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  1. I just found out. After giving the box to the spider type "ASK SPIDER ON DATE." Once you reach the end and confess your feelings you'll be given the option.
  2. It wouldn't take long to test a text adventure that you know every command to.
  3. I can't even get past the mountain path fork.
  4. I'm feeling really sad that there's so many people who just believe what the media says and assume Trump is a racist and sexist and Hillary should have won, while in reality she's a murderer who wants to start WW3.
  5. Wow, I didn't know this place was so anti-Christian and radical feminist that they would rather vote for a Satanist murderer who wants to start a war with Russia just to have a female non-Christian as president. That also makes me wonder, why would feminists want the first female president to be the worst president?
  6. I Would Like To Join This Project! Forum Name:Aspiring_Dev Scroll Link:Here PM Link:Here Hidden Word:Christmas Sign Up Date:9/5/2016 Point Total:0 Eligible Dragons:None