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  1. I'm UNDYNE Though I've never played the game, this is from Undertale
  2. Farting Ear of Corn/The Flying Piranha This one is a tie. For some reason, I'm envisioning an ear of corn farting popcorn, and I think a flying piranha would be kind of cool, if not deadly. It makes me think of flying fish, or silver carp when boats pass through where there's a school of them.
  3. Baa Baa Black Dragon A reference to the old children's song, "Baa Baa Black Sheep." Ah, good times....
  4. LoveyDove Sounds like something a kid would say to his parents kissing
  5. Beauty is Within Us It's not what's on the outside, but what's on the inside that counts
  6. We can fly till we die It sounds like someone's on a plane that the pilot won't land until it crashes from running out of fuel....
  7. shrek has swag I found this one funny because I've seen all the Shrek movies, and I'm now picturing him swaggering to music like a hipster....
  8. I named that her before I even saw that episode, but yes, I would say that is a reference to the Alolan Exeggutor, since their tails can have a mind of their own. Latias is not Yveltal Definitely a Pokemon reference. Latias and Yveltal are both Legendaries
  9. Indigogust It sounds like a Warriors reference, but also Pokemon, with Indigo being the name of the plateau Ash's first league was held at, and gust being a Pokemon attack
  10. I think I'll confiscate those Gold, Silver, and Copper dragons
  11. I think I like that Avatar of Creation you've got there *hops on dragon's back and flies away*
  12. Please- be kind to us This sounds so sad! It sounds like someone was picking on this poor dragon....
  13. Magikarp of Fate Definitely Pokemon, lol
  14. Yay, someone finally got that reference! Return the blade to the gods I could very well be mistaken, but is this by any chance a reference to the third God of War game, when Zeus loaned his blade to Cratos?
  15. You're right, and if I remember right, one of only a few that recognize that reference. I Found Wardo Sounds like a spin-off of the Where's Waldo? hidden object game book.
  16. Mid Summer Night's Dream The title of a comedy written by William Shakespeare
  17. Legendary Bird Sounds like a Pokemon reference to me....
  18. MeepMeep Mareep Pokemon, of course! Mareep is so cute!
  19. Just thought I'd let you know, your scroll isn't working OK, it's working now. Ashes to Ashes-Dust to Dust This is a line that's said at funerals
  20. You're correct. The name of the book is The Immortals, and it is written by Tamora Pierce. She's on of my favorite authors. Wish I May - Wish I Might This is from an old children't bedtime rhyme. I don't remember the entire rhyme, but the last two lines go something like this: "Wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight."
  21. Apocalipsi It makes it sound like it's welcoming the Apocalypse....