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  1. https://dragcave.net/teleport/96ca9cb8af11ea4f50677dad86490093
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    Uh, let's try that again, had the wrong thing pasted. Sorry, I forgot to check which thread I was in. Again. https://dragcave.net/teleport/6ed74c8a0aca67b3870c6745882bae5b
  3. Newly laid eggs get sick easily, are you putting them in at 7d? Also, are they gaining a lot of views? (Overall views, not unique views.)
  4. You have the whole month to voluntarily claim your prize. You can only do so while not egglocked.
  5. No one can know for sure, but going by past release likely not.
  6. (Defusion - Bowser) The police continued to attack. All different shapes and sizes of creatures, attacking the eldritch dragon. Bowser narrowed his eyes, gritting his teeth. He didn't notice he was biting his lip - he noticed the pain in his body better. Darn dragon. This eldritch creature hadn't beat him. They were even staggering, leaking more and more ice magic... ice. Ice doesn't do well against fire. He was a being of flame, hailing from an ashen and volcanic realm. Bowser's lips curved a bit. He felt his fire beginning to spurt up, and opened his jaws. He'd imbue this fireball with magic. No one gave Bowser Koopa a whipping and got away with it. The flame forming within Bowser's mouth turned blue-green as he put magic into it. It cracked, strands spurting out of his mouth. He reared back, before spitting the flame at the dragon. The homing fireball hit its target dead-on. In the chest. The eldritch dragon let out a pained cry. The dragon was suddenly leaking ice magic at a greater rate, strands of firey magic tearing themselves from the dragon and causing yet more ice magic to bleed out. As the blazing magic expelled itself and coalesced, the grey dragon's features morphed. Fur disappeared, leaving skin. Skin darkened from pale grey to a medium-to-dark grey. The wings and arms separated, wings covered in ice and drastically changing shape as the arms shrunk. Their face changed, icing over and mane disappearing to be replaced with ice as the eyes became blank. The tail lost its turbine and became an icy "plug." Ice shot up on the neck. The grey dragon had returned to its former appearance, before it consumed the white dragon, but was still bleeding ice magic. As Bowser watched, the flaming magic became the white stone that the eldritch dragon had absorbed. Lingering magic was sucked into the stone, and there was a flash of white light. When the light died down, an unconscious white-haired human with similar injuries to the grey dragon lay on the ground. They had white eyelashes and eyebrows, very curly hair with two tufts over their head, pulled into a ponytail and facial features that seemed slightly rounder, with fuller lips. The person was clad in white, with grey accents on their coat and boots. Bowser's mouth gaped a bit. He'd been expecting another dragon - that was what he'd seen the icy dragon absorb. Moments later, footsteps caught Bowser's attention. He turned and growled, his face contorting as he shifted his body. The grey dragon was running, unsteadily but at full tilt. Curse. That. Grey. Dragon. He made to follow, but a sudden jolt of pain stopped him short. They were getting away...! But he wasn't really in a condition to chase the eldritch ice dragon. Ugh.
  7. Some breeds are harder to get as CB than as bred. In addition, CBs are pretty much freah building blocks for lineages that nean you don't have to trade for a 2g egg when you can breed it.
  8. Actually... the reason it's less consistent is people dump eggs that are at lower times. So rhose eggs get sorted first.
  9. True, but I do see people who do that. In addition, even if people do tyat - what is the harm? There are messy collectors and breed hoarders, and there are newbies who might be looking for eggs woth less time. Plus - WHAT would these limits be? HOW would they be decided?
  10. ...no thanks. I don't want to be limited on how many tries I can make at getting a rarer breed out of a common breed because of some arbitrary AP limit. Also - "no one wants." False. If that were true, we'd see eggs die in the AP, but the time is above 5d. Also, the eggs that show on the AP are the lowest time eggs there.
  11. Easy mistake, so no worries! It's a very small chance, but it is there.
  12. Just going to note Influence has a fail chance, it's not 100%. Other than that, your logic makes sense, though I will admit I think the suggestion would be nice.
  13. The link leads to a cancelled teleport with a Magi egg?
  14. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Elestren Giftee: DuskOfTheStars Lineage link(s): uEuaH Breed(s): Aether Wyvern Status: Accepted
  15. (Ther- ouch! - Bowser) The push on Bowser's shell tilted him. He scrabbled, trying to get purchase on the ground and tilting farther forward. One of his feet managed to get purchase. He grunted and kicked out, managing with thehelp of whatever was pushing him to finally get to his feet. The adrenaline faded, and a dull pain pervaded his body. Bowser growled softly and looked around, catching sight of the ice dragon horror taking a few hits. Good. He rhen spotted two of the pink-skinned elves from earlier. The first time..... Unconsciously, Bowser gritted his teeth. The pain was definitely getting worse. He tensed up, holding still for a few instants, before turning to face the dragon slowly. His body still hurt - from both of the beatdowns. Bowser growled. This was too important. His opponent was likely an eldritch horror! The koopa breathed a quick burst of flame. He then grimaced again, his tail curling in a bit. Bowser stifled a whimper of pain - he was a king. And he was proud and strong. (Enough. - White Kyurem) Blades of light. These people really liked blades. And light. Kyurem screamed. The blades stabbed, hurt, stabbed. More ice magic leaked from Kyurem's wounds. Pain atop the pain of everlasting hunger and incompletion. How... amusing. But they didn't have time to muse. They were fighting - and then a burst of yelling. Kyurem turned to see a familiar group of creatures. ...heh, perfect. They'll not separate me. Kyurem was used to pain. It was constant. Not a constant they enjoyed or wanted to prolong - in fact, they sought to end it - but a constant all the same. Despite the leaking ice magic, Kyurem shifted their body forward and shrouded themself in icy mist. A claw extended towards the group. It shook slightly, before steadying. Kyurem's lips curled, and they swiftly directed the icy mist into a wind that burned even as it froze. The magic - the wind - surged towards the group of opponents and away from Kyurem, who involuntarily listed back before unsteadily stepping back. Kyurem lowered themself and brought their wing-arms to their chest, hissing. They wouldn't be beat here. Not when they were getting closer. So much closer. To feeling. To being free. To no longer feeling constant pain. To being whole again.
  16. I'll comment that I've heard recommendations to use Stylus, personally. Also, mobile Chrome can't use plugins, but mobile Firefox can.
  17. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: Dusky_Flareon Forum name: DuskOfTheStars Birthday: Jan 25  Revised List: 1. CB Silver 2. CB Aeon 3a. 3rd gen checker Thuwed 3b. Any 2G with one Aether Wyvern parent 4a. CB Lunar Herald 4b.CB Aether hatchlings
  18. I'll admit the messy lineages made me a bit sad because these were the only kids from alt parents I could catch and I couldn't appreciate big lineages (higher than 4th gen) because of vision loss that makes it really difficult to track the locations of dragons, but just a me thing lmao. Ended up throwing mine back because someone else would have appreciated them more.
  19. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: DuskOfTheStars (https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/225711-duskofthestars/) Scroll Name: Dusky_Flareon (https://dragcave.net/user/Dusky_Flareon) Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/73848 Wishlist: 1. CB Gold, CB Silver, 2G Prize, 2G from SAlt, 2G Aether Wyvern Prizekin, all-number codes 2. CB Almandine, CB Copper (any), 2G metal, Alt Black (may freeze), Alt Vine (may freeze), 3G Thuwed (not PB Thuwed, if I can specify that) 3. CB Xenowyrm (any), CB Aeon 4. CB Tan Ridgewing, CB Red Dorsal, 2G Avatar (any) 5. CB Lunar Herald, CB Fire Gem, 2G Hybrid (any), 2G from Holiday, CB BSA (any except Vampire) 6. 2G from Aether, 2G from Candelabra, 2G from Nebula, 2G from Sunrise/set 7. CB Candelabra hatchie, CB Aether hatchie Breeding abilities: I can breed a 4g Thuwed stair, a few 3-4g prize lines, and 2 3g checkers from Spriter Alt. Can breed almost anything from regular or Holiday. (No female Holly.) Catching abilities: I can reliably catch up to about Lunar Herald, and less reliably catch up to Copper. (Can catch unreliably all Xenos except Gaia/Chrono.) Trading abilities: Unless I get a catcher and ND luck, nope. Teleport abilities: I have a decent amount of Magis.