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    SPAM:Reintroduction Thread!

    Greetings all! I've been gone from the site for a few years, and recently rediscovered Dragon Cave after going through some of my old bookmarks. Thought I would come back see what was new, or if anyone remembers me. I had originally posted my reintroduction in the introductions subforum, but was told that was strictly for new members only, so I thought I would make a new thread. Hopefully I'm not the only one who will have been gone for awhile, and comes back. Sooooooo, Hello again Dragon Cavers! How y'all doin?!
  2. HotIce80

    Summoning Discussion ver2.0

    I have been trying since the BSA released, and I FINALLY got my first GON. *Kermit Flails* I was just all, "well time to fail again." I had to reread the message about 5 times to make sure I had actually read it right.
  3. HotIce80

    Summoning Discussion ver2.0

    Been trying since the release of the BSA, and I have yet to summon even one.
  4. HotIce80

    Summoning Discussion ver2.0

    Been seeing this since the BSA came out. I pretty much summon out of habit anymore, not from expecting anything.
  5. HotIce80

    Even/Perfect Generations V5

    I was wondering if anyone had a lineage like this. I need a 3rd gen BBW from a pairing like this so I can breed a mate for This special guy
  6. HotIce80

    Dragon Codes V2.0

    Just bred this little guy: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Owuch I saw his code and went "Daaw, poor guy" lol.
  7. HotIce80

    Do you describe your drags

    When I first started I made short little descriptions of my dragons. But I got really annoyed after the Pokemon invasion, when all my descriptions got marked down b/c they were "POKEMON NOT DARGONS LAWL." So, I stopped feeding the trolls, and stopped describing.
  8. HotIce80

    The Congrats Thread, V5

    Got 2 of the new releases. I missed out on the 2 CB's silvers I saw, but I am now happily locked with 3 CB blacks.
  9. HotIce80

    Great Lineages Found in AP

    If you ever do a lineage like this with your flamingo, let me know. I'd love to linage swap.
  10. HotIce80

    CB Metals everywhere!

    Maybe I'm just there at the wrong time, but I haven't seen any... let alone even have a chance if I did. =S
  11. HotIce80

    Great Lineages Found in AP

    LOL! Nice find there! That's crazy, and awesome.
  12. HotIce80

    Great Lineages Found in AP

    This pretty Bluna Thank you to the breeder.
  13. HotIce80

    Trading Inflation

    When I see wish lists that have "only from lines I don't have" like requirements, I generally just ignore the trade completely. Even if I want what is being offered. However if it is a "I need a 3rd Gen black not related to this black" I will check that, its not hard. On the flip side of people wanting outrageous things for their trades... I typically just trade for the fun of it. I like to see what I can get. While I have gotten fantastic deals. I have also offered up things like CB Nebula's or Red's, for simple offers of CB's or Even Gens... and have gotten NOTHING. *shrugs* Goes both ways I guess.
  14. HotIce80

    Vampire bite BSA statistics

    I just tried 2 bites for the first time in a loooong time. 1 died 1 repulsed
  15. HotIce80

    Great Lineages Found in AP

    The evilminion is correct. thats the labor of my feeshy love. If anyone else is interested, I gladly accept requests when asked nicely. typically if you find a dragon with whom both parwnts are surnamed "of Doom" good chance it is mine. lol.
  16. HotIce80

    Even/Perfect Generations V5

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts on my Alt/flamingo/lurker! I do loves her, she is very pretty. I just wish that I had another CB Black and 09 Val. SO I could try for a 4th Gen. LOL. That would be a glutton for punishment. When I can get this and This to finally give me a blue, I will have a mate for this pretty little Thuwed. Excited? yes, yes I am. Kleptomaniac, it's not exact, but I could breed you a mate to THIS or THIS it may look nice.
  17. HotIce80

    Even/Perfect Generations V5

    So I came up with this pretty combo for my Alt Black. Yay? Nay? Does anyone else have any ideas that would look good with the Alt Black? I only have 1 CB black and 1 Val.
  18. HotIce80

    Even/Perfect Generations V5

    OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! FINALLY A SILVER!!!!! I haven't been able to breed a silver dragon since April of 09!!! o.O But... I finally got one. Now I don't know whether to keep or trade. I want a silver for myself, but I loooove trading and seeing what things I get offered. Anyways, I'll go back to Kermit Flailing in happiness now. If I keep it, what should I do as a mate?
  19. HotIce80

    Stupid things you've done on dc

    I miscounted the ammount of Eggs I already had, and bred a 3G PB Green Stripe for a project... took forever to get the parents to give me another egg too. UGH. *Bangs head on desk* This is the SECOND time I've done this. *sighs*
  20. HotIce80

    Even/Perfect Generations V5

    SQUEEEEE!!!! It Alt'd *Does a happy dance* Now to figure out how to carry on the lineage.
  21. HotIce80

    Even/Perfect Generations V5

    @Lolchen Thanks. I would greatly appreciate any help. Oh and if you like I can attempt to breed This for you if you'd like. They haven't given me an egg yet, but I keep trying. If you would like one, when they cooperate, just let me know. I could also try a 2nd Gen w/a Lurker or Marrow. Just let me know. I am glad to help.
  22. HotIce80

    What Game are you Playing?

    Currently I'm playing: Hitman Gears of War 3 - Horde and Beast Trying to get back into Skyrim, totally lost interest after beating the Dark Brotherhood saga... it was SOOOO interesting, and the rest seems bland in comparison.
  23. HotIce80

    Even/Perfect Generations V5

    I have some updates on some new projects I'm working on. First there is this handsome 3rd Gen Then there is this cutie. If anyone else is doing a lineage like this one, I would LOOOVE the help and would be happy to return the favor. There is also, one of 2 3G's needed, so I can have a mate for my 4th Gen. Finally I would be working on a 3rd Gen of this pairing, if one of my 3 pairs would actually give me a freaking Nebula to try and make green. LOL
  24. HotIce80

    2013-01-08 - Raffle Update

    Nothing for me.... even went through all my spam mails, nada. UNless TJ is hiding a congratulations message in a spam mail about cheap drugs, car insurance, and credit scores.
  25. HotIce80

    Stupid things you've done on dc

    I just bred this pretty forgetting I was egg locked, but the time I unlocked myself, it was gone from the AP. *sad day*