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  1. Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart by Jane Lindskold Black Powder War by Naomi Novik The Hobbit by Tolkien, as well as Fellowship of the Ring Those are the books I'm currently reading. I have a habit of bouncing between books or guzzling them an entire book in a single sitting.
  2. His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik isn't the saddest book I've read by far - but I can' for the life of me think of a different one. There is, however, a horribly sad moment in the book that broke my heart. And it was met with such--harsh reality. Novik is very clever. I've read the second book in the series, Throne of Jade, and have begun the third. She has this way of showcasing how things aren't just black and white, that the government and the world aren't something we can simply overturn or declare against. That sometimes, there are terrible people. And sometimes there are good peop
  3. I just finished Perks about a week or so ago! I really enjoyed it. I definitely relate most to Charlie, with his inability to express himself and floundering through life completely unaware of the problems he causes for himself. Patrick was my favorite character hands down, I love him. [spoilers for someone who hasn't read them] What happened after Brad's dad found them together and his spiraling downward hurt my heart so much. Sam, though. Sam has the coolest head and the best understanding of how the world works. She's brilliant. She's so candid and so good at getting to the hear
  4. I'm half Anishinabe Native American, a quarter French-Canadian and a quarter Norwegian. Somehow I manage to wear all the Anglo aesthetics
  5. My first kiss was in Galway, Ireland. I was at a pub drinking with my traveling companion and I somehow ended up making out with a gorgeous Galway girl. Never saw her again, but she was fun lol.
  6. I've only just begun but I'm obsessed, haha. I think I'm lagging on all the cool stuff I could be doing, after reading all your adventures! Also, ARE YOU SAYING I CAN HATCH ONE OF THE DINOSAUR EGGS? WHYYYY OH WHY DID I SELL THEM
  7. Grossly hot and sunny and cheerful. Anyone want to trade for their nice rain?
  8. I can't stand people who freely come up and touch me without warning. Especially people I don't talk to at work. I also hate whipped cream on blended drinks. Every time I forget to ask them to keep it off, and every time I'm illogically furious and want to throw the entire drink away because I hate it. I get so annoyed when people type a perfectly reasonable sentence like this and end it with: LOL. I hate that. I hate the capitalized LOL and the notion of needing to say it after everything.
  9. I'm also a writer, at least attempt to be. I've never thought to contribute it to that, though goodness knows I can spend hours laying in bed thinking about characters. Mostly it just wouldn't slow enough to let me sleep, is that what it's like for you?
  10. Absolutely, one hundred percent the same. I was put in gifted programs and excelled in all my classes even though I spent every single period reading under my desk .I could remember what I heard while also focusing on my book. But the second I made it to college I struggled so completely, and one day I'm not paying attention because of course I've got this it's the basics easy peasy--the next day I'm drowning. No idea what's going on. No ability to focus while the teacher was speaking, but even if I tried none of it stuck and I would lose focus pretty frequently. I was only recently diagn