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  1. My issue with text colouring is that I can't highlight text I wrote ans recolour it as when I go in the menu and pick a colour that does zip - no, I have to remember to change the cursor colour before and then change it back too by going in the same menu. Really annoying, ESPECIALLY because my contrast issues mean I see typoes better with uncoloured text, and I typo so much it's not even funny any longer. I'd rant about losing the old preview featurevtoo, but I gotta go to bed....
  2. I can still see it, but I did have a concept get into CL once.
  3. Very glad the CL will be hidden and that private and public release avenues are staying. I'm actually gonna stand and agree with the people who are saying to quit with the hating on, to be honest. Yeah, I don't like the Pyrovars, but that is just my aesthetics talking. Mechanically I don't see anything wrong, and neither did in-cavers. And as an artist, I say TJ is dead on with how hard it is to make qualitative quantitative. I may not be spriting, but I've def gotten crits like colour choice and perceived design smoothness, for example. Or textures. And crits that disagreed. There's been times when I'm like "no, not messing with that" over more stylistic crits but "yep I did an oops" on hard crits or less stylistic ones.
  4. Oh man. I love this concept info.
  5. @ everyone worried about the "Gusties", this is likely why they're not ready.
  6. +1 to everyone who hates the upgrade... I mostly stay in the RP forums, the upgrade is awful for colouring character text and formatting RP posts. Edit: I definitely see a decent amount of new people in the RP foum, personally. And I've never really had bad attitude vibes from rest of forum? FR forums are kind of eh at times though definitely have some nice people, don't get those odd vibes from here.
  7. @Frostiikin likely due to having other tools and EATW going down. I personally no longer use it for regular hatching because you can find scrolls with it, though.
  8. ...phew. Glad this is happening.
  9. @angelicdragonpuppy @cbussiere attaching image of why I'm concerned the gusty egg sprite being put in people's sigs could affect releaseability as the egg sprites are still art to be released - even DRs need to be secret for 60d (which might be why the gustys weren't ready). I know it was a site error but I dunno how this case would be handled in relation to these rules.
  10. @angelicdragonpuppy To be honest, reason I'm concerned is I know about the new releases must be secret thing and have no idea how TJ'll apply it here. That, and we've seen an artist's sprites be unusable because even if they weren't tracing, sketches were public. And now people have put a gif with the glitch-released egg in their sigs....
  11. @TJ09 A question... I saw people made gifs including the accidentally-released "gusty" egg sprite, will that affect their releaseability?
  12. Thuban --- (#FFA500) Thuban hissed. They had chanced to look back - and the ruination only got worse. The golden dragon was up again, rising for another strike. A burst of magic flew past Thuban's muzzle. Their lips curled instinctively, and they retreated further. The clash was sending off wild torrents of magic now, scorching the clearing with light and lightning. It was scorching and scouring much of the clearing the in a manner that reminded Thuban of three or four millennia before, when their flames had helped scour the land of Unova. The magic ran loose, its two masters locked in a violent struggle. Thuban hesitated, searching the ground, before deciding to land. Far from the fight. As the Reshiram did so, they caught sight of wild tendrils of magic strike various figures. Screams cut off - voices going forever silent. Their fur fluffed, before flattening again as several unknown figures collapsed. The scene made them glance around - and then they heard a familar cry. ...was it...? Polaris --- (#008B8B) A wind blew, and Polaris looked around. Nearby, N Harmonia and Russell - the Zoroark - were talking to one another. It was quiet - a far cry from the bustle of Team Plasma. Peaceful for once. They shuddered, recalling being fused into the creature the humans called "Black Kyurem." The unnatural fusion of them and of Mira, the icy remnant. Something felt... off. Polaris couldn't quite place it - and though they were on solid ground, they fell. A cry of shock issued from their throat as they slammed into the earth. Something golden streaked past... magic? The scents of ozone and grass under crisp sunlight hit Polaris's olfactory receptors. The world swam. Polaris blinked. Something warm barely missed them, and they scrambled back. The Zekrom looked around. They were in a clearing, though near its edge. Humans, Pokémon, and other creatures were all there. In the center of a maelstrom of energy were two draconic creatures - a grey using blue electricity, and a yellow letting loose with lighht. The grey one seemed to be slowly winning, and the energy was hitting various of those in the clearing. A burst of yellow and blue struck Polaris, who yelped in pain as it left a burn on their plates and skin, and they darted into the cover of the trees. Polaris soon caught sight of a yelliow-and-silver canine creature fleeing. Then -- through the trees... did they see... a Reshiram?
  13. Anyone have a serial code for the SMUSUM Xerneas and Yveltal distribution? Damaged mine, can't pick up a new one.
  14. OP of a completd request here, I don't mind not having access to the thread. I support hiding CR to help with releasing dragobs from there.
  15. I say car-ri-bean BUT I have speech issues and often incorrectly pronounce things phonetically.
  16. The reason I don't want a redirect is because yes someone can recall name if a dragon BUT you can hide scrollname on dragon pages without negatively impacting your play. Plus, no redirect and malicious person has to figure out your new scroll name first. I support history because they gotta FIND the scroll first to see it. And it does mean that scammers can't abuse that part of the function.
  17. Try opening it in a new tab (right click and select open in new tab, it on mobile press and hold and select new tab from menu that comes up). By the way, here's your PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=235764
  18. Ah, I see. Sorry about the frustration, and thank you both!
  19. Ugh, guess I'm dropping that character - the censorkipz sear my eyes. Just curious, why do we have to use censorkipz? It could just be me being dumb, but they seem to accomplish the job same as asterisks or [redacted], just more bright and hard to look at for me, so I don't really understand, sorry. The other thing that annoys me is cause it's a picture there's jack I can do to make it less searig that I know how to.
  20. Can we use the **** asterisks, Least in the RP section? I'm asking because I hate the censorkipz breaking up my posts because they're so jarring, obtrusive to me, and bright, and I have a few RP characters who swear and I really don't think the censorkipz fit there. EDIT: ...also I hate how text gets autoemojied now and wish we could still turn that off. Is tgat a calid suggestion?
  21. True, though the reason I'm fine with visible history+no redirect is viewbombers have to find your new scroll to see it first. Visible history+redirect is just handing someone malicious stuff on a silver platter - viewbombers are the most common type of this, but there's others out there, and I believe TJ mentioned that a lot of name change PMs he gets wouldn't be served well by a redirect and would be hurt by it... which in my opinion says something about what people would want to use it for.
  22. I'm still absolutely NO support for a redirect - viewbombers can and will use it. On dA, someone malicious can't take down your art by finding you via redirect, but on DC someone CAN kill your dragons or ruin a ND experiment with a scroll redirect.
  23. I knew those were the Freckleds! Man, I remember seeing them in DR....
  24. ...anyone else think they know what that speckled dragon is? It really reminds me of an old DR to the point I'm pretty sure it is that DR...
  25. “Excuse me, but would any of you mind informing me as to what this place is? I’m afraid my partner and I seem to be lost.” Xker turned at the sound of the voice, to see a human with feathered wings and another human. The Volt hummed as aer scanned them. One had a spear, and the other hwd ... domeyhing in three segments. So, armed. They didn't seem violent right now, so Xker replied yo the question. "This place? 'S called the Gateway to th' Starry Skies. Small planet that's the home base for an organisation called the Extra-Dimensional Restoration Squad. Planet's been modified ta attract those caught in anomalies. Explanin' the name of the organisation and th' anomalies... well, somethin' be messin' up the multiverse. Stealin' away important objects to a universe, plopping 'em in other universes. And there's - well, glitches or warps, whatever terminology yer more familar with, in the fabric o' the multiverse that might poof away worlds to Spode-knows-where or mix up two worlds or toss someone or something across universes, fer example. The Restoration Squad - people call us the X-Dreamers too - our job's ta set things right when stuff gets mixed up and figure out how ta stop these anomslies, but we're still a new organisation. You don't look like like multiverse-hoppers, so I's guessin' you got caught in some anomaly an' woke up here." Xker finished aer explanation, almost snapping to attention as the Volt surveyed the humans again.