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  1. Dhole. (these lil fluffers)
  2. Take it! whatta cutie A giant unicorn.
  3. RidiculousWolf Fuse with ''sneaky.''
  4. Whoa, you got some fancy names. o: Is Hera Vox a reference to the goddess Hera?
  5. YEEEEEES. Hid your drawings from the teacher when they walked by your desk?
  6. no thank don't fight the dragon just hug the dragon
  7. I hate the feeling of paper. You know that paper your school assignments come printed on? THAT PAPER. I hate it SO much, the texture makes me want to CRY.
  8. Super Mario Maker - a goomba. are you serious??
  9. I love imagining Flowey as a food critic. I'm trying to make an Undertale AU but I can't think of anything that would work... any thoughts?