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  1. The Souls series has some of my favorite music, as does Silent Hill 1-4. Bloodborne's OST is pretty nice too.
  2. Pretty sure this discovery counts as sorcery because oh my gOD wooow.
  3. That's great. I literally saved up for years in Neopets to get basic paintbrushes like purple (and even then you were talking spending hundreds of thousands of neopoints) and by the time I had enough neopoints to get one, they had gone up in price. Womp womp. I've never done art commissions online, and haven't done commissions in yeeears. I'm just not as good at digital art as I am at good ol acrylic paints.
  4. Out of curiosity, what's FR's e-economy like? Is it easy to get FR moneys (which I guess is treasure, and gems for the stuff purchased with real money)? Are items reasonably priced? Again, asking because I used to be on Neopets and the economy for that game was out of control.
  5. Ah, you must be new to Fromsoft games then. I just got my copy of the collector's edition of Dark Souls 3 and it's everything I ever wanted *cries*
  6. Will do as soon as registration opens. I suspect it probably won't open until later this month giving the community manager is out of commission atm due to medical issues.
  7. Chicken Smoothie has some amazing art. I'm on there too, same user name as here.
  8. I follow the tumblr and twitter and check the FB regularly despite not using FB (long story). Of course I'm going to join the Light flight, I'm a total Sunbro if we're talking Dark Souls! Gotta praise it.
  9. Awesome sauce, I'll have to buy it after my birthday.
  10. Had a black bean burger with some fries.
  11. I had a strawberry rhubarb popsicle. It's been a gateway into the wonderful world of strawberry rhubarb things.
  12. Waiting for the next season is going to roast my butt more than waiting for Dark Souls 3 to come out. A little tired of their whole "We're going to kill people last episode of the season, but we're not going to show who until next season!" gimmick though.
  13. I currently own a subspecies of leopard gecko. She's pretty adorable. When I move in with my boyfriend I plan on getting a couple more (not housed in the same enclosure mind yo) and after keeping them for a few years I'd eventually like to try breeding them. Genetics and leopard geckos are some of my Special Interests.
  14. My favorite AU is where Flowey and Frisk go to the surface and Flowey becomes a grumpy food critic.
  15. I'm waiting for the registration to open. I want to join so badly ;_;. I love genetics games, and I love dragons, so I'm going to go ham when I join. I'm going to be a mad dragon scientist.
  16. I'm curious, is Stardew Valley a complete game? I'm wary of anything Chucklefish after getting Starbound and being really disappointed in how barren and grindy it was.
  17. I died playing the Minecraft modpad Life in the Woods Renaissance to a glitch.
  18. Anyone else super hyped for the US release of Dark Souls 3? I preordered the Collector's Edition. Hahaha oh those guys, yeah they are pains in the rear end at lower levels.
  19. <PIG> is definitely my favorite band. Technically more of a one person project other people help with, like Nine Inch Nails (also an industrial band), but \[T]/