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    DRAWING your own icons you say? No, not me. What kind of nerd... Draws their icons...
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    Currently looking for:

    ( Sol. 1/2 | Ice 0/2 ) Solstice x Ice {Pending from IOU}
    ( Thala. 0/2 | Aeg. 1/2 ) Thalassa x P. Aegis (Pending from IOU)
    ( Desi. 1/2 | Spi. 0/2 ) Desipis x [M] Spirit Ward (Pending from IOU)

    Also receiving recommendations on what to breed. I prefer pastel-ish colours or dark colours with strong highlights.


    [F] Speckle x Spirit Ward | 3G / 25G
    [M] Speckle x Hellfire | 2G / 4G
    [F] Pyrope-spite x Red | 3G / As large as possible
    [F] Antarean x Mageia-Xeno | 2G / 4G
    [M] Gold. Wyv. x Roy. Blue | 2G / 4G


    [F] Magma x Blusang | Goal: 4G
    [M] Frostbite x Nhiostrife | Goal: 4G
    [M] Glaucus x Night Glory | Goal: 4G
    [F] Cassare x Ember | Goal: 4G
    [F] Spirit Ward x Pur. Nebula | Goal: 4G