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  1. Trying desperately to get a hold of a CB Pyrope to the point that I'm trying to mass-breed my rares, but no offers.
  2. AP stands for Action Points, which can affect how likely your dragons will successfully breed an egg. You get more AP by private messaging TJ repeatedly everyday! How can I make my rare dragons CB?
  3. Now let me tell you of a tale of how I found out my hatchling was a Dorkface... Once upon a time, I picked up a Seragamma Wyvern egg from the AP instead of getting a CB one. Since Seragamma Wyverns' element is death, I knew that it would be compatible with my Gaia Xenowyrm. After it hatched, I decided to check my hatchling's lineage and saw how long and messy it was. I went over to the Eggs Around the World Site to see if it was inbred, and sure enough it was. I looked back on the lineage to see what exact dragons caused the inbreeding and saw multiple dragon ancestors mentioned atleast twice; a white dragon named Michael Pureheart, a magi named Magyc Illusion, two silvers named Highland Silver Lassie and Masamuna... And then I found this dragon, a green dragon named Mahou Midori Dorkface. In my head, I'm like Wait, is this an actual a Dorkface? since my lineage got cut off after seeing this dragon. I click on it's lineage and saw this. Mahou Midori Dorkface was an actual Dorkface. And it's decendent, my inbred Seragamma hatchling, that I just picked up by chance from the AP, was a long-lost Dorkface. So instead of re-abandoning or releasing the little inbred into the wild, I've decided to keep my hatchling and give it a fitting name: An Inbred Dorkface
  4. Nope, but you can get robots! Just go to the AP and click on all of the s! What is a Dorkface and how can I get one?
  5. None of my Xenowyrms wanted to breed today, either weren't interested in their partner or they did and no egg was produced.
  6. Missed a CB Spessartine this morning, and no luck on getting a CB Pyrope for my lineage project!
  7. Hesitated on a Silver and Avatar of Change on the AP...
  8. Cheerful Nugget Nose Chicken (Holy cow you have so many chickens!!!)
  9. Keep Red Abandon Purple Kill Pink Imperial Fleshcrowne, Moonstone, Sunstone
  10. NuTur Hwy6w U52hO Just read it out...