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  1. Same here, I caught a pair of Golds and am trying to get the Purples now but have been too slow so far! I managed to trade a Zyumorph egg to an offsite friend for one Purple egg and am hoping to make another trade for a second (possibly a third one also) but haven't had any bites so far.
  2. Got a pair of gold eggs - now I've just got to grab some purples! Fingers crossed, these guys are hard to catch.
  3. Oh man, I missed the flood for the Alpine and Forest eggs by a day and now catching them is gonna be interesting. At least I'm still seeing them appear, even if I'm not quite fast enough to catch them!
  4. I'm really glad they re-released the holidays. I got to collect CBs of them all except for the Hollies, which is about what I was expecting I just saw four drop at the ten-minute mark, but I'm not holding out much hope that I'll be fast enough to snag one with 100+ people in the biome. But at least there will be more 2nd gens to trade for, and I can try and snag holiday mates for when there are eggs next year! I am really happy that I managed to round out my other sets of CBs though, especially the Winter Magis and the Solstices. Aside from the Aegis, those are my favorite holidays by a long shot. I hope they rerelease the CBs during Valentine's as well! I'd love a chance to collect some CB Radiant Angels.
  5. I already precog'd it and it's set to gender male, unfortunately! Thanks for the thread name - I knew there was probably a thread like that but I had no idea what it was called.
  6. Thanks for the reply! I precog'd the egg already and it's set to gender male :/
  7. I have a Witchlight egg that I'd like to influence female, but I'm out of female Pinks on my scroll who can use their BSA. If I send my egg to someone else and they influence it, will the Influence stay once it's returned to my account?
  8. I really like the new dragons! I managed to snag four CBs, two males and two females. I used up my last Influence on one of the Omen eggs, which I'm bummed about because I found a great Witchlight egg in the AP that I would really like to influence female. D:
  9. I found this nice egg in the AP but I'm out of Pinks to influence it! It Precog'd male and I'd really like to have a female hatchling... I'm cursing myself for not snagging/breeding more Pinks when I knew I was short on females.
  10. I LOVE the Baikalas! The green ones are my favorites for once, I scooped up a whole bunch of green eggs from the Jungle where they still seem to be dropping pretty often. There aren't too many people hunting there either, I got all three of mine uncontested. I don't like the Scripts' sprites as much, they're chunkier than I was expecting based on the hatchling sprites, but I love the supplemental lore and want ten of these goofy giants to cuddle with so I'll probably get a few more for that reason alone! Has there been any supplemental information on the Baikalas? I'd love to know more about them!
  11. I really want a few more so that I can get pairs, but it seems I'm SOL for the time being... I haven't seen one in an hour. I guess I'll dig around the AP for those 4-day eggs! Lots of nice CBs because of the new release
  12. Misclicked on a two-headed lindwurm ;-; Now I'm locked again! Dang, I wanted a Forest drop but I'll just have to try again in a few hours. More sick eggs/hatchlings, two of mine are sick now.
  13. My eggs are starting to hatch! My Black hatchling is sick though Managed to catch a second Blue but they've become a bit harder to find since I was last hunting! I think Blue and White are my favorites of the adult sprites.
  14. Just missed three of them in the Jungle biome ;-; Just a fraction too slow!
  15. I just need one more egg - when I get a Jungle, I'll have a full set! I might try and catch more but I'll be egg-locked and don't want to risk incubating quite yet.
  16. YES got my Forest egg. Just two biomes left!
  17. Yes I finally caught one right after the hour drop! Moving onto the Forest now, I'm not egg-locked yet either
  18. This was such a great update, WOW!! I was a day late to the party and missed the flood though ;-; I've managed to catch the Alpine and Desert eggs, but I've been having an easier time grabbing CB Xenowyrms than completing the rest of the collection.
  19. *facepalms* I'm dumb and snatched up a red egg from the Volcano without seeing what was dropping that hour! Green is what I actually need ~Please take trading to the Trading section~ I just found out that one of my green hatchlings misgendered and I don't have all the sprites after all.
  20. I am a huge Voltron fan and managed to snag Blue Paladin Lance, Red Paladin Keith, and Green Paladin Pidge for three of my Fire Gems.
  21. 2nd Gen Aeon Wyvern! Please reply to this post if you take it Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  22. I'm actually SCROLL-locked for the first time ever! I snagged so many low-time eggs out of the AP and I've been doing a ton of trading trying to get the new eggs. I actually abandoned a Falconiform hatchling that I didn't need, but I'm glad I did because I was FINALLY able to catch a Blue egg at the half-hour drop! I have every color now!