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  1. Just checked the Holly Contest thread. You can get Olives any way you choose, whether it be through Biome hunting, AP hunting, or of course, breeding. Maybe try hard refreshing? (Ctrl+F5)
  2. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Both April Release dragons. Both of them are CB, feel free to bite, kill, freeze, etc.
  3. Hello! I and a few other Shadowlings recently rebooted the Great Shadow Gene Effort. The old thread died in about 2015, but we thought it would be a good idea to bring back! Therefore, I present to you The Great Shadow Gene Effort v2.0 This is unfortunately only for members of the Shadow Flight, but on the bright side, Shadowlings rejoice! For 10kt a month starting from when you first ask to join the list, you will stay on our list and eventually get your gene for far less than what it actually costs! Come on and check it out! I promise it's cool.
  4. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: NightAssassin Forum name: NightAssassin Birthday: May 2 List: 1. CB Metals (Silver/Gold preffered) 2. CB Trio 3a. 4g Prize (Shimmerscale preffered, but Tinsels are fine too) 3b. 3g Silver from Silver x Gold Checker 4a. CB Aeon Wyvern 4b. CB Nebula or Lunar Herald (Note: If there is something with a cute code, I'll also take that regardless of lineage, generation, or type/rarity) {My favorite derg here so far is the Silver dragon. :3}
  5. Took the Tinsel! Thanks! And look! It's descended from Penk too!
  6. Keep: Silver Dragon Abandon: Silver Shimmer-Scale Dragon Kill: Silver Tinsel Dragon Neglected Dragon, Zombie Dragon (Any Kind), Guardian Of Nature
  7. Oh wow! Another release! Just had 3 spots and now I'm egglocked again with 1 of each and 3 other eggs.
  8. I would hoard shiny things, laptops, smartphones, internet routers, axolotls, platypi (plural of platypus), potatoes, cats, Star Wars merchandise, science textbooks, history textbooks, calulators, fancy headphones/earbuds, fluffy things, and sushi. I'd be the best dragon ever.
  9. YES! Spread the contagion! (I'm WAYYYYYY better at Minesweeper than I thought.)
  10. I'm terrible at picking breeding pairs. So terrible in fact, that most of the time, I have to use a fertility. Which is why I have 10 Purple Dragons.
  11. 1. I've noticed that a few people have learned how to spell "assassin" by pinging me. 2. A lot of people spell my username wrong and I have to manually look for replied addressed to me. 3. I randomly scream "POTATO." 4. I'm really random. 5. I have two smartphones. One has a shattered screen. Which is why I have the second. 6. I have an addiction to soy sauce. 7. I am a major Star Wars fan. I'm gonna start making an oil painting of BB-8 next week. 8. I take drawing lessons. I've learned pencil sketching, charcoal sketching, drawing with pens, watercolor painting, and oil painting. 9. I once punched a faucet in my bathroom. It hurt. A lot. 10. I'm super lame in real life, but cool on the Internet. Really Random Bonus: I pretty much live on the Internet.
  12. @Fuzzbucket I believe that you can only submit one research point every 10 minutes or something like that.
  13. Ah, thank you Sock! Thanks for the suggestion! I'll do just that!
  14. Bump. Hope some newbies post soon. Can't wait to make some people happy.
  15. Welcome to Nightfall Gifting & Raffles! Where new players can get some awesome stuff if they're lucky! Also, this is my first time ever hosting a raffle/gifting thread so if I'm doing something wrong or there's a more efficient way to do it, please tell me -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's pretty easy to get gifted! Just fill out the (quick) form and once every few pages, I'll pick a random posted to be gifted with several commons/uncommons or a rare! Feel free to make the form look pretty! RULES You may only ask to be gifted if your account is less than 3 months old. I WILL check. Don't pester me to gift you. I will gift people randomly. If you don't get picked, well you'll just have to try again. Don't be rude/mean. Rudeness will not be tolerated and it will automatically get you banned and you won't ever be allowed to win stuff again. The Form [b]I'd Like To Be Gifted![/b] [b]What Is Your Scroll On Dragon Cave? (Link Please)[/b] [b]Is There Anything That You really Want?[/b] [b]Any Suggestions On How To Make This Better? (If You Think Everything's Great Than Just Say That!)[/b] Codeword: Nightfall Gifting Gifted: None Yet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once every month or 2 months, depending on my schedule, I will host a raffle.The prizes could be anything from a butt-ton of uncommons up to a Gold or Silver Dragon. Or possibly both! Just fill out the form and you're all good to go! THIS MONTH'S RAFFLE IS a Generation 3 Gaia Xenowyrm and a Generation 3 Thalassa Xenowyrm! I will be breeding them a day or two before the end date of the raffle just so their new owners have enough time to get them enough views. I also cannot guarentee that my dragons will cooperate and get me the necessary eggs. In the event of a failed breeding, I will postpone the end of the raffle. THINGS I CAN RAFFLE OFF: Bulk Uncommons/Commons Rares Very Rares THINGS I CANNON RAFFLE OFF: Non-Breedables (Paper Dragon, Cheese Dragon) Alternate Undine Dragon Alternate Black Dragon Alternate Dark Green Dragon Neglected Dragon Holiday Dragons (Unless It's The Time Of Their Respective Holiday) Zombie Dragons Non-Dragons (Leetle Trees, Chickens, Dinos) RULES You may only enter if you don't have any rare dragons. I WILL check. If you are unsure if a dragon is considered rare or not, you should consult the Dragon Cave Wiki page located HERE Don't try to bribe me to announce you as the winner. A raffle is a raffle. It's random. Don't be rude/mean. Rudeness will not be tolerated and it will automatically get you banned and you won't ever be allowed to win stuff again. Please do not release/bite/freeze/kill/ any dragons you win here as a prize. Although I have no control over what ultimately happens to them, I would prefer that they are kept alive and as the dragons they were originally bred as. You must accept the PM I send to you containing your prize within 4 days of me sending it, if you don't accept it within that time frame, I'll cancel it and gift it to someone else. The Form [b]I'd Like To Enter The Raffle![/b] [b]What Is Your Scroll On Dragon Cave? (Link Please)[/b] [b]What Will You Do With The Egg?[/b] [b]Any Suggestions On How To Make This Better? (If You Think Everything's Great Than Just Say That!)[/b] [b]What Should I Raffle Off Next?[/b] Codeword: Nightfall Gaia Xenowyrm & Thalassa Xenowyrm Raffle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donating is completely optional but if you want to help out newbies, then feel free to send me a Transfer link via PM! Donations will either be raffled off, or if they are cave born or low generation rares or lineaged dragons, I will keep them and raffle off their (possibly lineaged) offspring just to make sure I never run out of raffle fodder. Donators: Lunevis (Donated Several Rares) Kitsuneii_74 (Donated Many Rares And A few Very Rares) Flurp (Donated A G2 Purebred Copper And Gold) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Banners (None Yet)
  16. Not my fault. *Holds hands up* Or maybe it is... *Psycho grin* *Returns to normal* Also, where are you gonna get the weapons if you're locked in a cell?
  17. New eggs!! Yay! I already grabbed two of the new ones and I didn't know what I was doing.
  18. I'm not sure why, but I sorta ship Kylo Ren x Rey from Star Wars. I know it's absolutely impossible but I feel like Kylo Ren kinda likes Rey.