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  1. I'm planning the following:


    Morpho x Glaucus Spiral




    Howler x Tarantula Hawk Staircase


    Though it may be a little bit before I tackle either. I'm so happy that we two new drakes, they really make lineage projects for the guys much much easier than before since these two new releases really added some designs that will pair well with the current choices so well. I also imagine that they will pair well with any future Drakes released. biggrin.gif

  2. Mass breeds are fine if they're breeds that have a BSA or generally a useful characteristic, such as being holidays or uncommon breeds and such. Common mass breeds are quite irritating to me, but I'm not the type to make a fuss over it. My only question is why? I'm a little puzzled.

    This is pretty much how I feel on the subject as well.

    But then, I don't breed all too often. For a short bit I did, because I wanted to give back some nice eggs in exchange for the wonderful ones people have managed to place there on my own and others behalf to take and enjoy. Still do breed, trying to make stuff for a few friends and all, so some of my failures are getting dumped to the AP, but I always try to make them nice lineages should undesired results occur.


    But honestly when it comes to BSA eggs, I don't worry much on lineages, they can be messy, inbred, and everything in-between that's "undesirable." Sometimes I take messy lineage eggs also cause its a dragon I don't own one of yet, and really want~

  3. Oh my gosh, the new drakes actually make it so much easier for pairing up for lineage projects.


    I'm just starting to get into all that since I finally have a pretty wide variety of dragons ^.^~


    Going to consider doing the following Drake Projects next:


    -Howler x Tarantula Hawk

    -Glaucus x Morpho


    Somehow have to do all that while still working on my first project of Blusang Lindwurm x Golden Wyvern.


    Also, its so hard to pick a favorite from this new bunch, but they are all amazing. So glad I finished getting at least one of each finally.

  4. I didn't wanna abandon any of my eggoos, so um, well, I only picked up one of the Drakes so far.

    This evening I hope to catch another new egg when one of them hatches.


    I love the new Drake eggs size! Also, the backgrounds for each of the biomes are really darn awesome as well. Thanks so much for the update, its a really exciting one for someone who just joined a few months ago.

  5. I totally remember grabbing this Magelight Pygmy as my first from the Abandoned Page. The reason for picking it over other eggs I saw? It was so cute and tiny, and I loved the egg colors. It wound up being a cave born pygmy, and grew into a male adult. Still have a total soft spot for pygmies in general, and will totally need to think up a project to do with them eventually.


    Grekken Gran Dis