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  1. "Ill challenge you." A young white fox stepped into the arena, a staff in his paw and a blindfold over his eyes. He smiled, remembering this opponent. "Well, care for a rematch, Saito?" equips Regal Staff: Str17
  2. alexau

    Christian bands

    I listen to a rather large mix of secular/Christian artists including: 12 Stones blessthefall Blindside Brand New Breaking Benjamin on occasion Chasing Victory The Classic Crime Demon Hunter Emery Haste the Day Kids in the Way Linkin Park Mae Paramore Thrice I could list more, but I think that will suffice for now. I tend to stay away from bands that have explicit lyrics.
  3. Vladamirs Crest told him the wolf wasnt lying about his trade. He climbed into the back of the car as he always did, head down, collar up. He was surprised by the cars raw power, as he was thrust back against the seat. Vladamir could see the wolf was smiling as he did this. Vlad, theres another computer here... Vladamir hissed under his breath. "Shut up, Crest." He could see that the wolf was watching him in the rear view mirror. "Names Vladamir. Friends call me Vlad. Government calls me The Angel Of Death. What do I call you?"
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    Cirque Du Freak

    i cant believe you guys didnt start a topic on this already. cirque du freak the vampires assistant tunnels of blood vampire mountain trials of death vampire prince hunters of the dusk allies of the night killers of the dawn the lake of souls lord of the shadows and sons of destiny so if youve read any of these state what you thought or your criticism i dont care which