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  1. "Are you okay?" Claudia looked up to see the tiny pygmy dragon that landed next to her. He was small, and it seemed like the texture of his scales were moving all on their own. She had seen others of his kind before, but none so majestic as him. "I think I am." She answered. "Well, now, anyway. My wing... They plucked all the feathers out and it hurts..." She tried to move it, showing great pain in her face with every twitch of the muscles. "But... I think they're gone..." Claudia peered past the pygmy and into the woods where the teal dragon had vanished. "It looks like I lost them. My Grandpas... They are white dragons. I've seen them heal great things, and they tried to teach me, but I was never able to do it." Claudia looked down shyly. "I got separated from my family. I don't know the way home." Claudia's voice got quieter and quieter as she spoke, until it was nearly a whisper. Looking up, she saw a dragon was still in the sky holding a basket and wondered what that could be about. It must be something important, or some kind of weapon. It could be another trap. She looked at the small dragon in front of her with wide, scared eyes and shook. A flash of teal entered her vision as two dragons entered her sight. They seemed to be talking between themselves about something important. Claudia wanted to run, but this was her best bet for safety. Going through the forest again just had a high chance of meeting those poachers, and no matter how scary, this group seemed nice enough. The end of her tail patted the ground softly as a reflex.
  2. Coheart → Dirtytabs: Turpentine (OFFERED)
  3. "Hey, it's okay, we also have problems with several evil dragons as well. I'll be back soon." The teal dragon whizzed past her face. Claudia squeaked and reached out for him with her claw, but he was already gone. She didn't want him to leave. He felt like the first safe haven she had found in a while. Claudia whimpered and looked back foreword. There was another dragon drifting over the trees above her, and another still floating in the sky. It must be a tiny dragon, because all she could see was a speck from her position. Claudia limped foreword to where the brush broke and curled up into a ball. She covered her face with her tail. Surely she couldn't seem threatening from this position. If they had encountered evil dragons, they were probably just as scared as she was. She held her breath and waited, heart pounding against her chest.
  4. I've been trying to use the eliptical but I just can't seem to stay on it for an hour. After 20 mins I just want to pull my hair out. I'm hoping now that summer is coming the weather will be nice enough that I can take hour long walks. Here's hoping. I'd love to lose some weight over the summer enough though my doctors keep telling me to put some on! Haha
  5. The whistling of wing was almost deafening to Claudia in her fear, as another came right after. They were coming for her, she was sure of it. Those dragons in the sky, who knows who they were or what they wanted. She shook and covered her face with her claws. She was lost. There was no where to run. "Hey, it's okay. We're not evil dragons, and err... we don't eat dragons for food," Came a voice from the other side of the tree. Suddenly, Claudia was aware of her tail sticking out from the tree, giving away her position. Reflexively she pulled it in and wrapped it around her leg, although it was far too late. Claudia peeked her head out from around the tree to see a dragon that she didn't know. She has heard of Wyrm type dragons that did not have arms or legs, but had never seen one up close. The teal color of the dragon was stunning, and he seemed to have a refined nature. What kind of dragon has to announce that it doesn't eat other dragons for food? One that does,in fact, eat dragons, she thought. Or maybe he was just shy and awkward. After everything she had just been through, she could believe there were evil dragons out there that would eat others. Fight of flight? Taking inventory of herself, she remembered that she was already very injured. She doubted she could get away on foot, and flying was out of the question. Her back was to a wall, or a tree if you will. There wasn't a choice. Hopefully it was an honest dragon after all. "H...hello?" Claudia said quietly. She took a step out, limping ever so slightly, right wing twitching as it is pinned to her side. Her fluffy white patch under her chin was matted with dried blood. "I'm... lost. I... Um.... " Says something, anything, she told herself. Maybe he could help. Maybe he knew the way home. The words died in her throat. She looked at the dragon with wide, sad, scared, innocent eyes, jaw stuttering and making a quiet clacking noise as her teeth hit together.
  6. A New Challenger Enters! Scroll Link (optional): https://dragcave.net/user/Coheart Forum Name: Coheart Today's Date: 4/14/19 Starter Dragon (link and name if named) : TBD Challenge Group Link (required): PLACEHOLDER Goal (Plan for your lineage): Single Step Spiral, Breed TBD
  7. Name: Claudia Falcon Age: 12 Gender: Female Species: Soul Peace Description: Soul Peace dragons have the ability to cure curses, so it's said. For that reason, many are hunted, prized for their abilities, feathers and wise nature. Claudia is a young soul peace dragon. She is small for her breed, being the runt of her clutch. Her fur is blue and purple, with white scales coating the bones of her wings and lines of her face. She has a white, fluffy patch on her chest under her chin. She is a third generation, her parents were both Soul Peace, both born from pairs of proud Daydream and White dragons. Claudia is the victim of hunting, her right wing is mostly featherless and is usually pinned to her side. Flying is painful if not impossible, and her ability to heal curses has not awoken if it ever will. Backstory: Claudia Falcon was born to Azzure and Chandra Falcon and is the third in her clutch. Both parents are proud second generation Soul Peace Dragons. Her grandparents are female daydream dragons and male white dragons. When she was born, she spent a lot of time in the city where her grandparents lived. Zeus and Emmett, the male whites, taught Claudia the joy of healing and helping others when one is able too, while Summer and Lorena, the female daydreams, taught her how to sit on clouds and give dreams to the dragons below. They taught her the importance of dreaming and how to follow them. Claudia's parents were skilled in the art of curing curses, and tried to teach their daughter. No matter how hard she tried, she seemed to not have the aptitude for the ability, even though her brothers and sisters of the same clutch far exceeded expectations. This greatly disappointed her father, but her mother still continued to encourage her to practice. For the most part everything was well, and Claudia was happy. The great war had torn across the land. Many were injured, and any edge was to be taken advantage of. Claudia's parents left to help the war efforts. They have not returned home, and Claudia has heard nothing from them. There is a myth that the feathers of Soul Peace Dragons cure curses, and many dragons set traps to try and collect. Being so young and smaller then her brothers and sisters of the same breed, Claudia became a target of poachers. While having and afternoon walk through the forest, Claudia stumbled into a trap. For days she lived in a cage, slowly having her feathers plucked out of her right wing by dragons who should know better. In the middle of the night, her Grandparents found her. They tried to free her, but her cries of pain awoke the camp of poachers. Her Grandparents broke her free and fought the poachers. Claudia ran in fear, and ended up lost in the woods. She has no idea what happened to her family or how to get home. She is lost, alone and injured, wanting nothing more then to find her way home and find her family. Personality: Claudia is usually happy go luck, positive dragon. She is very child like and enjoys cute, colorful things. Her favorite food is fish and sweets. Her favorite color is pink. She can be spacey, often zoning out mid conversation to embrace a daydream. She helps others to the point of her own determent and can't leave behind someone in need. Her recent experiences have made her shy, scared and hesitant. With some encouragement, her old traits should come back. She lacks self confidence, but excels in encouraging others. She is naive, having faith in those around her to a fault. She loves gentle music, and enjoys playing a drum with her tail. -- Game Start -- Claudia was crying, and running through the forest. The trees were dense and she struggled to make her through the rough terrain. She tried to free her wings and fly, but her right wing wouldn't move. It was pinned to her side and wouldn't open. She looked over the damaged wing and wailed in agony, missing her soft feathers that use to stretch over the skin.Before she knew it, the trees broke way and she was standing before volcanic earth of the mountain. Her eyes were wide with shock. She had never been this far before. Once, she had thought she was lost, but now the situation felt hopeless. How would she ever get home and find her family if she didn't know where she was, and she couldn't fly to get her bearings. In the distance, Claudia could hear the flapping of wings. Looking up, she saw a group of dragons approaching her in the sky. Fear filled her heart, and she quickly dodged back into the forest, behind the first tree. Her heart pounded hard in her chest, and she hoped no one had noticed her.
  8. Working. I should be doing my job. >.> <.<
  9. I'm going to give this a shot. Always wanted to try! Forum name: Coheart Song or work: Wish You Were Here / Pink Floyd Current generation/progress: Collecting CB CBs/Breeds still needed: White, Daydream, Soul Peace
  10. Picked up a couple of those babies. Thank you so much!
  11. I'm down for anything, just let me know what we're doing. I'll breed whatever in terms of prizes for whoever. I've never set up a breeding project, or a project at all, but I'll help where I can. I'm not sure how else to be constructive, sorry! ^^'
  12. I love kE5He cause' I love me celestial dragons! It's so gorgeous
  13. I'm still here! I've just been feeling too tired to breed anything. Anyway I made it to G20. It was fun and made me a better breeder. I will still continue my project and would love to start a new one if we want too. I think the agreement was to breed a dragon from the lineage for the winner, and I would love to breed for anyone from the lineage who wants one. Let me know what's going on, but I'm with you guys! The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): WRz3F What Gen are you on now?: 21 Today's Date: 2019-4-9 Forum Name: Coheart Scroll Link (optional): https://dragcave.net/user/Coheart  Challenge Group Link (required): https://dragcave.net/group/57391
  14. The. Eggs. Are. So. PRETTY. I'm losing it. Also, came here my dearest neglected dragon.... come here and love me.... my obsession is not creepy at all.... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY
  15. No, people just like to coordinate and breed one type of dragon at a time. That creates a "wall" in the AP, where they are all one type of dragon. I just saw the wall of Valentine (2001) dragon break. I'm sure there will be plenty of soul stones for you to get. I plan on breeding mine in a few days when my current eggs hatch
  16. Locked with floral crowns. I got to breed my own. I'm so happy ❤️
  17. Happy Valentine's Day! Love is in the air ❤️❤️
  18. Merry whatever-you-celebrate-or-at-the-very-least-dragon-cave-celebration-thing !!!
  19. I did the same thing with my Ribbon Dancer x Wrapping wings. Same thing. My own dumb fault for not knowing it worked that way
  20. Here we go! I'm so preped and ready for this. Been waiting all year. Heck yes.
  21. The Lineage gets longer! Proof (link to egg's lineage): k4i6Z What Gen are you on now?: 20 Today's Date: 2018-12-10 Forum Name: Coheart Scroll Link (optional): https://dragcave.net/user/Coheart  Challenge Group Link (required): https://dragcave.net/group/57391 Sorry I went radio silent guys. Life happened. A lot of life, really fast. I'm still apart of this and breeding. I just got out of the hospital after appendix surgery. I let it rupture into me for 4 days before I called Uncle on the amount of pain I was in. (And that was after I fainted and someone called an ambulance) I'm dumb and I let things get to where they almost kill me before I admit I'm in pain.
  22. Happy Halloween everyone! New Eggs Woot woot <3 ❤️
  23. Ugh. I'm stuck in the game. ALREADY