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  2. Cantuar nodded at them as they understood his plan. "You know what you have to do. Go." With that, he disappeared into the dying sun as twilight quickly set. The group of dragons quickly dispersed, each going in their own direction. Ahzrae flew off unhappily. She hated to lie, especially when dragons would trust her because of her precognition mana. She sighed. Why exactly did she follow Cantaur again? Because he was a friend? Agh, still. Just like him. To fly off to who knows where and leave us to do all the work! She knew why, of course. His air of mystery, rarely being seen by the common dragon, led to fearsome rumors sweeping the countryside. It was quickly becoming said in the villages that he was ten times the size of any their dragon, that his roar shook the very mountains he resided in, and that he controlled not only the storm but the sky itself. All rumors that could quickly be refuted if he was frequently seen. His elusivity was what let him keep his name a feared legend, and when dragonkind would hear of his movement, they would welcome it, for it came from the strongest and wisest dragon whoever lived; a dragon some claimed to be a myth. Cantuar himself. Yes, Ahzrae knew all that. But she also knew Cantaur. Cunning, yes. Deceptive, yes. Strong, undeniably. But still a dragon like any other. So he still irritated her like an entitled sibling. Yet she flew off as the moon rose. She had a job to do. She would support him no matter what. She'd pledged that, and like she said, she hated to lie.
  3. I've been waiting for Anaya... she's been on though, she just hasn't posted here. Idk why. Anayaaaaa! Where are youuuuuuuuuuu!
  4. I, Drakita, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  5. Cantaur nodded at the lot of them. "Good. Then we shall begin immediately. What is the first thing an empire needs? Territory. We have these mountains pretty much claimed already, as no one ever dares come here but me. But we need more than that. We need to start taking inhabited land. Near the base of this range, there is a small village, mostly of dragons and the people that claim to own them, but there is a minority of wild dragons there as well. It not a large area, and should not be too hard to take. I've spoken in there before; they are already aware of who I am and what I am doing. We're going to set the stage for our attack. "Storm, your message will be he first they receive. Unfortunately, it does not involve violence. You are simply going to continue spreading my message, saying that I am gaining support from all sides and coming for this village. The image you will be portraying is one of mercy. Assure them that any dragons who seeks refuge with me will not only be spared, but welcomed into the Hovehmukaed. Your job is to encourage more support. Nothing more. "Our Assassin will be promoting my force in the inverse of ways. While Storm gets the message across that to join me is life, you will demonstrate how to oppose me leads to destruction. Find out who most vehemently stands against me and my ideas. And then... well you are an assassin. You figure it out. "Blackie I even will need you for this. Your injury happens to make you useful. You will also go to local dragons with a tale of misled courage. Claim that you decided to seek out and challenge the dragon that goes by Cantaur, to free the land from his control. But he was just too powerful. He spared your life only so you warn them that he is coming, and that he will not lose. Create the picture of an unstoppable army, and they will believe that my takeover is inevitable." "And I?" Ahzrae asked. "You are a seer. An Aeon. So do what you do best. Tell them you have seen the future. You have seen my siege of their village, and you have seen the outcome. I will win, and nothing they can do will stop it. The future cannot be changed. The Hovehmukaed is to be welcomed, as it is clearly inevitable. "When we deceive them from these fronts, we will demonstrate four truths: That we will welcome all who come. That we will destroy all who resist. That we are unstoppable. That our conquer is inevitable. This will lay the groundwork for our takeover of their land, and that takeover will be the foundation for an empire that will span all of Valkemare!" ______________ I've decided to raise the limit of characters from 2 to 4. Just thought I'd let you know.
  6. Cantaur was not a cruel dragon, and he looked down at Nisprit with a gentle smile. "Welcome to the team, blackie. Trust me, the Hovehmukaed is not all about revenge. That may lead some to the battle, but it is not what we fight for. Freedom. That is our goal. If you can help us bring about the new empire, then you are welcome among us. And when you are able, I would like to grant you the position of General. Nothing fancy, but a worthy title nonetheless. How about it, Nisprit? You with us?"
  7. Not necessarily astounding, but I was pleased with this one: https://dragcave.net/view/uUl6o
  8. "Must death really be apart of it?" Ahzrae asked. "Death isn't a cause worth fighting for." "Death is a side effect," Cantaur corrected her. "We aren't looking to exterminate their race, rather did it from our lands. Death is inevitable, be strived for or regretted." He evaluated the storm rider dragon. He saw a lot of himself in this newcomer, alongside loyalty to the cause and will for the bleed for the goal. "Storm, welcome aboard. I will need a second in command through this. Someone who answers only to me, who can relay my messages to the rest of the nation, and who can deal with the minor matters that I should not be bothered with. I believe you are that dragon. The position is yours." "Would Be, I would like to utilize you as my Master Assassin. As a beast of the night, the title seems fitting for you. What that entails can be left to the imagination. However, once joined as a leader of the Hovehmukaed, calling you 'Would Be' seems to detract from the respected official you will become. You not a would be, anymore, you are. You are stronger, more powerful, and better off than any shimmerscale. You are with me. Keep your name if you wish for sentimentality, but I won't use it to refer to you. You are my Master Assassin from now on, and that title is how I shall call you." "You don't know Ahzrae, but I do." Cantaur introduced the Aeon wyvern standing sheepishly behind him. "She needn't introduce herself; I'll do it for her. Much quicker, I'd assume. She is the Hovehmukaed's official Seer, to help us predict the future in order to create a better one. She's quite good at what she does, and don't worry. Despite her soft nature towards bloodshed, she's loyal to me. That's all that counts." Ahzrae nodded from behind the gigantic thunder's shape. Finally, laboriously, he turned to Nisprit. "And you..." he said at last. "Dragon who could not brace the simplest of storms... who are you? Do you wish to join us, and if so, what makes you think you have what it takes?"
  9. Centaur was mildly surprised by Would Be's vehement outburst. "I wasn't currently addressing you, but if you insist." Her story was tragic, of course. But that could be very beneficial to the Hovehmukaed. A dragon whose entire life and identity was torn from them, and sought bitter revenge against those who had what she was so cruelly denied... That will for vengeance and bloodshed could be harvested. "A Shimmerscale, huh? Such rare and beautiful dragons." He eyed Would Be's decrepit bloodshot skin. "But perhaps you can do more for us in this form. Shimmerscales have a nasty habit of becoming entitled and lazy, obsessed with the attention humans dote upon them for their rarity. For a human to ruin one of those creatures into a vampire, it's almost surprising. Deliciously sadistic, but unusual. Then again, who knows why humans do any of their horror to dragonkind. If it's revenge on them you want, I promise you you will have it. Humans will be driven from Valkemare entirely, and I give you permission to do so as viciously as your vengeance demands. If your vendetta is also extended to Shimmerscales, we may have a slight clash of interest. Any dragon who joins me is promised sanctity. Those who do will be protected under th Hovehmukaed, but don't mistake that their life will be easy. They will have to work for their keep here, harder than they've ever had to before. And I also promise you, not all of them will turn on a whim and join us. If you feel the need to make an example out of any of them who resist... go ahead. Are we clear?" "In the Hovehmukaed vampires will become a respected breed. All breeds are to be respected really for their own strengths to dragonkind. Your breed has become one of antagonism, and it will be no longer. The average dragon sees your need to reproduce by killing their eggs with your bite as savage. I see it as a natural cycle. Now I do understand, there must be a balance. In my new empire, vampire dragons will each be permitted to bite one egg a month, as is the limit, until it produces a vampire egg. Therefore you will have a steady supply of chances for offspring to carry on your kind. However, to appease the rest of the dragon race, as must be done, once you are able to obtain a vampire egg, you are to raise it to adulthood without any further eggs given to you. That way you can train the hatchling and not constantly be requiring mothers to give up their offspring. Once the hatchling becomes and adult, if you wish to continue biting eggs, the process will begin again. Fair enough?" Cantar caught the look in Nisprit's eyes. She wanted to help. She wanted to be apart of them, that he could tell. But he would make her wait. He instead turned to Storm for his response.
  10. Cantaur smiled at Storm. This was the perfect sort of dragon he needed to bring about his revolution, to bring about true change. This was exactly who he was looking for. "Then I don't see a reason to wait. We shall begin." "Ahem," Ahzrae interrupted. "You can't start any rebellion with only five dragons. We need more time, more supporters-" "Silence!" Cantaur snarled at her. "Do you not know how revolutions are built? Not by sheer size and force, though that will come. We start by deception, by strategy, by manipulation. If we have five dragons, we tell them we have a hundred, and we make them believe it by the ferocity of the damage we will deal. They will side with us, because they will come to believe they have no choice. That is how a a revolution starts, Ahzrae. We aren't going to wait around like those insolent captives that claim to be dragons. We are going to act. Starting as soon as we can, starting now. If any of you disagree, then you are free to leave. But by coming here you have shown your dedication to this, and to me. From now on, we are the leaders of the rebellion. We will be the center of it, the capital of its takeover. "We will begin working on this immediately; it is not for the faint of heart. But first, I need to know you are. Why you are working for me and what you can do to help. Your strengths and weaknesses, so I can put you in posistions best for all of us and best for the Hovehmukaed." Cantaur looked at Storm. "You, Storm Rider. You first. What is your name and who are you?"
  11. Cantaur ignored the black dragon entirely. His attention was on the other two arrivals. He sized them up. The storm rider looked capable enough -- plus Cantaur liked storm rider dragons, as they were somewhat similar to thunders. The vampire dragon.... that was unexpected. They were powerful killers. Assassins, really. Actually, come to think of it, that wasn't a bad idea. I could use a good assassin... He eyed the vampire for a few seconds. "Why are you here?" he asked. He glanced at the storm rider as wel. "Why have you come?"
  12. Ahzrae looked at the two newcomers with surprise. "I-yes, I am a follower of Cantaur, of sorts. More like a friend, really. Why? Are you two here to see him? He's around here somewhere, he just went to fetch this black dragon here some water. She got injured in the storm." It was then when she heard the injured's voice in her head, reaching out to her. "Yes, I can hear you. Are you alright? What do you need? How can I help you?" Ahzrae secretly wished she was alone here. The last thing she needed was more Cantaur-like minds. ________ Cantaur reappeared through the fog. "So," he said. "What did I miss?"
  13. "Cantaur, she's dying!" Ahzae cried. "We have to help her!" "Why?" "Because," she huffed. "This is your fault!" Cantaur shrugged. "Nature is nature. Can't handle a storm how can you handle a fight? Let alone a battle or a war. Or a reformation for that mater." "Your Hovehmukaed can wait until there's not a dragon dying from your silly little 'tests.'" Ahzrae looked down at the young blackie. She knew nothing of healing magic; that wasn't her forte. Cantaur certainly didn't. Oh, what to do, what to do? "Do you know of any dragon with healing magic?" She asked "Do you honestly think I know a dragon with healing magic?" Cantaur shot back flatly. "No... but we have to do something." "Still don't see why." Ahzrae glared at him but didn't reply. She sighed. "I guess we'll just have to heal her the old fashioned way. You go fetch her water. I'll stay here with her in case she wakes up." Cantaur groaned, but shot up into the sky anyway. Ahzrae watched the dragon intently. Please wake up, she silently willed it. Please.
  14. @JAK202 ~Accepted~ Feel free to join in whenever. ____________________ Ahzrae yelped and lifted her wings, taking off into the sky. "Cantaur! Can't you sense that in the mana around us? Someone -- a dragon -- is hurt! They're around here somewhere, we must help them!" "Of course they are," Cantaur muttered. "Puny dragon." "Not everyone is like you, Cantaur. Thunder dragons may be unaffected by storms, but other powerful breeds are not! You know that." "But the question is, can you survive to get to it?" Malice shimmered in Cantaur's eyes as he looked at his old friend. Always acting like everyone's mother. Sickening. Ahzrae closed her eyes. She'd spent most of her accumulated mana to look into the future per Cantaur's request. Did she have enough left to get to the wounded dragon? Yes, she would. She had to. Concentrating harder than ever, she threw herself out into the storm, dodging the bullets of lightning as she swerved between the ragged peaks. It wasn't far. She could sense it. It was difficult to see through the rampaging gale, but she knew she was close. Is that? Yes! The body of a black dragon, laying on the rocks below. "Cantaur! This way," she roared, dropping to the poor, mangled thing. It was hurt, but it would heal. At least she was alive. Cantaur flew up beside them with ease. "What is that? he asked with disdain. "That, is your next supporter." "Dead dragons don't count." "She's not dead," Ahzrae said. "But she needs help. Silence this storm before it knocks both of us to our doom." With a bitter sigh, Cantaur quieted the chilling winds and the mountains settled into a peaceful fog. "Happy?" "Much." Ahzrae knelt next to the black dragon. "Are you alright?" she asked.
  15. Cantaur gaze Ahzrae a mischevieous grin. "Want to make this more interesting?" "What do you mean?" Ahzrae asked, knowing whatever it was, it couldn't be good Cantaur turned his gaze towards the heavens, where dark clouds were looming with the occasional threat of storm. A bolt of lightning here, thunders crackle there... Nothing too fearsome Not yet. "The dragons of this world have lost sight of who they are, who they were made to be. Let this teach my followers to truly be strong." He spread his wings and took off into the sky. Lightning flashed around him as he called upon the strength of his mana. He was a Thunder dragon after all... The storm wouldn't bother him a bit. Using his power, he summoned the deadliest storm those cliffsides had ever seen. Dropping back to Ahzrae, she gaped at him in horror. "No one will survive this!" she shrieked. "Ah, a real dragon would," he said, more to the sky than to her. "Storms are a part of the natural world which dragons once braved. They are nothing to be feared. It's the humans who hide from them, and they've taught their pets to do the same." His voice was dripping with disgust. "This a test, part 2. Find me in the mountains, and survive this. A true member of the Hovehmukaed could easily fly in these winds, unphased by the thunder. They will be worthy of fighting at my side." "But Cantaur!" Ahzrae protested. "You said every dragon was welcome in your new world, even dragons who were weak or flightless or from a pathetic breed! How can you say that and do this??" "You get this wrong, Ahzrae. Those will come. Weaker dragons don't tend to be the first volunteers for battle, for war. These, these dragons who come to me first, who prove their worth to me, they will not merely be members of some rebellions. They will be its leaders, its lifeblood! Generals and commanders, that's what these will be. Ordinary soldiers, conscripts really, they matter less. Any dragon can fight for us and be useful. But these dragons must be far beyond that. Don't you see?" She dropped her head in submission; she couldn't win. He was far too obsessed with his ideas to consider hers. "Yes, Cantaur," she replied. "Now then, let's see if they can survive."
  16. I'm just gonna add my second character here. Dragon Name: Ahzrae Dragon Gender: Female Dragon Breed: Aeon Wyvern Link to Dragon on Scroll: https://dragcave.net/view/UAzRe Position on War: Reformist, as a friend to Cantaur. Otherwise, she would be against it. As an Aeon, she is the Hovehmukaed's designated Seer. Affinity: Wild Notes: A kind and benign dragon, she tries to soften Cantaur and guide him toward less destructive paths, but she will stand beside him even when in the war. Her mama is powerful and her sight of the future strong. She was Cantaur's first supporter. ________________ Ahzrae dropped gracefully out of the sky toward Cantaur's cave. He was alone, yet he was laughing his imposing laugh. "Someone seems happy," she said, amused. Cantaur jerked his head in her direction. "I didn't see you there. Don't sneak up on me." "Dont be so short-tempered," she countered, landing on the stone surface behind him. "What are you doing up here? You seem lost in thought." "I live here," he said. "Yes, but you live everywhere, traveling the skies all over Valkemare. You seem to be waiting for something." "You know of the Hovehmukaed I spoke of?" he asked. "Yes. Don't tell me..." "Yes. It had begun. Tell me, use your foresight, tell me about my first supporters. Will they be loyal? Strong?" With a sigh, Ahzrae closed her eyes and willed her mind to reach into the future, grabbing at the images she saw, bathing her body in the blue light of precognition. A minute later and no more, she reopened them and looked at Cantaur. Her gaze was distant, as if her thoughts had not yet returned to the present. She blinked. She was back. Cantaur watched her expectantly. "Well?" he demanded when she said nothing. "Yes, they will be strong. Defiant and stubborn beasts like yourself, but strong. Bold, as well. Bold and bloodthirsty." Ahzrae spoke the description with sadness; she did not appreciate such dragons. Cantaur, however, was quite the contrary. "Perfect."
  17. "Tarik!" Amar exclaimed upon sighting the young prince. "There you are. Good heavens, I've been looking all over for you. I've had a breakthrough concerning a new weapon for the Dragon's War. I think it to be a breakthrough, anyway. It's certainly a start, even if it's only in trial phases, and will take time, and energy, and expense before it's complete... But more importantly, Your Highness, I need your help. The Royal Dungeons can only be accessed by, well, royals, so I need you to accompany me there so I can test this out. This is alright by you, correct? Oh joy, this is quite a day! Quite a day indeed!" ________________ Amina was growing more frustrated by the minute. It had been a quarter of an hour and her mother was still nowhere to be seen. Obviously she should be looking for her! She always checked in with her mother in the mornings before doing anything else; it was routine! For her mother not to show was more than a little irritating. Sighing, she sat down against the wall of the Grand Hall. 5 more minutes, that was all she would wait. 5 more minutes and then she'd just have to make other plans and accept the fact that her mother clearly didn't want to see her. It was not so bad a thing, she thought. She was due to meet Tarik tonight. They alternated meeting in Raedyn and Cytrius, so neither of them had to be the one always trespassing in the other's country. Tonight's meeting place was in Raedyn, and it would take time to get there. If she left early, maybe she could meet him early and they could spend even more time together. A fabulous idea, she decided. Had it been 5 minutes yet? She quickly lost track of time. Let's just say 2 more minutes. 60 seconds twice, I can do that. She closed her eyes, and counted.
  18. Amina loved mornings. As a Princess she had no particular schedule and could wake when she was well-slept. That said, she never slept excessively -- there was a day to be lived! But the real reason she loved mornings, more so than anything else, was that it gave her another chance to see the love of her life, Tarik. This morning she yawned, staring at the warm sunlight that streamed through her window with a smile. Her thoughts were consumed with him: what was he doing right now? Was he thinking of her? Would he come visit soon? She hoped so. The mere thought brought a smile to her face. Lackadaisically, she got out of bed. Curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to go see what the daily events were, if there was any exciting news to hear or any fun activity to partake in. Maybe her mother would need her? She did as much as she could to help her mother, when she wasn't sneaking out to meet with Tarik, of course. Amina wandered down the stairs from her bedroom and went to the Grand Hall. She was still in her pale peach nightgown, yes, but who really minded? It made her look pretty and youthful, and certainly no one was going to question the princess! She wandered, searching for her mother, to see if she had any duties to fulfill before she could sit down and right a lengthy letter to her lover. ____ In what seemed to be another world, in another time and another place, the castle of Raedyn was buzzing. Soldiers brought news form the battle fronts and scribes were recording what would one day be history. Royals gave orders and servants rushed about to complete them. Amar, however, barely took notice of the commotion. He'd been up all night, practicing his magery in his tower in the Hall of Spells. He'd been perfecting a bioweapon, derived from the infected flesh of neglected dragons. It took a lot of work to ascertain what exactly it was that made the dragon's body to decay into such a horror based of nothing but lack of attention. It's source had to be some sort of mana, and after 18 hours of raw study, he believed he'd found it. It had to be tested, of course, but after further trials, it just may turn the tide of the Dragon's War. He dripped a droplet of neglected blood into a vial of a blue liquid comprised of the rare years of Celestial dragons. The combination was sure to be deadly on some level, but it was yet to be seen whether or not it reacted the way he wanted it to. The vial bubbled red and then settled into some shade of purple. "Ha ha!" Amar said triumphantly. "I have you at last." Experiments like these took the Royals' approval. To test it on a dragon, he'd need permission. He relunctantly left the Hall of Spells to seek the King or Queen, or even the prince. Raedyn had captured dragons as POWs, but most of them were reeducated and reintroduced into the war to fight again, this time for Raedyn. He only needed to borrow one... Tests like these were far more important. The Royals knew that of course. He just had to locate them in the midst of the palace strewn by the chaos of war.
  19. Raptor- Accepted. This thread will continue to be open for new players to join. However, the time has come for us to begin our story. Shall we? Cantour flew to his retreat, a hidden cave among the peaks of the highest and deadliest mountains in all of Valkemare. He did all his thinking there. It rarely held any distractions, as dragons tended to avoid such dangerous areas. Cantaur however found them thrilling. Invigorating. And strangely enough, peaceful. It was there that he had conceived the magnificent idea in the first place -- the Reformation. The Hovehmukaed. Now, as he rested on the cool stone of the cliff, the time had come. This was beginning. And would never end. He had told other dragons in his speeches that if they wanted to join him, they were to seek him out. It was a test, really. Dragons who were not dedicated with their lives would never dare the treacherous journey to his cave. Those who found him could be counted on to be loyal supporters, ready to lay down their lives for the cause. He eagerly awaited their arrival. They would come. There was no question. He had planted the seed in their minds, and it would grow. There was no doubt of that either. Soon, he thought. Thunder boomed in the sky as it always did here. The lightning that was his home flashed. He waited. The terror was about to begin. It was time.
  20. Anyone have a specific way they want to start this, or should I just get this thang going?
  21. ~Accepted~ Do you think we should wait to pick up a few more people before beginning? Or start now and pick up more people as we go along?
  22. @Esko_the_wolf Sure if you want Tarik, I'll happily gift him to you! Please follow the character outline I wrote out for him though, as I would love for him to be true to his character. As for me, I came up with a replacement second character for me that I can roleplay in addition to Amina instead of Tarik. Name: Amar Rochester Age: 32 Gender: Male Role: Royal Mage of Raedyn Appearance: Shaggy brunette hair with strands of platinum blonde, rich brown eyes, and a young face. Athletic and enthusiastically so, most commonly seen in a yellow mage's robe. Personality: A bit obsessed with his magery and such, he rarely casts much an interest for anything else. Most of the residents of the Palace of Raedyn stay out of his way, and while the respect him for his talents, they do not want to involve themselves with him or his arts. Amar is somewhat aware of this, but is much too preoccupied to really take notice and/or care. The royal family find his zeal for Raedyn and for his position endearing, and are grateful to have his powers on their side. He doesn't want to hurt people or dragons, as he sees all creatures as a mystic creation, but often that is a side effect of his magic, especially when used in war, a fact which he overlooks. In the Dragon's War, however, he uses his magery for Raedyn as much as possible, without worry of the fallout, for Raedyn is far superior to Cytrius. Alliance: Raedyn History: Amar was first introduced to magic as a child. Never meeting his parents, he was found in the woods as an infant and raised by Aeon dragons who taught him the mysticism of mana and all it's secrets. He grew up fascinated by such things, and eagerly practiced magic at ever available opportunity. One day as a teenager, his Aeon family strayed too close to the kingdom of Cytrius during a hunting party. The dragons, threatened by the presence of humans and their weapons, fought to defend themselves. Most of the party was slain or fled, but one of Amar's family was killed in the process. Amar grew to hate the people of Cytrius, and sought out their enemy, Raedyn. At the age of 20, he joined their ranks as an apprentice mage. His skills astonished the royals if Raedyn, and they wondered how such a young man could have mastered such arts so thoroughly. Since then, he was quickly promoted and is now revered as one of the most prominent mages Raedyn has ever seen. His Aeon family lives on, highly protected in a sector of Raedyn, and he frequently visits them to this day. After all, family is family. Other: Due to his affinity for dragons, Amar loves any and all scrollkeepers and thinks their work is just fantastic. He is typically less kindly to the other mages however, as he finds their magic imitation of the dragons and imitation of his own. Amar feels he is relatable to an honorary dragon himself, considering his history with them. He is however receptive to young beginning mages, as they remind him of his own fascination with magic as a kid. BTW I would love for Amar to have an apprentice mage if anyone wants to create one!
  23. That makes sense. I'll keep Amina and let someone else have Tarik. Can we keep them in love though? I think it adds something to the story.
  24. NAME: Princess Amina Netari AGE: 18 GENDER: Female ROLE: Princess of Cytrius OCCUPATION: Amina spends most of her time helping her mother with the kingdom, training for the day she might rule it alone. APPEARANCE: Dark blonde hair and brown eyes; average frame- not skinny but far from overweight; most commonly see wearing dresses of her favorite color (pink). Though she is a princess, she doesn't wear her tiara as commonly as most, as it bothers her head and inhibits her athletic abilities. 5'5." PERSONALITY: A naive princess, she forms deeply trusting relationships rather easily. Instead of relying on her own intelligence, she tends to allow others to make her decisions, and she will eagerly follow them. She is typically kind, but will strike out if necessary. OTHER: Totally in love with Tarik, the Prince of Raedyn and involved in a terrible and secret affair. She has a very loving relationship with her mother, as her only daughter and closest living relative. She knows her affair is threatening to the kingdom what with the war and everything, but she can't give it up. Let the kingdoms fall, love is love. ALLIANCE: Cytrius, as her Princess. HISTORY: She seems to recall another time or place where all was well. Once, her family was larger. Once, her family was at peace. In another life, she remembers sitting around a fireplace with her mother, her father, and her sister -- a girl one year younger than her in age. But no, the memory is so far off, it couldn't be more than a dream. Her sister was slain years ago by an assassin from Raedyn, at just 12 years old. Her father was recently murdered as well. War is raging and those she loves falling. What is left? Her mother. They are all each other has. Well, for Amina anyway. Her mother loves the kingdom just as much; she has something to fight for. Amina is less versed in the ways of politics and wars and the like. She doesn't so much follow the details of the war other than the fact that it scares her. But seeking security and comfort in times of trial has only put her in a more precarious place: in love with the enemy. Not the enemy really, the enemy's son. Doesn't that make it better? It's not Tarik that's killing her family and her lands... it's his parents, his kingdom. It's... everything he knows. But Tarik loves her, and she him. Can't their love transcend the war? Or will it die alongside their dragons and their warriors? Who knows? But until that day, when all becomes clear, they will continue to meet in secret, and to hope love proves stronger than war. NAME: Prince Tarik Monroe AGE: 21 GENDER: Male ROLE: Prince of Raedyn OCCUPATION: In command of selecting and appointing people to different commissions within the army, and in charge of strategizing warfare in some less important areas while his father and mother do the bulk of the work elsewhere. APPEARANCE: Tall, 6'2", slim and muscular. Short blonde hair, hazel eyes. Typically dressed in grey. Has a long stride and captivating eyes. PERSONALITY: Concerned with the welfare of what matters to him, cares about what's right and best. Often overthinks and worries too much about things. Wants to live up to his father's expectations, but feels like he never can. Wants to be the best ruler Raedyn's ever seen. OTHER: Bitterly conflicted between his kingdom and his lover. He truly loves Amina, but how can he risk the fate of his country? He will love her like she deserves, but if it were to ever come down between the two... ALLIANCE: Raedyn, as her Prince. Also feels a duty to protect Amina. HISTORY: His parents had trouble conceiving, but after several miscarriages, miraculously he was born a healthy and happy child. Raedyn thrived and life was good until somewhere along the way disaster struck and war broke out. His father, an angrily brutal and vicious man, is consumed with the war and thinks of nothing else, not even his family, not even his only son. His mother on the other hand is a kind and generous woman. Her voice has been greatly diminished by her husband, yet she still manages to fight for her kingdom as she believes she must do. Tarik is left somewhere in the middle, trying to find his place and wrestle with what path he truly belongs on: as the King he was born to be or the man Amina needs from him. any way you could post character sheets for your charries? It'd help to know what the characters are like