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  1. LINEAGE PROJECT FORM All fields marked * are required. *Scroll link/forum name: Forum name is Monster04, here's my scroll link *Lineage name: Domestic Gold Project (creative, i know lolol) *Breeds of dragons involved: golds only *Type of lineage project: even-gen / pyramid *What are your goals for this project?: to make an even-gen, purebred gold lineage where all the gen1s where bought from the market. (i'll probably officially end it at 5th gen but try to keep it going for fun after i hit that, i'll see how this first goal goes lol) How can others help? if you have a pair (male and female)
  2. one more to go~ pretty happy (now i'll hopefully stop procrastinating from my term paper heh)
  3. thanks for the three days! i only have 7 more eggs to go!
  4. Have: a G2 Aeria Gloris from a female Bronze Eastern Prize (you may view it here) Want: Offers, CB eggs/ hatchlings preferred, other G2 prizekin? Offer here: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. @Kuraselache that's similar to my set up and I'm on round 95- just lost a green around 90 it lasts a long time
  6. I'm on round 90 which is insane, I didn't think I'd get this far lol
  7. Hey! What's the deal with thuweds? I've gone on the https://dragcave.net/thuwed page before and it said requests were closed. it doesn't say that anymore so... does that mean it's open? If yes, how does one request a thuwed child? Thanks to anyone who answers this question!
  8. 47/62..... aaaaa this is the closest I've ever gotten..... hope I make it....
  9. I got eaten... will I get another chance?
  10. mmm I'm feelin my fort rn (cluttered mess that it is) Thanks for the update TJ! (kept running out of wood before it lol)
  11. haven't gotten any drops for a while now- the only ones I have been getting were from leveling up... need timber for repairs and can't repair one of my ice walls because a broken trebuchet is blocking it (I can't move it to fix the wall) 😕
  12. anyone else not getting new deposits of resources?
  13. aaaaa i'm relly happy rn bc my prize dragon bred two prizes in a rowwww this one last week This one just now
  14. Is there a place where should I post an interest check for possible breeding projects / bloodlines?
  15. Where should I post an interest check for possible breeding projects / bloodlines?
  16. I think I'm having issues with my scroll sort order? I want to have the eggs and hatchlings on top, then two dragons who are special to me, and then have all my other dragons in order of date (the default) but whenever I do this, new eggs I get are put on top of the other eggs which throws off the order they are supposed to be in (usually new eggs go to the bottom of the egg/hatchling section) does anyone know how to fix this?
  17. I grabbed this 'hIKUp'ing fella from the cave a few days ago...
  18. I feel like this a lot too but I've never known how to put this into words?? like, I don't think im trans but maybe nonbinary or smth?? idk
  19. I have four off the top of my head- WuzZy MrBIZ EepeR GOO0Z have an entire group dedicated to these guys here
  20. anyone else think these guys are harry potter dragons??
  21. Just curious- how long will my mint dragon stay upside down? I kinda hope forever but idk ~/view/ link changed to /lineage/, please do not post view links to growing dragons~
  22. Is it possible to unname a dragon after it has been named?
  23. Pride Egg Transfer Form: Sent by:Zerhai Received by:Monster04 Egg Lineage Url: http://dragcave.net/lineage/q7hkW Sorry for taking so long to get on!
  24. I would like to obtain a Pride Egg Link To Scroll: HERE ~Please add me to the waiting list~