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  1. [Enterprise] Enterprise's eyes fluttered open. The pain was gone. Am I...? The world came into focus around her. Gone was the warmth of the sun, light of the sky. Instead, a white ceiling greeted her. She looked around. The room was white, with several beds and sink, as well as cabinets. A white-haired woman, dressed in orange, a black-haired person, and a man with brown hair and bright green goggles were sitting in chairs around her. Who...? She didn't recognise any of them. She didn't hear - or - see her eagle in this place, either. Wherever she was... it wasn't home. She tensed. How am I here?! I was fighting Sirens... and then one got me... and.... She'd presumably blacked out, before waking up here. But... where was here? There weren't any repair ships or obvious military doctors or military personnel, yet one of the group appeared to have welding supplies. "What... what is this place..." She spoke quietly, on alert. She had no idea who these people were, who they were aligned, what they were planning. It left her unsettled.
  2. [Enterprise] Enterprise grit her teeth, and aimed her bow. Her arms trembled, blood trickling from several wounds and oil from others. A distant shout signalled an attack, before the sound of explosions could be heard and a Siren went down, staining the waves with alien blood. Her radio crackled, before she heard Laffey's monotone voice. "Siren battleship approaching, thirty degrees port... it's readying its guns." Enterprise looked - sure enough, the Siren was there. She drew back her bow, and fired just as the Siren did. A torpedo bomber dropped its payload, while the Siren's shot arced.... ...oh, Creator. It was coming for her! Before the carrier could dodge, pain ripped through her left side. Blood and fuel splattered, and she felt dizzy. "ENTERPRISE!!" she heard Bismarck shout over the radio as she stumbled back. Hee fingers trembled as they clenched on the bow. Pain pervaded her body, sharpest at the left side of her torso, and her knees trembled. She caught sight of the wound, gaping and bleeding. There was blood and fuel leaking from a hole that left metal and organs visible. Visible -- She felt so numb. Far away. Someone was yelling, maybe Bismarck, but she couldn't tell what was being said. Her knees buckled, as her eagle, Grim Reaper, dove towards her as she fell down down down down-- But instead of sinking into the sea, she hit earth. The other shipgirl had suddenly stopped shouting. Grim's distant call sounded again as her blood and fuel seeped into the earth. Green turned red and black, but it smelled of peace. Was this -- Where her fight ended again? Yorktown... Wasp... Hornet... will I see you... soon? It was ironic, perhaps... The sun was so bright, and Grim's wings periodically blocked it. It wasn't the sea where she'd been fighting. Her eyes picked up figures and stone, even as everything dimmed. Yet she wasn't dead quite yet....
  3. Tossing in character #2! Controller: Dusky Name: Enterprise Origins: Azur Lane | Enterprise’s page, note it lacks her EN lines: https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/Enterprise Age: Unknown (ambiguous in canon) | Appears to be mid 20s Gender: Female (she/her) Physical Appearance: Here's a link. She's about 6'0" when she's human sized, but at full size reaches over 110 feet. Strengths: -Kansen: Enterprise is a personified battleship. As such, she has rigging that she must summon to battle but may unsummon outside battle and the ability to walk on water, and some metal/mechanical-ness inside her body. -Aircraft Carrier: Enterprise is capable of summoning planes that scale with her present size and function as drones. Her rigging includes a runway to launch planes from. She may summon one of three types: fighter, dive bomber, or torpedo bomber. She may have up to five total planes active at any one time. -Skill: Lucky E: When Enterprise launches her planes, she has a high chance to increase her luck and evasion for several seconds. This chance may also include her planes dealing extra damage for several seconds. -Size Shifting: Enterprise may switch between human size and full size. She may only take full size on water bodies of sufficient size. Her planes scale with her size. -Grey Ghost: Enterprise has high luck. She is incapable of bestowing this upon others, though.... Equipment: -Eagle Companion: Enterprise owns a bald eagle named Grim Reaper. She was given to Enterprise by Yorktown as the latter was dying, before Enterprise was made to leave. Grim will tolerate being touched by others of Enterprise's family, but may or may not tolerate others depending on how they treat her. Other Information: -As a soldier in a war, Enterprise has been traumatised by her experiences and losing her family. -Her rigging includes her airstrip, her bow, and the metallic bits on the outside of her body.
  4. [Ready Player: [USS CV-8] Hornet] [HP: 100% | Status: OK | Rigging: Active/0 planes] [LEVEL ~ I] A sound of something landing. Heh...? Hornet turned a bit to see a woman. She definitely hadn't been there before. Weird. And then she was a puddle. Hornet clenched her teeth, but the woman reformed. The woman then buttoned up a shirt before coming over with the same question as Hornet herself had had. Apparently the man with brightly-coloured hair was weirded out too - but to a greater degree? He tried to leave after stating his name as Cody, but the large man grabbed him by the arm. It was then that Hornet noticed that the larger man had an aura of power. Power. Command. Danger. Not someone she wanted to provoke for any reason, it seemed. The larger man stated that running away wasn't a good idea, and Hornet found herself nodding. Figuring out what the heck was up would at least be less dangerous with backup. Because it was too quiet here. A few moments later, the large man released Cody from his grasp. Cody seemed to take a minute to collect himself, before introducing himself, and then introducing the commanding man as Charles. "Cody and Charles, hm? I'll remember those." Hornet responded. Hornet readied herself to speak -- And the ground started shaking. "Whoa!" Hornet shifted her body and feet, suddenly reminded of when the seas became rough and ready to toss ships and shipgirls around - even sink those who weren't careful on occasion. A flicker through Hornet's vision. Level One: Start.... Hornet hissed a bit of air in surprise. No sooner had the letters appeared than they disappeared. And that was when a green bar popped up. "Okay, what is going on here...?" Islands of white in the grey sky. A void yawned beneath them if she looked down. She was nearly at the edge. "Oh, Creator. Damn." Hornet scuttled back as though burnt. It honestly made her dizzy to look down upon - she was no creature of air. A distant... city? She remembered hearing Raleigh and Omaha talk about visiting one, once.... And then s commotion caught her attention. She turned to see Charles catch Cody, before spotting the whip of water lashed around Charles's leg. The other woman then came up, and slapped Charles on the back. ...this wasn't gonna end well, was it? Hornet barely heard the woman call Charles 'bud' and then try to reassure Cody. The shipgirl remained in her spot, not interested in coming closer to the edge immediately after that huge of a shift. She looked around again, before stepping closer when she was sure the ground and void had settled.
  5. [Ready Player: [USS CV-8] Hornet] [HP: 100% | Status: OK | Rigging: Active/0 planes] [A World Beyond the Mirror Seas?] "Hornet! There's a commission for you!" The blonde sshipgirl turned, and spotted a white-haired girl dashing towards her. Violet eyes, a cap, and the ever-present eagle her sister called "Grim Reaper." Her sister was Enterprise, who was currently the secretary ship of the naval base. That included delivering orders sometimes. Like today. "Yo, sis, what 'cha got for me?" Hornet asked. Enterprise stopped short, before replying. "The Commander wants you to go meet up with Repulse, Cassin, Downes, Cleveland, and Langley. Large-scale oil extraction.' "Oh boy. Another one." Hornet silently wondered what it was with the Commander and sending her on oil extractions. Would be nice to at least mix it up some when it came to commissions. ...though, again, last time some Sirens had appeared. They'd been chased off quickly with her and Langley's planes and the others' gunfire, but it was a little odd. "On my way." Hornet headed for the docks. Once there, she called her rigging and stepped off the docks. "Heh... feels like the seabreeze is starting again." The shipgirl looked around. There was always some activity, but it looked as though the others had left. She was going to have to catch up. Easy. She began to run across the water. A grin spread across her face. Really, with what she was, it was no surprise she felt most alive and at home on the seas. The water was what she'd been made for, and it was her home more than dry land ever was. A shipgirl was a ship at the core, made for the waves, made to ride the water. So it was that she simply wasn't expecting the sudden change in surroundings. "Wha-- Aah!" Her foot caught on - ground? She stumbled, flailing a bit, and tasted dirt. "Ow!" She'd hit her lip on her teeth. And the impact of her body into the ground had left grass on her clothes and slight scuffs on her skin. "Ugh...." She picked herself back up, rising to her feet a bit slowly. Her airstrip was next to her - she'd dropped it in the fall. Her hat had had tumbled off and lay nearby. Hornet leaned down to pick it up before looking around. A few paces in front of her were two men. One had brightly coloured hair and eyes, almost like some shipgirls she'd seen. The other was more muscular and had a sort of power about him, almost like some of the more battle-hardened ships she'd met. His features reminded her somewhat of South Dakota and Massachusetts. They were the only signs of life present, though - the grassy field stretched on unbroken by anything else or any change in the surroundings. She put her hat back on, and picked up her airstrip before stepping forward. So... what even is this place? No one to ask but the two men. Well. Nothing to do but try. "Eh... So do you know where - and what - this place is? ...and is there anyone else here? 'Cause it doesn't look like it."
  6. Oh boy, I'm going to have to go write some character sheets. Looks fun and I'm definitely up for this! Edit: going to just drop in Hornet for now. Controller: Dusky Name: Hornet Origins: Azur Lane | Hornet's page, note it lacks her EN lines: https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/Hornet Age: Unknown (ambiguous in canon) | Appears to be early-mid 20s Gender: Female (she/her) Physical Appearance: Have a link. She's about 5'6" when she's human sized, but at full size reaches over 100 feet. Strengths: -Kansen: Hornet is a personified battleship. As such, she has rigging that she must summon to battle but may unsummon outside battle and the ability to walk on water, and some metal/mechanical-ness inside her body. -Aircraft Carrier: Hornet is capable of summoning planes that scale with her present size and function as drones. Her rigging includes a runway to launch planes from. She may summon one of three types: fighter, dive bomber, or torpedo bomber. She may have up to five total planes active at any one time. -Skill: Doolittle Raid: Hornet has a chance to occasionally launch an extra three dive bombers. These dive bombers are ephemeral constructs and cannot be stopped, and blink in and out of existence. They still deal damage, though. -Size Shifting: Hornet may switch between human size and full size. She may only take full size on water bodies of sufficient size. Her planes scale with her size. Equipment: -None yet Other Information: -Hornet is very direct with her feelings - she'll make it clear what she thinks. -She dislikes being called "Big Wasp Yo." -Her rigging includes her airstrip and the metallic bits on the outside of her body.
  7. New character? New character. Name: Enterprise Origin: Azur Lane Info: An aircraft carrier shipgirl - a personified battleship, summoned by Wisdom Cubes to battle. Enterprise fought diligently against the Sakura Empire, destroying many of their ships. To her, the fighting is her duty, perpetual, but she yearns for the day it'll end. Abilities: As an aircraft carrier, Enterprise can summon and launch airplanes, which she does with the aid of her airstrip and bow. She may summon and have active at once up to 5 planes (fighters, dive bombers, and/or torpedo bombers). These planes must return to her after attacking, and may be destroyed by enemies, requiring her to summon new ones. Lucky E: When Enterprise launches an airstrike, her overall luck increases for several seconds, giving her a higher chance to dodge or survive attacks. Size shifting: On the open water, Enterprise is capable of going giant to battle. Outside these conditions, however, she is human-sized. Her planes’ sizes scale with her size - they will be small when Enterprise is human sized, and full size when she's at full size herself. She may only shift between human size and full size. Link to wiki: https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/Enterprise Extra: She has an eagle named Grim Reaper as a companion, given to her by her elder sister Yorktown when the latter sunk.
  8. *blames the other person* *gets egg* Good stuff.
  9. According to the actual bill: If you explicitly sign you don't consent to withdrawal until after you "fully" die, it cannot happen, from what I see in that bill. In addition - people have been able to withdraw life support, in other places at least, for others before this. There's even several court fights involving such, in fact. (Also re: abortion mentions: not a baby till it's out, simple. If it can't survive on its own, oh well, the woman's body is being affected negatively by it, her choice. Fetuses aren't sentient in much of any capacity until late pregnancy. Until then, it's much like having a leech on you, only you might want it there and it's genetically the same species as you. Also - women CAN AND DO need abortions for health reasons - I wouldn't exist if my mother hadn't been able to get a late term abortion because of blood poisoning endangering her life and causing the fetuses to be as good as dead.)
  10. @Pryanka I'll keep my old request mostly unchanged, but can you add 'v3' at the end of the text?
  11. [...] [Bowser] Bowser ignored the attempted interruption. He wasn't talking to the other winged humanoid, and he wasn't interested. The first one was shutting his friend up, anyway. And then.... "Who died and made you king?" This horned humanoid thought he was so smart, did he? Bowser could practically taste the attitude in the winged creature's tone. The Koopa snarled and huffed a puff of smoke from his nostrils before baring his teeth. "Think you're smart, huh? You're talking to the King of the Darklands. So how about you can it, smart mouth? Unless you're interested in telling me what I wanted to hear about." The demand to shut up was punctuated with a stiff swing of Bowser's tail. The Koopa clenched his right hand into a fist before opening it again, though it was still at his side.
  12. [...] [Bowser] You had to love it when someone was spilling their guts for you. At least, that was how Bowser felt. He grinned, but it was far too toothy. Well, now he knew what he needed to know. The location he'd been given was an odd bonus, but not something he was interested in questioning. No, when he looked around, something else caught his eye. The man who was walking away with some cube thing looked a lot like... "A Fire Emblem?" Bowser cocked his head slightly, closing one eye to think. Yeah, looked like the Corrins from that Smash tournament. A lot. They all had that sort of delicacy, polished white marble look to their faces with fancy hair, though this one was blond, wavy-haired, and had a particularly angular face with purple eyes. And then there was ... whatever kind of humanoid said Fire Emblem man had stepped away from. Purple and green with large horns, a blindfold, a very long and straight ponytail, wings and goat legs. Some kind of short pants as well, a far cry from his companions' outfits. He didn't quite look like any of them, really. Then there was a silver-sorta straight and spiky-haired girl with a staff and slightly darker silver eyes. Tiny nose and pale skin. She had an orange and white outfit, equally as distinct from her buddies'. The last one would have looked the most unassuming of the lot despite the black uniform, if it weren't for the fact he thought he saw a gun on them. Otherwise, they looked pretty ordinary - shorter black hair, dark eyes, skin a bit darker than the rest. Looked was the word. If those cursed plumbers had taught Bowser anything, it was to not assume someone was an ordinary human. Though, he could still take them in a fight. The weird bit was them all being from different universes. You saw different worlds hang out at nexuses. You didn't see ragtag bands where everyone was from a different universe seemingly joined at the hip. Almost. He'd made up his mind. Bowser approached the silver-haired girl, the purple humanoid, and the human(?). "Hey, you! What's with you lot and your buddy all being from different universes?"
  13. Google Pixel running Android 9.1 on Chrome - clicking arrows DOES NOT make selection arrow appear. They do nothing.
  14. Yeah, but for me now the option select isn't doing anything and there's no arrow indicating what's picked.
  15. Hi, how am I supposed to advance through the club thing on mobile? Trying to click any club just puts me through the Astronomy dialog, and I can't move the arrow because tapping other options doesn't work.
  16. Nothing as usual, but I highly doubt I'll ever get a CB Prize.
  17. Heads up, the CB Aeon link is broken.
  18. [...] [Bowser] Almost as soon as the dragon had run off, there was a buzz of activity. Most of the cops ran off to go chase that dragon. He would have joined them, but by now the rest were too far away. Bowser lashed his tail, having no patience to listen to the argument next to him. He looked around again. In the chaos of the situation, it'd be useful to know if needed to look for a bail out.... He ignored the chatter of the nearby group, approaching an officer instead. Bowser drew himself up to his full height before standing close to the officer who looked like sn anthropomorphic frog. "Tell me what you lot got planned." Bowser crossed his arms and stared down at the frog officer.
  19. If an egg or hatchling is fogged, it may not appear in progeny lists. Released dragons dtsy in progeny lists, and if I recall correctly dead dragons also stay in progeny lists until they are no longer visible from their owner's scroll.
  20. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Varislapsi Giftee: DuskOfTheStars Lineage link(s) 2X6jR Breed(s): Aether Wyvern Status: Accepted
  21. Been playing World of Light, I'm using Donjey Kong until I can find Bowser (the latter is my usual main). Awakened several fighters so far.
  22. I've never had a ND egg get sick while hatching it or experimenting, personally.