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  1. Still wary of the dragons, Lucius calmly stepped next to Artemis. "Okay... I will go with you for now." His stomach rumbled and the hatchling fell on all fours, tucking his wings. "Clan leader..?" He looked up to the adult dragon with confusion. He had never known of anything called a "Clan"
  2. Lucius was still cautious, but he approached the large dragon anyway. "Hello... my name is Lucius." He tried to seem as grown up as he possibly could, and he was a fairly large hatchling well underway to becoming an adult. He stood tall and proud on his hind legs, spreading his growing wings, the glow from his body seeming beautiful yet oddly terrifying. The spirits around them fearing his very presence. He nodded towards the hatchlings on Artemis's back. "Are they yours?"
  3. Lucius looked up at Artemis. He was used to being alone, fending for himself in the small ways he could. Someone offering genuine help was something new to him. He stood up, shakily and as night approached his body began to glow from the inside. Stretching his wings, Lucius proudly looked towards where the dragons were headed. "I-I suppose I could come with you." He said hesitantly. "But if this is a trick, I-I-I I'll get my friend to hunt you down! H-hes a..uh..a vampire dragon! S-so he's really strong!" the small hatchling was clearly making up stories to protect himself. He stood crouched slightly looking up at Artemis.
  4. (MY emails have failed to notify me i apologize) Lucius looked over to the larger dragon. "I-im not sure okay.." his voice was full of hurt. He didnt mean to snap, but he had been through a lot already and didnt want anything else to go wrong. He stumbled over a large rock and fell nearly on his face. In humiliation he curled into a ball.
  5. A small hatchling wobbled out of from the cover of the trees. His wings were grown in and his muscles more developed. The small male spirit ward hatchling headed for the cave, starving and on his own.
  6. Oh SHOOT HE IS AHH IOM SORRY i got mixed up with another roleplay i aplplied for aikjhsksjd fi ll redo it
  7. Okay x3 so do i just join in at anytime or do you want me to wait until a new chapter starts?
  8. yee! So the glowing is caused by mana flowing through his body. He uses this mana as a sort of "light" that acts as holy water for evil. The power does not alwyas stay at full charge, it progresses through the night, being most strong from 11pm-1am.
  9. http://kyba-silverblood.deviantart.com/ c:
  10. Username: XoeJane Name: Lucius Gender: male Type/Breed: Spirit Ward Power: Dispells of evil spirits. Personality: Lucius likes to be alone, away from the other hatchlings. Hes nocturnal, obviously, but can be seen during the day. Appearance: All black except for the horns, they are grey. His eyes are a bright yellow color. During the night, his scales change color to look as if he is glowing, this is due to the mana coursing through his body. Age/Stage: Matured Hatchling History: Lucius was abandoned at birth, causing him to obtain a loner personality. Extra: His name was based off of the video game cx
  11. I started playing this game a long time ago but I cant get past this one part and ive basically given up too busy with art nowadays