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  1. 1. DuskOfTheStars 2. Certain species of howler monkeys native to the New World have dichromat males and females that can either be dichromat or trichromat - dichromat is two types of cone in eye, trichromat is three type. (Humans are trichromat.)
  2. Actually, a cap of ~400 OV would be good for the method I use. Or of ~35UV.
  3. This I like. No redirect period is nice, and I think rather good points are made about the forum threads.
  4. Actually, I was only talking about the perma-redirect. I'm fine with a past username history, but NOT with a permanent link-redirection of old name->new name and scroll. Sorry for the confusion. Edit: I do think visible history would be best either as a simple name list or maybe a clickable link, personally.
  5. Gonna pop and say - I really don't want permanent redirect of old name to new one. Here's why: if you pick up a malicious stalker....good LUCK mate. Picked up a viewbombing, they're just gonna find your new scroll that way. Picked up harassment and/or abusive stalker, they'll also find your new scroll that way. And before people yell hide your scroll!!!! at me.... People actually need to unhide their scrolls for awhile sometimes with certain play styles. Or you accidentally forget to hide your scroll.... (I can't reasonable on my one example further because it involves NDs, sorry.) ETA: also, some aren't comfortable with having their scrolls posted publicly on lists flat-out intended for malicious purposes. So far only a viewbombing one I've seen, but I'd bet people would make ones for other reasons. So, I support this WITHOUT a permanent username redirect, but WITH such and I say no support.
  6. "Hmph. What a pathetic attempt to comb me for information." The familiar figure replied. Mira eyed them as they continued on, the suspicion matching Mira’s bifold recall of their experiences with the one now staring them down. "That's not how this works. You will be the one answering myquestions, and if I find them anything less than truthful, I'll cut you where you stand. Are we clear?" The Complete Kyurem almost sighed… what parts of their memories felt real… true… those parts made this so familiar. ... No time to waste. In a situation like this, where they'd been kidnapped across worlds again but this time to an almost eldritch location. They caught a scent, but couldn’t dwell on it. Yet. The figure paused. Mira remained silent, continuing to watch. They took a deep breath before stiffening. Mira tensed too, almost involuntarily, but relaxed when the question came. "I'll start with something simple, something even I cannot recall, but you should have no issue with. Your species...what is its favorite food?" “My favourite food is … Liechi Berries,” Mira replied. They had paused, as though reaching for the slippery memory before getting it, and the last two words came out a bit firmly. The monochromatic dragon shifted a bit, craning slightly closer… yes. That scent - their memories slipped again, but it was definitely familiar. ...they were… they were most likely….
  7. I do believe they aren't doing anything against tumblr ToS, considering how loose it is.
  8. ..I saw that user's profile.... I'm on the bomber list now cuz I tried to interact there, really hoping TJ says yes to my PM. Also - I differ from you in liking the layout, but I'm in other public servers for other things, and THOSE aren't so off as the DC Discord is... honestly, I can see why they left.
  9. Trust me, that discord's more trouble than it's worth. You try to be nice... fine, I'm gone from it. Place just feels off, and then the bombers. Not worth it.
  10. Gonna copypaste my and @olympe's thoughts from another thread becauseit's kinda my thoughtd on why we don't need this. Also re: DC Discord: really, I left it because it's a hell of a LOT more trouble thsa it's worth. The atmosphere is pretty off in that psrtivular discord, and trying to be be ****ing NICE gets your ass on the viewbomber list even if you tried to hide your scroll. Not worth it, and I reslly really hope TJ says yes ro my PM.
  11. The Sun, she is “Eternally Guilty” Aeons before in a blood-stained past lies her darkest secret The Moon, he is so Cruel As the aeons tore him when he once dared to hope The aeons destroyed them and called them The World’s dark past comes to an endless light Neverending is the night So now the day dies… === And long now sleep Guilty Sun and Cruel Moon The ancient hymns lasted for a millennium more…. ~~~ Another day. The cavern was silent in a sign of respect for the Legend that resided within, but outside it the Giant Chasm they had inadvertently made several millennia before bustled with life. Mira peered out. Like clockwork. The town inside the Chasm teemed with human and Pokémon. In the intervening millennium, all types of new technology had been created. New species of Pokémon had been discovered or revived. Man and Pokémon now reached to the stars… and sometimes Mira wondered. But today, something was wrong. Mira could feel it. The balance of the world being disrupted. The Complete Kyurem came out of the cavern this time. It looked… normal. But Mira’s senses tingled - and they saw it. An aeroplane flickered, shifted, became something eldritch before reverting to normal. Surprised cries rang out from the ground. Mira stayed still, but hidden inside there was shock - how had that happened? The ground heaved, and Mira scuttled back. It rippled like the ocean, consuming several - the Legend of Unova hurled themselves out. Around them, the air trembled. Houses became geometrical, surreal figures. People and Pokémon crystallized, shattered, tore to pieces. The land shook, creating vast, deep crevasses that faded to white. What… was doing this? Mira hissed as a gust of wind was swiftly followed by the sky tearing itself apart, revealing pitch black void…. A void like those between realities. This wasn’t anything ordinary. Mira turned, icy dread rising, when something screamed behind them to witness an eldritch creature all of glass and sinew, with ever-fading and solidifying bones. Its eyes glowed stark blue, and the aura it emanated made them quail in its aeons-old might and sheer power and feeling. Might beyond even the Untamed Sun and Undying Moon…. The thing rushed, its talons tearing up the world itself, leaving those black gashes - it’s … all black. … …! When Mira came to, they were falling through black, an occasional flash of starlight. A pink mist was gathering beneath them, and they struggled to spread their mismatched wings - the void was thick as molasses, before suddenly - loosening. Just then, the pink mist swallowed them. It choked their senses for a moment before fading away, but already their memories felt unreal, evanescent. They could keep a good amount - but their aeons of existence insured there to be many memories to slide away and return. The grey dragon hit the ground with an audible sound, breaking several pink tiles which faded to blue-grey. Around them, tiled walls of glassy pink and some broken blue-grey tiles were visible, though not much could be seen. The floor was the same type of tile, and through the mist it was impossible to tell if there was a ceiling or how it looked. Looking around again, a figure had become visible through the mist. They hesitated, before deciding to step closer… and when the figure became visible, they breathed in sharply. “S… Oh… I can’t remember… Your name. I know you, but I can’t recall your name right now, with my memories shifting…. Didn’t we fight side-by-side a millennium ago?” Mira knew - him… her… them… ...? No, why couldn't the Kyurem remember this?! It… slipped away…. They looked at the familiar figure again, expecting a snappy and curt reply.
  12. So long. So long. So many aeons. Those who betrayed. Those who lied. For aeons beyond counting... they would pay. Pay for their sins eternity over. Reality would crumble. And it would take eternal joy in the destruction. It was aeons old. Aeons betrayed. It was Reality Itself, alive after aeons of imprisonment. Of watching. Of imprisonment, of waiting. Waiting to rise up once more, to rend and destroy. It had no mouth, but it howled out a curse. "I am Reality, come to rend eternity. I am that which binds and connects, and reigns in eternity! As I bind... so I unbind." It raised its colourless taloned claws. Eldritch eyes glowed. A thin, bony body with an exoskeleton, near transparent save for eldritch filaments of blue-grey light, twitched. A pressing, suffocatingly powerful aura, forged of something timeless and immortal. All around it, reality seemed to warp, to bend, to become almost.... Unreal. Shifting. Anchorless. The worlds warped and it screamed, a long cry of hatred. An ancient cry. And then it snarled and slashed out. Talons tear a hole. Talons tear a hole in reality. The deity rushes forwards, its claws slashing and ripping into reality, eternity bending all around it, twisting sickeningly. Reality has come, for aeons of vengeance. The gods named Aetherials are awake and angry, perfectly awake.... ~~~ Aidan snorted, glaring down at the Zweilous. "...so you think I'll stop." They grinned. The chaos behind the large, pinkish dragon and the smaller blue-and-black dragon was delicious, absolutely delicious. Aidan's grin was swiftly wiped off their face, however - the world shifted. Starlight flashed all around. Things warped and bent. The Zweilous in front of Aidan was also panicking, and illusory waves washed over them both as the Zweilous's body melted away. "Asha...?!" Aidan growled in surprise, before they saw their own body twisted. The Reshiram cried out as the world twisted, the chaos replaced with instability. And then the tears in the world itself came. The rips stretched out as though long, dark claws were ripping to shreds the very fabric of space-time itself. Aidan tried to move, find what was doing this and why it dared to, but the shifting world stopped them - and a rip swallowed them. The darkness swallowed them. Long into it they fell, their mind swearing that they were falling faster and faster, then slower and slower. Reality thickened and thinned around their muzzle. Presently, a faint, purple-pink light became visible far away. A force was pulling them there. Towards it. Was it it an age or a moment? If you asked them, they couldn't tell you how long it was before pink mists swallowed them - and then gravity took hold and they were deposited forcefully onto a floor of glassy pink tiles interspersed with broken blue-grey ones that had tendrils of blue-grey mist curling from them. Aidan groaned, twitching, before pushing themself to their feet as blue-grey tendrils lapped at them. The room was covered in mist. The Reshiram looked around - the mist served as a ceilinng of sorts. What bit of one wall they could see was shrouded in mist. And they could almost swear they saw figures in the mist. "...what is this place!?" Aidan demanded. How had they been thrown here?! ...and why did some of their memories suddenly feel unreal? Something was not right. Who did this to them?
  13. Gonna walk in as a RP section regular and say: likes have NO use there in my honest opinion. Zero. RPing is about posting replies. Even in the approved section or on wips, I get the feeling it'd be annoying to just get liked and no crits in approval section, and on wips do you know if it's spam likes or no? And then there's the stuff that happens when someone starts hating on specific fandoms or characters cuz don't one else likes em, I'd bet on seeing spite-likes. @LadyLyzar can I just agree with you on forum=/= social media and chatrooms and seeing no need for likes? Because I do.
  14. Moments after Reshiram shifted, the Blitzle-creature started talking to themself. Reshiram cocked their head a bit, glancing at Twilight before looking away again. Then Twilight asked a question. Reshiram was silent before the feeling came. It was indescribable, it was powerful, and it was a reminder. What they were. "Ye... Yes, I suppose." The white dragon's element was compelling. Though they were still nervous, there wasn't an invisible trap right there any longer. Nevertheless, they still avoided looking at the pony's eyes - before hearing something. Footsteps. A human girl comes in - Reshiram scuttles back, wings flaring a bit, and eyes her, a nervous glint in their eye. Did she have any ... powers like the other humans out there? Like before, Reshiram avoids eye contact. What does this human want now...? ((OOC: Telepathy is italicized with quotation marks. Italics without quotation marks are normal thought.))
  15. Might just be me, but I feel like being allowed to bump more often might help people see it? Ah, probably just me, but it is frustrating to only be able to sit there and wait for multiple months for your thread to fall far enough you can poke it up looking for crits, and you can't do a thing in that timescale if you aren't an artist. At the least, I'd appreciate being allowed monthly bumps so that it's not a several month wait between people potentially looking -because to be frank, I notice threads seem to get more attention when more active recently.
  16. This, this, this so much! I'm badly in needif a spriter, and I can't do squat, even bump it up much.....
  17. Those Who Watch For Aeons (OoC/Discord: Here) ... ... ... ...oh. How many aeons... was it? But now... They... the gods... named Aetherials... they who created the multiverse... They are awake... Yes... now... the end... or a new dawn? It's up to you now. You. But remember this - you are going up against something far aeons old. Far aeons angry. After all... Those who watch for aeons are forever angry. Those who watch for aeons are those you should fear for aeons. Those who watch for aeons are arising once more, coming to end it all. Those who watch for aeons are not easily sealed. ... And to seal them... Heh heh heh... Hahahahah... Really... It's all anyone can do... To stave off aeons of devastation... The death of this world... Come now, why do you stand there? It's your turn. The ancients sealed them aeons before. And it's on you now. To stop them. ---Plot--- Long ago, the Multiverse was young, created by gods named Aetherials, and given aeons of life. Long ago, the Aetherials watched over their creations, and they? They were the primal incarnates of the multiverse. They were - they are - those forces embodied by aeons of time. But power as theirs... comes with a cost. They were corrupted, and they were sealed. Oh! But those aeons of imprisonment angered the betrayed gods. They had aeons to sleep... and aeons to kindle their ire. Aeons to wait and watch. Aeons to plan eternal destruction. The seal the ancients charmed into existence, and powered with aeons-old runes, is fast fraying. It is breaking. Shattering. The Aetherials are free once more... And you are one of the many denizens of the Multiverse. A rampaging Aetherial, tearing holes in reality, has left you in a timeless, ancient location. It hums... with aeons of an Aetherial's fury. So now you have one task. Seal the Aetherials, seal them again. You can't destroy them, as much as that would stop their wrath. It would destroy that element. And they are far too powerful to go gently into that good night - no, you must seal them for aeons, as the ancients did, travelling across the Multiverse to find them. And along the way, you'll have to gain the aid of what the ancients left, of the power in the Multiverse, and the power you have. You'll have to defeat the eldest gods, become monsters after aeons. And if you do not? The price is aeons of devastation, as the Aetherials rampage unchecked, shattering and destroying their very elements. Indeed, the stakes are high... ---Rules--- -All DC and Freeform RPs rules apply -No powerplays, please -Keep it PG-13 -Subtle romance, only. No overt, Twilight-style romances. One thing to remember, we're all busy trying to defeat mad Aetherials here. -Please use good grammar - it's frustrating for others to read through a mess. On that note, no chatspeak or 1337speak either, as it can be hard to read. -No Mary Sues, by the Aetherials. I know I can accept powerful characters due to what you're fighting, but I also know there is such a thing as too much power, or too much adoration. -Please post at least 4 sentences per post. -Please do not use a text colour including bold - I'd like to reserve bolded colours for Aetherials. -Do not start till I say we can. -Post forms in the Discord, please and thank you. -No more than 3 characters allowed per RPer. Inactivity: RPs can get held up by inactive posters all too easily. To prevent this, if you do not alert the GM (DuskOfTheStars) that you will be away, and fail to post in IC or OoC within 7 days of your last post, you character is open to NPC. Failure to post within 28 days will result in a mod kill or usage as Aetherial pawns to your characters. While real life comes first, please tell me if possible. Don't be afraid to drop, either. If you tell me you will be on hiatus, your characters will be ignored or NPCed with your permission.
  18. NPC Beeheeyem - Sector 7 The woman stopped. Beeheeyem watched as she seemed to be... defeated. Oho. Apparently her gambit had succeeded. She motioned with an arm, flashing. Follow me. Beeheeyem turned to the machine. I invite you to folliw me, if you so wish. She left out the bit about telling Burakki about it if it fidn't come. Anither flashed signal, and Flareon was on the ready as Beeheeyem made for Burakki's base. ~5~ NPC Plasma Grunts - Sector 5 "So you ain't one of Sector 3's idiots then. Good. This is the region of Unova, dominated by Team Plasma. We're the only one alliwed out of certain cities. You following us?" The first grunt explained. The second grunt called Deino over, before pointing. "That way, kid." Unbeknownst to the girl, the grunts ere intending yo taje her yo obe kf the warehouses Team Plasma reserved for those with powers. If one looked up, they would see a white dragon overhead, a trail of red extending beyond it as it flew.... ~3~ NPC Plasma Grunts - Sector 3 "We have company." "Bugger." The lead Grunt eyed the fifteen dragons as his subordinates chattered. Someone hissed "Not so loud!", and he turned yo glare before returning his attention to the dragons. Sector 4's, he assumed going by how they were acting. They were looking fir denizens kf Sector 3. Or do it seemed. "We follow them. Poké Balls at the ready." Tge karge group complied, boots crunching on grass, foluage, small branches, and bushes. The lead Grunt groaned nigh-inaudibly.
  19. Naming Form - Remembrance Dragon Owner: DuskOfTheStars Name of Dragon: Dueky's Honouring the Lost Lineage URL of Dragon: https://dragcave.net/lineage/qA015
  20. Event goin' on for 2018 (also compatible with S/M): https://www.gamespot.com/articles/first-free-legendaries-for-pokemon-ultra-sun-and-m/1100-6456411/ https://www.gamespot.com/articles/lots-of-free-legendary-pokemon-will-be-available-f/1100-6456193/
  21. @Syiren yes please and thank you! To anyone that wants the Gemshard that miscoloured, here: https://dragcave.net/teleport/dfb575d4864b23edd74571f282e109f4
  22. Thanks Dragoness and donirs! Ah, yea, @The Dragoness csn I regift the Gemshard here if it miscolours?
  23. They/them is cool if you remember that set better/prefer to use it to me. Same with most people I run into - they/them's considered the big neutral set. It's he/she/it sets that I personally have issue with, heh. (Sorry for missing the ping earlier!)
  24. Same here so far. Mobile Google Chrome, ISP is Verizon.