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  1. Greetings all! I've been gone from the site for a few years, and recently rediscovered Dragon Cave after going through some of my old bookmarks. Thought I would come back see what was new, or if anyone remembers me. I had originally posted my reintroduction in the introductions subforum, but was told that was strictly for new members only, so I thought I would make a new thread. Hopefully I'm not the only one who will have been gone for awhile, and comes back. Sooooooo, Hello again Dragon Cavers! How y'all doin?!
  2. I have been trying since the BSA released, and I FINALLY got my first GON. *Kermit Flails* I was just all, "well time to fail again." I had to reread the message about 5 times to make sure I had actually read it right.
  3. Been trying since the release of the BSA, and I have yet to summon even one.
  4. Been seeing this since the BSA came out. I pretty much summon out of habit anymore, not from expecting anything.
  5. I was wondering if anyone had a lineage like this. I need a 3rd gen BBW from a pairing like this so I can breed a mate for This special guy
  6. Just bred this little guy: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Owuch I saw his code and went "Daaw, poor guy" lol.
  7. When I first started I made short little descriptions of my dragons. But I got really annoyed after the Pokemon invasion, when all my descriptions got marked down b/c they were "POKEMON NOT DARGONS LAWL." So, I stopped feeding the trolls, and stopped describing.
  8. Got 2 of the new releases. I missed out on the 2 CB's silvers I saw, but I am now happily locked with 3 CB blacks.
  9. If you ever do a lineage like this with your flamingo, let me know. I'd love to linage swap.
  10. Maybe I'm just there at the wrong time, but I haven't seen any... let alone even have a chance if I did. =S
  11. LOL! Nice find there! That's crazy, and awesome.
  12. This pretty Bluna Thank you to the breeder.
  13. When I see wish lists that have "only from lines I don't have" like requirements, I generally just ignore the trade completely. Even if I want what is being offered. However if it is a "I need a 3rd Gen black not related to this black" I will check that, its not hard. On the flip side of people wanting outrageous things for their trades... I typically just trade for the fun of it. I like to see what I can get. While I have gotten fantastic deals. I have also offered up things like CB Nebula's or Red's, for simple offers of CB's or Even Gens... and have gotten NOTHING. *shrugs* Goes both ways I guess.
  14. I just tried 2 bites for the first time in a loooong time. 1 died 1 repulsed
  15. The evilminion is correct. thats the labor of my feeshy love. If anyone else is interested, I gladly accept requests when asked nicely. typically if you find a dragon with whom both parwnts are surnamed "of Doom" good chance it is mine. lol.
  16. Thanks everyone for your thoughts on my Alt/flamingo/lurker! I do loves her, she is very pretty. I just wish that I had another CB Black and 09 Val. SO I could try for a 4th Gen. LOL. That would be a glutton for punishment. When I can get this and This to finally give me a blue, I will have a mate for this pretty little Thuwed. Excited? yes, yes I am. Kleptomaniac, it's not exact, but I could breed you a mate to THIS or THIS it may look nice.
  17. So I came up with this pretty combo for my Alt Black. Yay? Nay? Does anyone else have any ideas that would look good with the Alt Black? I only have 1 CB black and 1 Val.
  18. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! FINALLY A SILVER!!!!! I haven't been able to breed a silver dragon since April of 09!!! o.O But... I finally got one. Now I don't know whether to keep or trade. I want a silver for myself, but I loooove trading and seeing what things I get offered. Anyways, I'll go back to Kermit Flailing in happiness now. If I keep it, what should I do as a mate?
  19. I miscounted the ammount of Eggs I already had, and bred a 3G PB Green Stripe for a project... took forever to get the parents to give me another egg too. UGH. *Bangs head on desk* This is the SECOND time I've done this. *sighs*
  20. SQUEEEEE!!!! It Alt'd *Does a happy dance* Now to figure out how to carry on the lineage.
  21. @Lolchen Thanks. I would greatly appreciate any help. Oh and if you like I can attempt to breed This for you if you'd like. They haven't given me an egg yet, but I keep trying. If you would like one, when they cooperate, just let me know. I could also try a 2nd Gen w/a Lurker or Marrow. Just let me know. I am glad to help.
  22. Currently I'm playing: Hitman Gears of War 3 - Horde and Beast Trying to get back into Skyrim, totally lost interest after beating the Dark Brotherhood saga... it was SOOOO interesting, and the rest seems bland in comparison.
  23. I have some updates on some new projects I'm working on. First there is this handsome 3rd Gen Then there is this cutie. If anyone else is doing a lineage like this one, I would LOOOVE the help and would be happy to return the favor. There is also, one of 2 3G's needed, so I can have a mate for my 4th Gen. Finally I would be working on a 3rd Gen of this pairing, if one of my 3 pairs would actually give me a freaking Nebula to try and make green. LOL
  24. Nothing for me.... even went through all my spam mails, nada. UNless TJ is hiding a congratulations message in a spam mail about cheap drugs, car insurance, and credit scores.
  25. I just bred this pretty forgetting I was egg locked, but the time I unlocked myself, it was gone from the AP. *sad day*