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  1. I was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age, but when I went to see a professional to get tested (about 2-3 years ago) they said I have grown out of it, which you know, is a lie............


    A very good Pro for people who have ADHD is that (i'm guessing based off my actions) we find laughter out of anything, a dog is running and has two sticks in its mouth.... funny, the cat and cucumber thing, funny. I laugh at so much random stuff that wouldn't be funny to a "normal" person. It doesn't help that My Staffy (a type of dog) is just so, so, Idiotic (in a good way) that I nearly piss myself every time she does something.

    ADHD can get me really annoyed sometimes, but when I'm constantly laughing at the stupidest things ever is a good thing, bc laughing is good for your health. The annoying part about it is not being able to fall asleep, having a hard time paying attention in class, and I get headaches whenever I forget to take my meds... dry.gif

  2. FLORENCE WELCH OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes like a walking goddess i love her so much

    florence welch is gr8 omg. Though, I must say I prefer Ellie Goulding over anyone in this thread, lol. Her personality is really great, and I've seen her in concert a couple times. I love how her music is either really dark or really happy. (or really stalker-ish. owo)

  3. If you want him you can have him, I'd rather he go to someone who likes him then to exalt him myself.


    (I'm assuming you mean Adwen but if not then oops my bad xP)


    And I personally like Imps. I'd get more Faes but I dont like a lot of the genes on them.

    Alright, I commented on your profile. And, yeah, Faes are really nice but you can't do much with em. :c

  4. Wow, you guys are pretty hardcore. I just like hoarding crystal-y Tundras and Imps, lol. I like Guardians too. I'm willing to sell this one, 10,000 to 20,000 treasure'll work:



    user posted image

    My user's EllieTheFox.

    Does anyone have a favorite breed? I really like Tundras. (OH MY GODDD ADWIN IS SO PRETTY.)