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  1. Well hahaha. Y'know, as someone in a gay/same-sex interracial relationship I was concerned and afraid before to go outside because of bigotry when I can finally live with them (as if the homophobic bigotry from my father wasn't bad enough). Now I'm like 10x more afraid. I'm white but my partner isn't and I'm so disgusted about how much more I have to worry about them now especially, thanks to all the dehumanizing rhetoric I've seen. what a wonderful country.
  2. *goes on the evil side just 'cause the badge is cooler* But woo, minesweeper!! I used to spend hours playing this game, so this is nice. I do wish the the spent squares had more shading or something though, I have a hard time figuring out which ones I can still click and which I can't. It's also weird seeing some of my ND's covered in even more green. They look ridiculous. In a good way.
  3. Probably a little late to comment on the adults, but heyyyy they all look really nice. Came out of my temp hiatus just to get these things, and seeing them grow up I'm glad I did! The diamonds are gorgeous and the muscly monarchs are really cool. The contrast between the adults on the latter is neato and works well. Need to go hunt for more of them when I have better internet.
  4. yo, congrats! I know you've been talking about that pairing for quite a while, so that's fabulous~ I missed that session too, but it looks like it was a lotta fun.
  5. So I turned this neat all caps coded egg into something pretty. And the chat people the other day made me do this.
  6. It's Brightshine and I'm in Light. I have Dom Discount. I'd be happy to pick up Festival Skins with it or anything else, so anyone here can feel free to hit me up~ Or just set up a CR to TheCunningCorvid with the money and a list or something, whatever works. Don't know if I expect any takers, but figured I'd at least offer.
  7. Came back to 3 dead eggs because I'd forgot that my exps weren't all tomorrow. ..Oops? I ought to make my signature "World's Most Forgetful Experimenter."
  8. Thuweds are basically TJ's dragons/their descendants, and that's why some people value them. You can see some of his CB Breeding pairs here if you're curious. I'd try not to get your hopes up for a 2nd gen any time soon though, it's been a while since those breeding lists were open. And when they do, I've heard they fill up fast. Edit: ninja'd
  9. An Aegis. Last year's Christmas dragon, in other words.
  10. Emotionally tired. A mix between annoyed and drained that apparently the type of relationship I'm in is still dangerous to be in.
  11. Oh. Um.. Sounds like it's soft-bricked. Since you were already planning on resetting it anyway, I'd suggest you use Odin to reflash your stock firmware. You'll need to get your phone into Download mode as opposed to Recovery, but I don't think that should be a problem. It's a bit of a complicated process if you've never done it before, but I have plenty and I'll be more than happy to try to walk you through anything.
  12. Usually in that situation I'd pull the battery (I know that's not the exact model but it should be roughly the same) and restart it. You try that yet?
  13. No you're not. That font is really hard to read, although for me it's half-decent when people do have vistas. Otherwise I hate it. I know there's been multiple suggestions to revert it back, but I'm not sure they've gone anywhere. My best suggestion to get rid of the Vistas themselves would be.. U/Adblock? Although I think that was already suggested on your thread and it is a bit of a pain. I'm not sure what to suggest for the font short of Stylish, but I think FR has explicitly said they don't want people using that.
  14. I think you really have to have the right color scheme for Plague eyes to work a lot of the time, but as with everything it really depends. That is one thing I like about Light, the eyes go with just about everything. But speaking of which, I've been in the process of trying to breed some Daft Punk dragons. One of them is going to need Red eyes. With you in Plague that might make things a bit easier. I have the parents I'm going to try breeding and everything.. guess I'm just waiting on the color wheel to see if any new colors look cooler. :x Not sure how we should sort out the AH h
  15. Ye, we're pretty good at that. But it's hilarious, when I first joined Light was known for anything but Dom. I took a long hiatus like I did here (I seem to do that), but since I found out my datemate had an FR account I came back. But needless to say I was baffled on how Light had become a Dom powerhouse. I'm legit confused on weeks when we're not at least 2nd/3rd now. Never been too involved with Dom myself though.. But I'd say Plague is probably the best bet if you're interested in it, looks like they have the most #1s. You could always look through here if you want a better look at
  16. Philosophy flight forever yo. Been in Light since I joined and I've never left. I briefly considered Arcane because I like the whole "science gone wrong" thing, and Ice because of the logical stoicism, but as soon as I read "philosopher" in the Light flight description my decision was sealed. I've probably only ever really considered Lightning since then.. because I like tech/robots, but I still think Light's more fitting for me. How about you? Re: the dragons. I guess my only problem is going to figure out where to start looking. >.>
  17. Yep! Site's supposed to go into maintenance at 22:00, probably will last a while too considering all they're updating. You got any plans for it? I wasn't gonna do much myself, but someone on the forum convinced me to treat myself and look around for some dragons to buy.
  18. I suppose it really depends. I don't actually hang around the FR forums too much, but I consistently see people saying not to start a hatchery unless you're doing it for fun. The color wheel might make some of the newer colors pretty desirable for a while, but I'd be surprised if the hype/interest in them holds out forever. It's not impossible to make money off a hatchery, but it really depends. Don't forget you can stick treasure in your vault too. It's a good way to reduce the temptation to spend~
  19. If you're not sure what to invest that in, I'd say maybe save it. Unless you're real good at marketing it's pretty hard to get your money back out of an expensive dragon. But lair expansions are usually good (you could always use it to raise fodder hatchies to adults and sell 'em), or maybe even retired festival items. Less the skins and more the familiars/apparel. Hold on to some of those for long enough and you should be able to sell it for good money later.
  20. Yep, down for me too. As says this website. My only guess would be something to do with the anniversary tomorrow.. but I didn't think they'd be messing with anything for that just yet? Or maybe it's just standard sevrer problems or something.
  21. This loser gendered the way I wanted him to. Which is wonderful because all 5 of the other gendered ones I've messed with before had been female. 'Bout time man.
  22. I'm not sure if you should resubmit, but I know I've seen a great number of people who've also had descriptions sitting in the queue for years. The typical wait time seems to vary pretty heavily too. Some people get them approved pretty quick, some don't. :x Maybe you'll get lucky and have them get highly-rated enough to show eventually, at least..?
  23. I'm pretty sure you mean collateral~
  24. You mean this link? We pretty much came to the conclusion that it no longer works based on it not helping other people with the same problem not too long ago, but that's probably what you meant. I wish I knew what to tell you on how to fix it, but if anyone ever figured out a recent solution I musta missed it. :x
  25. I just tossed him in scry, and my vote's for Skydancer. But they are one of my favorite breeds, so I may be slightly biased. Either way, while Butterfly looks great on everything, it looks especially good on Skydancers because of their wings. He don't look bad as a Spiral with spines either tho.