes Taliban more offensive than Khmer Rouge? Something like "Support the __" or "Kill all __" are statements of discrimination/hate and undeniably inappropriate, but standalone names don't necessarily strike me as following that same thought process.

    Then what is the thought process?

    Anyway. This is not the Offense Olympics. Some things just manage to be permissible on the grounds of being lesser-known, or less-specific, or less charged than others. "Tard" the Shallow Water is alive and well. "R*tard", however, does not exist. "Niga" the Dorsal is just fine, but "ni**a" does not exist. Are these names meant to resemble anything derogatory? Personally I doubt it, but I suppose nobody can say for certain. That is true context at work. "KKK" the Spring Seasonal is permissible for the same reasons.


    While I wouldn't use the name KKK or Nazi myself, and it certainly isn't in the realm of innocent things like *****, I think disallowing that name can be a slippery slope and might be worth more consideration outside of normal knee-jerk reactions. Yes nobody likes the KKK; I don't like serial killers and I wouldn't report the dragon Ted Bundy even though it makes me uncomfortable, since the person doesn't appear to be condoning murder.

    Difference being that Ted Bundy, as an individual, is not linked to an ideology (one that still exists, grooms, and recruits to this day). It's comparing an anthill to a mountain. Also, you may have noticed that the names of Nazi German officials and the like are not being contested. Adolf Hitler is an 18g Black Dragon. And I for one do not care one whit.

    In the end, it begs the question, "How in-love are you with these words and the beliefs that they intrinsically symbolize, that you would push to defend their usage? And why?"

    Maybe it's just me but I see no good reason for these to be used in a light-hearted fashion, on what is, at its core, a dragon game with a PG-13 rating.

    I also find it incredibly backwards that all derogatory and pejorative terms are outright forbidden, while the people that invented the aforementioned terms - the people that actively seek to kill, drive out, or enslave those who the terms apply to - are not regarded in the same light.

    When asked, "Is the N-word okay?", the resounding answer is "Of course not!!"

    It only follows that the answer is the same for the question, "Is Ku Klux Klan okay?" Don't need to pause for that one - "Of course not!!"

    "But consider the context!" is an endless rabbit hole. Black people have allowances to use the N-word as a reclaimed slur. Would that mean that the N-word is now widely accepted on DC? How do you know which players are Black and which are not? That argument falls apart fast. Context does not save the day.

    I hope I have spoken clearly, and I look forward to any further points you or others may raise. That said, it is not my intent to spam this thread with any form of back-and-forth; nor is it my intent to come off as antagonistic.



  6. Hey, I've got a semi-burning question here. (I think I'm the only person wondering xD)


    Slurs are not allowed in names, obviously, because they are inherently inappropriate/vulgar/intended to offend, and oftentimes are historically linked to various atrocities. But are the names of hate groups regarded the same? To see if I could answer my own question, I searched dragon names and saw that two notorious hate groups, in particular, are not taken, despite their "fame". This implies that hate groups are outlawed.


    Interestingly, there appears to be a blindspot or loophole that I'm not quite understanding, since "nazi" is seen to be somewhat widely used in dragon names. Five seconds on Google would explain it better than me: "Approximately six million Jews were murdered methodically and with horrifying cruelty. During the Holocaust in occupied Poland, more than one million Jews were murdered in gas chambers of the Auschwitz concentration camp alone."


    What is the loophole here?

    To be clear, I am not calling for any kind of action or trying to raise an issue. I'm genuinely curious what sets "nazi" apart from other extremists. I've always gotta know How does X or Y work? Is it because "nazis" are considered to be "a thing of the past"? Do I become obsessively curious about seemingly random/pointless topics? (YES)

  7. If I had to write a chronological summary, it'd go like this:


    • Pick the victim.


    • Choose the Disappointment Of The Month: Genderfail Sinomorph. It's alright, she had it coming.


    • Stab the disappointment.


    • Revive.


    • Success! I've created a monstrosity.


    • Hey, she didn't disappoint me, for once in her life death.


    • ...........


    • ............wha-


    • Aaand then she disappointed me




    And now we're here. I'd appreciate it if she could be promoted to a full-time ghoul. Ghoul-time ghoul?...


    The revival: https://i.imgur.com/wUXqwWg.png

    Post-revival: https://i.imgur.com/lOHS5YI.png

    From scroll: https://i.imgur.com/LgDRF5T.png


    The disappointment herself, in the subway fresh flesh: https://dragcave.net/view/BFmmt