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  1. Have CB 09 Valentine (unique code: 1R1Y1) Want CB Gold CB Silver Offers (Any rare of equal value, I already have all of the other holiday dragons I need) Make an offer on my egg!
  2. BUMP!!! Send me an offer, I seriously want to give this little guy away!
  3. Have CB Mistletoe Hatchling Want Offers! (preferably other CB holiday dragons or rares) Make an offer on my hatchling!
  4. Have CB Mistletoe Want Offers, eggs or hatchlings (preferably other holiday dragons, like Holly or Yulebuck, but not this year's dragon) Make an offer on my egg!
  5. Have CB Mistletoe Dragon Want (in order of preference, egg or hatchling) CB Gold Dragon CB Snow Dragon CB Ribbon Dancer CB Snow Angel (doesn't need to be gendered) CB Yulebuck CB Holly PM me with your dragon's teleport link if you want to trade, still need time to cool down the egg.
  6. >Got a CB neotropical egg >Decides to vamp it >Its successful >Other dragons toss it away >No biggie, didn't want it >See's its code: ANYhO >MISTAKES WERE MADE!!!!!
  7. Have 2017 Halloween egg (precogged to be female) Scroll : https://dragcave.net/lineage/uK8TL Want 2017 Halloween egg or hatchi (precogged to be male) Make an offer on my egg!
  8. I actually caught my only two blues on the volcano page!
  9. I knew that a name like Thunderc-word would definitely not be aloud on DC, but what about Thundercooch? The name was available to use, but I'm not sure if it'd still be inappropriate. If it's still too pushy, I'll just stick with Thunder-Couch for now. PS It's for my first CB Thunder Dragon, male. I wanted to have a name that's a bit subtle with a humorous play on the opposite of my hatchling's gender, but nothing that would go too far or offend anyone.
  10. Baby Shimmer-scale Angst, when Shimmer-scale Dragons go through a bad-boy phase in their teens. They snort shimmer dust and disappoint their parents. How can I get a newly released dragon egg?
  11. I should be doing laundry, but I'm just texting my boyfriend!
  12. DemiD


    I have a dragon Application: Dragon Link: Dorkface Thuwed! Gen of Dorkwed: 7 or 8 (My lineage page might be a little glitched!) Breed (Optional): Thunder Dragon (Currently an egg)
  13. Its because the Shimmerscale is super cold and needs to be placed right next to a fireplace, ASAP!!! Why can I not breed any of my Vampires with my other dragons?
  14. (No question, eh? ) Why would one dragon egg have the same description as another dragon egg of a different species?
  15. Bred some eggs to get hybrids, only to have them auto-abandoned because I completely forgot about my maxed-out egg count.