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  1. Yeah, you can use any lineage if you like - CB is general etiquette, but I've also seen people use lots of lineaged fodder.
  2. No. It auto-freezes when revived as a zombie if it wasn't frozen when it died.
  3. Names aren't bracketed. Codes are.
  4. Might be because hus name is "yg" and is causing the underline to cut out On 60s it cuts out less than the default seems to, pic: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/367452583394279427/503735921951244298/Screenshot_20181021-180454.png (keeping it a link because dise)
  5. This should work: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/170522-image-codes-for-all-egg-and-hatchling-sprites/
  6. Can't grow up in the fog because they needs view to age up but gendering happens after a certain amount of views/time left. (IIRC Stunned hatchies can also gender while Stunned.)
  7. (This magic.... - White Kyurem) The police were coming. But as they came... White Kyurem felt it surge back. Their core. What they were. The dragon's entire body shivered involuntarily, feathers fluffing. The spikes on their shoulders once again glowed orange, and their skin sucked in oxygen more greedily. White Kyurem's lips curled, white gums visible, and they rumbled. So many coming. They snapped their head up and roared, loosing a pulse of earth magic. The pale grey dragon's magical strength was greater than their physical strength - and it was returned. Excellent. The magic was almost as a shockwave. The Earth Power emanated out, tearing down more walls. Geysers of earth magic and fire shot from the ground as officers and prisoners scrambled to dodge. If they could. The ground shuddered and cracked with the force of the magical pulse, finally stilling with the end of the magic. Kyurem's head was lowered, and their body had started bleeding ice magic again - as well as magic-rich clear blood. Their white, yellow-scleraed eyes still glared at their opponents, though. They wouldn't show too much weakness. They must be whole again. And they were one step closer. (Oh, perfect. - Bowser) Well, this was absolutely lovely. The ground shook beneath Bowser, causing him to stiffen. He was bowled over by a Earth Power-induced geyser, landing on his shell and involuntarily whimpering slightly in pain. Bowser suppressed the whimpering as quickly as he could, mentally growling at himself. The magic had struck him rather hard in the gut and chest, and his current position made it hard to decide whether to stay still or struggle. Ugh... he'd best get himself out of this defenceless position, he guessed. Bowser bit his lip and began to kick and thrash, rocking his shell back and forth ... at least, when its spikes didn't stick in the ground. "Gah! Darn it!" (Sayonara - Burakki) Burakki didn't notice the return of his magic at first. That was, until the walls started streaking by. Suddenly he was running a whole lot faster. And... oh. Yes! Something had disabled whatever was suppressing magic. Burakki's tail wagged stiffly. He sneered and started to actively will himself to run faster. It certainly sermed to work. He heard an officer's yelp of surprise as he ran between their legs. Good luck catching me. Heh. The Shiny Umbreon continued running, eyes scanning the area. He darted down another hall. Was it...? Where's the exit?
  8. (White Kyurem) The hoof-steps behind White Kyurem weren't stopping or getting fainter. Kyurem's skin was absorbing oxygen as fast as it could, but they were still running out of energy. It didn't help any that they were starting to feel their injuries. Accursed pursuer wasn't getting lost anytime soon.... The dragon let out a low snarl as they kept running. White Kyurem's eyes scanned the area for any avenues of escape. No crowds. Great. There was, however, a big stone building with guards... and if Kyurem's pursuer fancied themself a hero... perhaps. Kyurem turned towards the building, charging at it. Flame kindled in Kyurem's claws. They stole a glance over their shoulder, before raising one claw and slashing out with it. The sweeping motion Kyurem's claw described dictated the arc of the ball of fire, which slammed into the building. It scorched the side, cracking some bricks. A guard screamed in pain, burned, and two more raised their weapons. Kyurem summoned earth magic, creating a shockwave once again. The guards stumbled, one falling to the ground and suffering burns from a geyser of flame created by the Earth Power. The wall cracked some more, and Kyurem rammed into it. They threw all their might and weight that they could into the hit. Several shocked cries reached their ears as dust and pieces blasted outward. Kyurem's ice cracked, suffering damage from the physical attack and the reaction that followed, but as their momentum continued the leaking ice magic lessened to barely-sensable levels. They blinked and tried to summon ice, but it did nothing as the damaged walls continued to break. Kyurem snarled again. This couldn't be...! The dragon lashed out with an icy claw, putting a hole in a damaged wall and cracking the ice a bit. There was a surprised yelp from a Shiny Umbreon. Kyurem swung a claw, and the Umbreon scrabbled away, fleeing through the open front of the cell. There were things on the side that looked like they were supposed to generate.. something. Didn't matter. Kyurem turned to face their pursuer and the creatures in the cells. It seemed the pale grey dragon still had their strength, even if their magic was muzzled. The last guard tried to attack with his tusks at that instant, gashing White Kyurem and calling their attention to her which led to a bite. --- (What the... - Bowser) Smash. Crack. The noises caught Bowser's attention. He rumbled, eyebrows furrowing. The Koopa swung his head around, narrowing his eyes. Where was it? After he'd just got out of the darn crowd.... He snorted a bit of smoke - before tensing up. Oh. Stars above. In the distance. That eldritch dragon. The Koopa's body dropped a bit in response, and he began to run. Bowser momentarily observed that there was dust, and there were creatures - some injured. Just went to show. That eldritch beast was bad news.
  9. (Market Jail - Burakki) The Shiny Umbreon noticed one of his two human-looking cellmates wake up and finish talking. Her yone was irritated - Burakki pricked his ears a bit. Not that much to say, though. She looked around, seemingly taking the sights in. So, new here. Considering the green powder dusted on her and the other human.... "So they powdered--!" There was shouting. So... what was going on. The Umbreon's ears flattened a bit, his lip twitching. If it was the police again.... But no. Burakki glanced towards the "mirror", spotting a blue hedgehog-thing run at the bars before getting zapped. What an idiot. He sneered a bit, curling his lips back. Some people didn't know obvious dangers. "...I say the idiot who ran at the bars is brand new. All my money on it." Like Burakki had any money on himself at the moment. Still. There was more shouting several moments later. Burakki turned, raising his ears tolidten. And it was a new voice, yelling for someone else that they could not see. Well, what would make someone suddenly blind in this lighting... oh. Ofcourse. The anti-magic field and losing magical vision. He scraped a paw against the ground. "Sounds surprised. I think the guards are going to show any minute now." After all, whoever had been yelling had been foing so loudly.
  10. (Where'd you go?! - Bowser) When the smoke started to clear, Bowser heaved himself off the ground. He coughed a bit. Curse all this smoke. The Koopa growled before coughing again, red eyes scanning the area for his opponent - wait. Crud. The eldritch ice dragon was... running off? He could not let it escape. With a low growl, Bowser ran after the other two. Problem was, he was slow. It didn't take too long for Bowser to notice that the dragon was gaining distance from him. He scowled and kept going, but soon ran into a crowd of shoppers. They swarmed all around him, creatures of all shapes and sizes from a furry blue and pale silver wyvern with wind blowing around them occasionally, to a horse with square pupils and sharp - canine - teeth, to a trio of kids - one black-haired boy with round glasses and a lightning scar, one bushy-haired girl with buck teeth, and one freckly redhead boy, all humans who were carrying wands. Bowser tried to push past, but it was no use. He was stuck for now. ---- (Here come the cops) It was in that instant the Bazaar police arrived. They were a ragtag group of all different species, distinguished by dark uniforms. In front of them lay a mess. Damaged stalls, terraformed earth, burned ground, and a lot of people. There were crowds being directed by others and more autonomously wandering in the distance, but these weren't of concern. The fight was. "Get them," the leader, a vaguely equine and draconic creature, spat. She narrowed her eyes. "Looks like this lot made a mess, and disturbed the peace. I'd like ta know what they have got to say for themselves."
  11. Thanks, grabbed and froze him! Edit: I don't mind taking inbred dragons to use as freezies if I have space.
  12. @relaks thank you! I'm loving the pairings now that I see them... got a lot of options.
  13. The unlock can be a mix of raised and observed - every raised knocks off 5 observed needed - I myself did seen it, though mostly through unlocking entries.
  14. DuskOfTheStars

    Z Project

    Sooo uh I totally forgot to check which thread I was in sinve I was on my phone and only realised when I went to the Departures Board. And as I don't participate.... (Why can we not put our SCROLL PREFIXES before the Z'???) https://dragcave.net/teleport/85e7c2f3e6574ea7401d1cbb2f910938 < the greenwing hatchie
  15. Any chance I could also get a code?
  16. That's not fun... I know the feeling. I'm kinda emotional, and people call me "baby", and it always feels like they have a point.... I hope you feel better soon. I guess try to remember that thry were sone anonymous jerkwad so they were gonna say whatever they could to hurt someone? Ack I'm sorry, I dunno what to say.
  17. Hm, could someone mock up any they wish to of Aether x Candelabra, Aether x Almandine, Aetger x Sunset, Aether x gold Snow Angel, Aether x Red, Aether x Gold/Silver Lunar Herald, Aether x M Winter, or Aether x F Gold Wyvern for me? This thread is already giving me a few lineages to do ahah....
  18. There is a weekly cap of 100 Shards earnable, did you hit it?
  19. (!!! - Bowser) A shout. Bowser and Kuraihi both turned in surprise. The elf... confessing to a crush? An "Xander." Everyone was staring. This was a battle! There wasn't any time or place for a crush when you were fighting an eldritch horror, for the Stars' sakes.... Bowser snarled and opened his mouth, but before he could speak, a large ball of fire hit him and anyone close to him. (Bye, suckers. - White Kyurem) The laser certainly hurt. Some more ice cracked, ice magic bleeding through... but that when a shout rent the air. Everyone was freezing. Staring. ...it was too perfect! Too starlight-damned perfect! Some of them were even turning away, and the creature who'd yelled was now turning green.... Never stop paying attention to your opponent. Fools, the lot of them. Two Fusion Flares began to blaze to life in their claws, a third above their horn. A few moments, and the flames got bigger. But the distraction had their opponents' attention. Good. All three Fusion Flares rose into the air. With a gesture of claws slashing towards the earth, the fireballs began to descend. Flame spurted from them as they hit the earth, and several cries could be heard. It was then that Kyurem turned and ran. Their injuries objected - no. They ignored the gnawing pain. **** it. They couldn't stop. Not now. Not when they could taste success. They growled and kept going. It didn't matter right now how much it was going to hurt later. That would be less than their everlasting hunger. And finally they could see an end to the everlasting pain woven into their existence as Boundaries. They could stop hurting, hurting. So they kept running. They'd gone too far now to give in to their wounds. Too far....
  20. [VS White Kyurem: Round 5] White Kyurem readied themself to retaliate, before being tied up by vines. They struggled to not be dragged, but failed and suffered another attack. They did kerp writhing and struggling at the vines after that, though. --- Slowly, Bowser's mind began to refocus and the pain from the impact nagged. He realised he was lying on his underside first, before feeling something squirm under him. There was also the feeling of something messing with his shell. Upon looking back, a bipedal fox thing that reminded him of Sonic when he'd been at rhe Smash tournament was messing with the Koopa's shell. Speaking of tge squirming thibg, Bowser should probably get off in case it's up to something. With a grunt, ge geaved himself off the ground... and realised it was Sonic he'd landed atop. Great. Bowser pulled himself back up to standing. Damnee ice dragon.... He roared snd let loose a burst of flames. Unfortunately, most of the damage he managed to do was to the vines holding the dragon. "...ugh." --- Most bystanders were clearing out. Phew - it looked like he wasn't needed anymore for directing evac. Kuraihi was sure the weird green dinosaur, the mustachioed guy in a winged helmet, and the twin mustachioed plumbers could handle the evacuation alone. Kuraihi caught sight of the elf who'd helped fight the axe, and he looked distracted. The dark Skydancer was curious. "So ... why do you seem distracted? Because there's a rampaging dragon right there...." A sudden snarl. Speaking of said dragon, Kuraihi had better pitch in. He reared up, and summoned a blast of light. The light hit, all right, but it didn't do much. There was a snarl, and the grey dragon broke loose from the vines. "In the name of the Eternal Beacon--" Kuraihi instantly regretted attacking. That thing didn't look happy.
  21. I actually don't mind most of the old sprites, to be honest. About the only three I'd love to see updated are Albinoes (broken neck), Greens (weird wings), and Guardians (something looks off with tail shield attachment?), but with them I actually wouldn't mind an update that only edits the problem areas and lets everything else alone. And yeah, as a DR conceptor and frequenter, I'll agree with it getting majorly nitpicky. (And for a more modern unpopular opinion: the Pyrovars look just fine to me, just not my aesthetic.)
  22. @Royal-Tentacle yeah honestly, your sketches were vital. Thank you for your work! @Infinis thank you as well for the colours and shading!
  23. And my first Aethers grew up! Excited to breed them, especially since they're my concept.
  24. I saw plenty of people think that earlier. To be honest, I would've too if I hadn't remembered them from DR.