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  1. Oooh i shall have a look! I appreciate it
  2. Thankyou! I wanna draw more soon but i wanna contribute to the site in some way but im very bad at understanding forums :’) therefore im struggling to find the necessary people to speak to
  3. Just a discussion thread for upcoming events im looking for the organisers (im so bad at navigating through forums) im an artist and im wanting to speak to the organisers about assisting
  4. Im an artist and i like drawin dragons sometimes no critism allowed, if i wanted it i’d ask. I hope you all enjoy; im open for commissions (for custom specific work not necessarily DC related) and requests for species’ to draw do not steal my art do not post it anywhere without signed consent from me original art by me
  5. I have this: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Nn8vY looking for: either CB or second gen will also accept gold